Vegan Accommodation

Staying at a vegan hotel can make your life so much easier! For some reason, breakfast is often the most difficult meal of the day to eat out as a vegan, because not that many restaurants offer vegan breakfast options (though that’s changing!). And who wants to schlep around looking for vegan breakfast first thing in the morning when they’re on holiday anyway.


That’s where vegan accommodation steps in! Stay in a vegan hotel or B&B and all your (breakfast) worries will be swept away — you’ll know that you have breakfast waiting for you. Better yet, stay in a vegan all inclusive resort, and you won’t have to worry about ANY of your meals!


If you’re looking for a vegan hotel in a specific location, I’ve got guides to vegan hotels in London, Berlin vegan hotels and vegan hotels across the UK plus a guide to the best vegan hotels worldwide.


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