Vegan Retreats: A Guide to the Best Vegan & Vegan-Friendly Retreats

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Looking for a vegan retreat? The best vegan retreats are trips where you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat.

Most retreats focus on a specific activity, such as yoga or meditation classes, and they’re usually in an idyllic natural setting, to allow you time to disconnect and unwind. And what’s more relaxing than knowing your food is taken care of for you?

If you feel like you need a digital detox, with plant-based food included, then consider one of these vegan vacations. Below you’ll find the best vegan retreats in 2020.

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1. Vegan retreats in North & South America & the Caribbean
     1a. California: 4-day vegan “desert reset” in Joshua Tree National Park
     1b. Arizona: 5-day yoga, hiking & healing vegan retreat in Northern Arizona
     1c. Costa Rica: 8-day exclusive culinary wellness vegan friendly retreat
     1d. Nicaragua: yoga & vegan food at a vegan boutique hotel
2. Vegan retreats in Europe
     2a. UK: 2-day ‘refresh’ country house vegan yoga retreat in Kent
     2b. Greece: 8-day tantra meditation vegan-friendly retreat
     2c. Ireland: 4-day ‘heal your soul’ personal yoga vegan-friendly retreat
     2d. Spain: 4-day relaxing pool yoga vegan-friendly retreat
3. Asia & Australia
     3a. Bali: raw retreats, vegan yoga retreats & resort
     3b. Sri Lanka: 13-day vegan surf & yoga retreat
     3c. Australia: 4-day women only escape to tranquil BUderim on the Sunshine Coast (vegan friendly)
     3d. Thailand: 8-day yoga & meditation vegan retreat in Koh Phangan


Vegan retreats in North & South America & the Caribbean

Whether you’re looking for a vegan yoga retreat in California, or a raw food weekend retreat you can do over a long weekend, these are some of the best vegan retreats in North America and the Caribbean.


Vegan retreat California: 4-day “desert reset” in Joshua Tree National Park

This entirely vegan retreat is perfect for you if you feel like you need to hit the reset button.

Taking place in Joshua Tree National Park, California, expect a transformative experience, with yoga, breathwork, sound bath meditation and 3 plant-based meals a day.

All food at the plant based retreats is vegan and healthy, made using local and organic foods and brought in from a renowned vegan chef in Palm Springs. Gluten-free options are available.

Cynthia runs the retreats every few months, so you can choose dates that suit you.

Click here for more information.


Arizona: 5-day yoga, hiking and healing vegan retreat in North Arizona

This vegan fitness retreat takes place over 5 days in Northern Arizona.

The retreat features yoga classes, guided meditation, group hiking trips to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, a painting meditation class and free time to explore and relax.

Most meals are included (2-3 meals on the retreat aren't included, but you'll be recommended local restaurants) and all food is entirely plant-based and prepared by chef Zach Minnich.

On hiking days, a vegan packed picnic lunch is provided.

Click here for more information.

costa rica

Costa Rica: 8-day exclusive culinary wellness vegan-friendly retreat in Costa Rica

If you're looking for a raw vegan retreat, look no further than this vegan friendly retreat in Costa Rica led by chef Sunita Vira, author of RAW for LIFE!

You'll learn how to make plant-based meals for your health. The vegan health retreat also includes yoga, hikes, local sightseeing and an infrared sauna session.

According to Sunita, many of the participants at this Costa Rica vegan retreat make life-changing decisions after the retreat, because it gives them time away to think and recharge.

It takes place at The Retreat, a luxury boutique-style resort chosen as "best wellness spa of the Americas" by the World Boutique Awards. The resorts is in the lush mountainside, overlooking the beautiful Nicoya peninsula.

All meals are included and all include vegan and gluten free options.

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Nicaragua: yoga & vegan food at a vegan boutique hotel

Escape everything at Apoyo Lodge, a vegan boutique hotel in Nicaragua. Rates include breakfast and a morning yoga class (and you can add full or half board if you want). You can also sign up for extra yoga classes, and massages are available too.

Most of the produce for meals is locally sourced and organic, and much of it is from a farm at the hotel. 

The lodge is located in the idyllic nature reserve of the Apoyo Lagoon.

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Vegan retreats in Europe

Whether you're looking for a vegan spa retreat, vegan meditation retreat or a vegan yoga retreat, there are plenty of choices for a vegan retreat in Europe.



UK: 2-day 'refresh' country house vegan yoga retreat in Kent

Escape to Kent and re-connect with yourself for this 2-day Ashtanga yoga retreat in an Edwardian country house.

Included in the retreat is 5 hours of yoga practice, meditation, sound meditation, vegan meals and time to explore nature in the area.

You'll get 1 night's accommodation in a beautiful Edwardian arts and crafts house in the Kentish countryside, and vegan meals.

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Greece: 8-day tantra meditation retreat (vegan friendly)

Want to take the time to learn to deepen your meditation practice? This tantra meditation retreat is 12 days, but is also open for 8 days for anyone limited on time.

Teaching is based on donation (but they will give you guidelines for suggested donations).

During the vegetarian retreat, you'll sit for meditation three times and some days will include yoga as well.

Breakfast and dinner is offered -- all vegetarian with vegan options available.

The retreat takes place on the Greek island of Lefkada, so during free time you can explore the beautiful island and go to the beach.

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Ireland: 4-day 'heal your soul' vegan-friendly personal yoga retreat

Escape, spend time with yourself and transform your life with this personal yoga retreat, in a cosy cabin in Ireland.

The cabin originally served as a hideaway for yoga instructor Teresa Spelman, who used it to write and spend time by herself for two years.

Head to the cabin to unplug, disconnect from wifi and reconnect with nature and yourself.

Breakfast and supper are provided daily with vegan options available: foods include raw salads, soups, sourdough bread and fermented food.

The retreat also includes two daily yoga sessions, daily meditation, early morning walks and free time in nature, and you can work with Teresa to create a personalized programme tailored to you if you want.

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Spain: 4-day deeply relaxing pool yoga vegan-friendly retreat

This deeply relaxing pool yoga retreat promises to rejuvenate you with the combination of open-air yoga and yoga in the pool (which sounds like a really unique and cool experience to me!).

Each morning, you'll do yoga and qi gong on land, in the open air, and then in the afternoon, enjoy relaxing yoga in the warm water of the pool. In the evening, calm your mind with meditation.

Taking place at an eco retreat in Spain, all meals are provided and food is vegetarian, with vegan options able to be accommodated.

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Asia & Australia

If you're looking for a vegan wellness retreat or raw food yoga retreat in Asia, you can choose from a range of retreats and resorts.


Bali: raw retreat & vegan yoga retreat Bali

Looking for a Bali raw food retreat, a vegan yoga retreat or just a vegan resort in which to relax?

Being Sattvaa is a 4-star eco retreat that offers vegan Bali retreats. Escape everything at this vegan hotel surrounded by lush greenery, only a 15 minute drive from Ubud (and if you change your mind and want to get back to civilisation, you can get the free shuttle into town).

At Being Sattvaa you'll find a yoga pavilion and massages available.

They run a number of different retreats, including yoga retreats and even raw food retreats.

There's also a vegan kitchen at the hotel (with room service available) so you won't have to worry about trying to find plant-based fare.

Click here for more information.

sri lanka

13-day Surf & Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

Want to do something different with your next vacation? This 13-day vegan surf & yoga retreat in Sri Lanka might be just the thing.

You'll do yoga and meditation each morning, and then spend a few hours learning how to surf on some of Sri Lanka's best beaches.

You'll eat vegan food, fresh pressed juices and herbal teas and there are optional cooking classes, too.

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Australia: 4-day escape to tranquil Buderim on the Sunshine Coast (vegan friendly)

Get away with this 4-day women's only health, fitness and yoga retreat in a stunning property in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. The retreat is held in an idyllic property with views of the sea, a cinema, pool and gym.

3 nights' acommodation in the stunning setting is included, along with all meals, with vegan options available.

Also included are daily yoga and meditation sessions, an energy healing massage and thought-provoking discussions and conversations with their woman's circles.

Click here for more information.


Thailand: 8-day yoga & meditation vegan retreat in Koh Phangan

This 8-day yoga & meditation retreat is the perfect place to unwind and relax in a resort in a vegan resort nestled in a lush, tropical forest with mountain views.

You can cater to your own needs, and choose from a variety of classes at the resort: hatha, ashtanga, yin, jivamukti, acro and partner yoga, qi gong and meditation.

The resort also has an outdoor pool and herbal steam room you can use and 3 daily vegan meals a day. You can also sign up for a vegan or raw cooking workshop while you're there.

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    What a list of amazing places. There’s nothing like planning a holiday somewhere beautiful to help get you through these cold, rainy autumn nights!


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