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The best cruelty-free and vegan shoes, clothes and skincare.

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look good, cruelty-free.

Look good without harming anyone! I’ve created guides to the best and latest vegan clothing brands, shoes, bags, cruelty-free shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen and more. I first went vegan, like many of us, I thought primarily about the food on my plate, but after awhile I wanted to veganise the rest of my life, including my wardrobe.
As I bought new shoes and bags, makeup and skincare, I looked for cruelty-free and vegan versions. Nowadays I prioritise eco-friendly options, too.

Vegan shoes
From vegan trainers to vegan heels, my shoe rack is now fully vegan.

If you’re looking for vegan kicks, check out my guides to vegan Reeboksvegan Nikevegan Adidas, vegan New Balance and vegan Converse.
To help you, I’ve put together vegan guides to handbags and coats, and just about every style of shoe from vegan Reebok style shoes and vegan leather boots to slippers, and vegan mens shoes, vegan mens boots and womens shoes.
Maybe you need vegan sandals for summer, or vegan clogs for your job where you stand all day. (If you’re looking for comfortable shoes, check out my vegan Birkenstocks guide or my vegan Dr Martens sandals guide).
Or perhaps you’re looking for vegan designer shoes, or dress shoes for an upcoming conference.

Or do you just need comfortable yet classy vegan loafers or vegan flats for work?

Vegan bags
Bags can be another necessity that can be tricky to find in vegan form. From vegan briefcasesbackpacks, messenger bags, satchels and laptop bags for work and school to crossbody bags, bucket bagsshoulder bags or tote bags for day wear, or vegan clutches for nighttime, I have a guide for every style. I even have a guide to handbags made of vegan cactus leather!
I also have a list of the best vegan designer bags – because you don’t have to sacrifice style for ethics.

Vegan accessories
Sometimes accessories are an area people don’t think about much, but of course leather can find its way in here too. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for vegan belts, watches and wallets.

Vegan clothing

In terms of clothes, while a leather jacket is an obvious example of an item that isn’t vegan (though don’t fear – there are plenty of great options for vegan leather jackets!), clothes are an area where lots of non-vegan fibers can sneak in, like silk, wool or down.

These vegan clothing brands will ensure your whole wardrobe is cruelty-free, while these vegan puffer jackets, these vegan wool coats and these vegan parkas are wool- and down-free.
And if you want to spread the vegan message without opening your mouth, these vegan t-shirts will help you do just that.
Vegan skincare & makeup
Beauty is another area where non-vegan ingredients can lurk, not to mention that many brands still test on animals.
Thankfully, there are lots of cruelty-free and fully vegan or vegan brands out there!
Are you looking for vegan and ocean-safe sunscreen? I’ve got a guide to that here.
Vegan deodorant that really works? Check out my vegan deodorant guide.
Need vegan shampoo and confused about pH in hair care? Check out my vegan shampoo guide here.

I have a guide to vegan perfumes too.

Looking good never felt so good.