Vegan Travel Tips

Vegan travel tips to get you through your travels without having to eat beans from a tin.


Vegan travel services:


Vegan Tours: book a vegan tour and you won’t have to worry about finding food at all during your trip!


Vegan Retreats: The best vegan & vegan-friendly yoga and meditation retreats around the world


Vegan travel product reviews:


Vegan Luggage: my reviews of the best vegan & eco-friendly suitcases and backpacks for your travels.


Vegan Sunscreen: a must-pack; in this buying guide I review sunscreens that are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and reef-safe.


21 Vegan Road Trips Snacks: pack these snacks to take on your next car trip, train trip or plane trip


Vegan travel ideas:


The Most Vegan Friendly Cities Worldwide: looking for inspiration for your next getaway? Here are 25 of the most vegan friendly cities in the world — why not plan a city break to one near you?


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