Vegan Accommodation

The best vegan hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses to stay in around the world.

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where to stay as a vegan?

Staying at a vegan hotel can make your life so much easier! Holidays should be about leaving your worries behind, and nothing makes for a more care-free holiday than knowing your meals are taken care of. Sit back, relax and dig into the vegan carbonara at these vegan hotels.

Stay in a vegan hotel or B&B and all your (breakfast) worries will be swept away — you’ll know that you have breakfast waiting for you. Better yet, stay in a vegan all inclusive resort, and you won’t have to worry about ANY of your meals!


If you’re looking for a vegan hotel in a specific location, I’ve got guides to vegan hotels in London, Berlin vegan hotels and vegan hotels across the UK plus a guide to the best vegan hotels worldwide.


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