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Most Vegan Friendly Cities in the World in 2024

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Wondering where the most vegan friendly cities are? For the last few years, I’ve been compiling lists of the top vegan cities in the world (published in my book – click here to find out more about my vegan travel guide).

Initially, I just chose the cities with the most vegan restaurants, but in 2019, I decided to calculate the highest number of vegan restaurants per capita.

After all, the most vegan cities in the world should have a lot of vegan restaurants relative to their population size — making them some of the best places for vegans to live or visit.

Below the list of cities, you’ll find more about my methodology. Data on restaurants sourced from Happycow. Population data from Wikipedia.

Sadly when compiling this year’s list I noticed a lot of cities had suffered restaurant closures, likely due to the pressures post-pandemic and economically – but not every city. Berlin, for example, increased its number of fully vegan restaurants from 106 to 129 while Taipei went from 83 to 102, a whopping 23% rise.

Travelling to vegan friendly cities is wonderful for anyone following the vegan lifestyle, but staying in a vegan hotel can take it up another notch. Looking for vegan hotels or resorts? I’ve got a list of vegan hotels here, and a guide to vegan friendly resorts here.

And now…onto the list of the top vegan friendly cities!


Most Vegan Friendly Cities in the World per Capita: 2023

25. Hamburg, Germany

2.9 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

View of town hall in Hamburg

Hamburg nabbed a spot in the top 25 for the first time ever this year, which is not surprising when you consider how vegan-friendly Germany is as a whole.

I’m so happy to see Hamburg in this list; when I visited Hamburg a decade ago it was already pretty good for vegans, with lots of veggie restaurants and some non-veg places offering vegan dishes, but these days it boasts more than 50 fully vegan restaurants.

As well as exploring the canals, there are plenty of vegan restaurants to explore. Hamburg is home to a few vegan Vietnamese restaurants, so you could chow down on summer rolls or a tempeh bowl at Bodhi, or for something different, head to Amargi, a cultural centre which serves vegan Syrian food.

Find out more: Vegan Hamburg Guide on Travelers and Dreamers.


25. Kyoto, Japan

2.9 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

View over Kyoto and mountains

Kyoto is a surprise addition to this year’s list and it now boasts more than 40 fully vegan restaurants. Japan has not always been the easiest place to travel as a vegan, as I discovered when I went to Tokyo years ago, as chefs are reluctant to make changes/adaptations to dishes, so it’s often better to seek out fully vegan restaurants. Thankfully, there are plenty of choices for vegan travelers in Kyoto now.

From a branch of Itadakizen (I love their London restaurant) to vegan ramen at Vegan Ramen Towzen, you’ll have lots of options in Kyoto.

Find out more: Vegan Kyoto Guide on I Travel for Vegan Food


23. Berlin, Germany

3.3 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Veganz, Berlin

People have often called Berlin vegan capital of the world and with good reason. Similarly to London, it boasts not just a huge number of vegan restaurants (though per capita not enough to make the list) but also many, many restaurants offering vegan options.

Whilst Berlin didn’t make the list during the pandemic, it’s come roaring back and in the last year the number of 100% vegan restaurants in Berlin has soared from 106 to 129.

It even has a vegetarian hotel (see my guide to Berlin’s vegan friendly hotels here)! 

Germany, which many still associate with a meat-heavy diet, often surprises visitors with its range of vegan alternatives. A few years ago, Germany launched more vegan products than any other country.

So if you want to visit the best vegan places, Berlin should be on your list.

Where to stay: Check out my guide to vegan-friendly hotels in Berlin.

Find out more: Best Vegan Berlin Restaurant Guide on Mostly Amelie.


22. Da Nang, Vietnam

3.4 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

People crossing a bridge held aloft by a large statue of a hand

A coastal city between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City popular with visitors to Vietnam travelling between the two, Da Nang is also very vegan-friendly.

At Roots, you’ll find healthy bowls with wakame, turmeric tofu and pickled ginger. Annen Beach cafe is a must-visit if you like banh mi for the vegan sandwich with lemongrass tofu, pesto and mushroom.

Find out more: Check out Vegan Food Guide to Da Nang on Carry On Only.


21. Prague, Czechia

3.7 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

The Charles bridge in the fog with a bird flying past

The beautiful city of Prague has fallen a few spots since appearing at number 10 in 2020, but it still appears much higher on this list than I expected.

When I visited a few years ago, it was fairly easy to eat vegan but these days, it’s extremely popular, and one of the highest ranked vegan cities in Europe!

Pop into Moment cafe, which was my favourite find when I was in Prague. A fully vegan cafe, go there for coffee, cake and brunch/light food options such as leek tart or vegan scrambled eggs.

If you’re in the mood for something heartier, find vegan lasagne at Pastva.

Find out more: Check out the Vegan Prague Guide by Prague-based vegan blogger Veggie Visa


21. Barcelona, Spain

3.7 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Barcelona beach in winter

This year, Barcelona (where I’m based) is back on the list. In 2020, Barcelona was home to 24 vegan restaurants – now it’s up to 58!

Barcelona’s vegan scene is growing quickly, in spite of the pandemic, and surprising many in a land that worships chorizo and jamon (Spanish-style ham, which is liberally put on just about every dish in Spain).

Barcelona’s burgeoning vegan scene now counts a multitude of vegan burger places like La Golosa, while on the other end of the scale it’s home to upscale vegan sushi eatery Roots & Rolls and vegan slow food restaurant Rasoterra. There’s also vegan Mexican at Gallo Santo and Monchito, three vegan ice cream places and much more. 

Not to mention the fact that in 2016 Barcelona declared itself a #VegFriendlyCity! Heading to Barcelona? Don’t miss my vegan guide.

Where to stay: Eco Boutique Grau

Find out more: Read my Ultimate Vegan Guide to Barcelona


19. Washington, DC, USA

3.8 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

The Capitol building at dusk with streetlights in the foreground

DC has risen a few spots since appearing at 21st last year.

Home to a number of animal organizations, it’s also home to plenty of plant-based restaurants. Sticky Fingers Diner (formerly Fare Well) is an all-vegan diner where the Humane League hosts monthly drinks.

Its sister restaurant, Sticky Fingers, is a well-known vegan bakery — head here for sticky buns, cookies and more.

If you love Middle Eastern food, don’t miss Shouk, a vegan Israeli restaurant where you’ll find falafel, mushroom shawarma and more.

Find out more: Check out The Best Washington DC Vegan Travel Guide on Veggies Abroad.


18. Taipei

4.1 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Taipei at night

I’m thrilled Taipei made the list again this year after being knocked off it in 2023, as Taipei is my favourite place I’ve ever travelled for vegan food! Taipei is certainly one of the best cities in the world for vegans, as it was even a decade ago when I visited. Nowadays, it’s more vegan-friendly than ever!

What makes Taipei one of the best vegan destinations? I found even back in 2010, I found vegetarian and vegan places everywhere and even wrote about whether it was one of the most vegan-friendly countries.

I didn’t need to look on a map – all I did was walk around and there was one on almost every block. That’s why I’ve long believed it’s one of the best places for vegans to travel.

Head to Brother Su to try traditional Taiwanese dishes made vegan. Or go for a fine dining experience at vegetarian restaurant Yu Shan Ge, which is where I had one of the best meals of my life in terms of service (as well as food).

I can’t say if it’s as good as it was in 2010, but I was impressed by this fine dining experience; menus start at six courses and it’s expensive by local standards but easily one-fifth of the cost an equivalent meal in New York or London would cost.

Find out more: Vegan Taipei Guide on I Travel for Vegan Food.


17. Zurich, Switzerland

4.1 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Aerial view of city of Zurich

Zurich was the first, and so far only, Swiss city to make the list and it pleased me, given I’ve often heard stories of the meat- and cheese-heavy Swiss cuisine. Times are changing, and Zurich is home to 16 fully vegan restaurants.

Zurich is home to the Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, Hiltl (which spawned Tibits in London, which unfortunately closed during Covid).

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hiltl is the oldest continuously operating vegetarian restaurant in the world, having opened in 1898. However, Pancham Puriwala in Mumbai in fact opened in 1848, 50 years prior. Still, Hiltl does have a 100+ year legacy!

Head to Hiltl and check out its vegan offerings, or for something different, check out Zurich’s 100% vegan Indonesian restaurant, Dapur.

Find out more: Check out How to Eat Vegan in Zurich on Zucker & Jagdwurst


Glasgow, Scotland

4.2 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Shot of crowds walking down a street

Voted by PETA as the most vegan-friendly city in the UK a few years ago, and considered one of the best places to live as a vegan, Glasgow is home to multiple vegan bars and pubs and has moved up the rankings several spots after coming in 25th last year.

Get a pint and vegan grub at vegan bars Mono or Stereo, a full cooked breakfast or sandwich at Soy Division.

Where to stay: The Blythswood Square Hotel is one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the UK, with rainwater use, solar roof panels and geothermal heating.

It offers a luxurious stay in a historical setting (the 1823 building was formerly home of the Royal Scottish Automobile Club). Click here to check the latest prices and availability

Find out more: Read The Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow by Justin Plus Lauren.


16. Seattle, Washington, USA

4.2 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Skyline and the Space Needle building

Not just a rainy city with good coffee, Seattle is also incredibly vegan-friendly.

While Portland’s spot probably didn’t surprise anyone, Seattle coming out ahead of Los Angeles and New York (which didn’t even make the top 25) might come as a surprise.

However, relative to population, Seattle has a lot of vegan restaurants!

From classic diner food veganized at Wayward Cafe to the Instagram-ready Plum Bistro (and their most famous dish, spicy cajun mac and cheese), Seattle has vegan spots to suit everyone.

Find out more: the Seattle Vegan site is full of information on vegan friendly restaurants, events and more.


16. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

4.2 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

The EIffel Tower Vegas and other buildings at night

Sin City mad it first appearance on this list in 2020, and continues on the list in 2023. Vive, Las Vegas Vegan? You bet!

Ronald’s Donuts is a donut place that has had vegan options for many years, including classics like glazed vegan doughnuts and apple fritters.

Pancho’s Vegan Tacos, as you may have guessed, is a vegan taco place with three locations (two in Vegas and one in Henderson). As well as tacos, they have enchiladas, burritos and more, with lots of vegan meat/protein choices (including mushroom, jackfruit and cactus if, like me, you’re not a fan of vegan meats).

Find out more: Check out A Crave-Worthy Guide to the Best Vegan Food in Las Vegas by Rabbit & Wolves.


14. Paris, France

4.3 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

An intersection in Paris with a typical corner brasserie

France might not have a reputation as one of the most vegan friendly countries in the world, but the French capital is changing.

I remember when I first went to Paris as a vegan circa 2011 it was tricky finding plant-based fare, but in the last 5 years that’s changed dramatically.

From veggie burgers at Hank’s to healthy vegan fare at Wild & The Moon, Paris is becoming more plant-based.

For a treat, brunch at Le Potager de Charlotte, where you can get a multi-course brunch menus with specialties such as a chickpea and rice pancake with cashew cream, ‘hard boiled egg’ style avocado and pancakes with chocolate hazelnut spread!

If you love French pastries, then you MUST visit VG Patisserie, an all vegan traditional French pastry shop (they also have gluten free options).

The 9th arrondissement has even been nicknamed Paris’s Veggietown because of the concentration of vegetarian and vegan restaurants here.

Find out more: See my full vegan guide to Paris here.


13. Vancouver, BC, Canada

4.5 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

The skyline of Vancouver reflected in the water

Vancouver topped the list of Canadian cities, beating out Toronto in terms of vegan restaurants per capita. There are plenty of plant-based options in Vancouver to choose from.

Head to Meet on Main for vegan comfort food like burgers, fries and poutine. For a more upscale meal, Acorn vegetarian restaurant is one of the go-to places in Vancouver for fancier vegan meals, serving seasonal food using produce from local farms.

Find out more: Check out The Ultimate List of Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver on The Sunrise Dreamers.


12. Manchester, UK

4.5 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

View over a street and buildilngs

Manchester beat out London for its spot in the top 25 and made it to the top 10 for the first time this year.

For Indian street food head to Bundobust or to The Allotment for vegan, seasonal fine dining (including a 7 or 10 course taster option).

Find out more: Check out The Best Vegan Restaurants in Manchester by Mostly Amelie


11. Bristol, UK

4.7 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Bristol suspension bridge

Bristol has long been known in the UK for its vegan scene, so it’s not surprising it’s the one of the best cities for vegans in the UK. It was even named vegan capital of the world for 3 years running

Cafe Kino is a well-known vegan cafe and workers cooperative serving up full English breakfasts and more.

Or, for something a bit different, head to fully vegan Persian restaurant Koocha Mezze Bar to try gaymeh (a tomato-based lentil and aubergine stew), Persian style potatoes or a traditional Persian salad with tomatoes, cucumber, onion and pomegranate.

Find out more: Check out A Guide to Incredible Vegan Food in Bristol on You Me Under the Palm Tree.


10. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

5.0 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Walker Center building

Salt Lake City surprised me (and many people) when it debuted on this list a couple of years ago. But this mid-sized city is increasingly vegan friendly — and it might surprise you to know it has more vegan restaurants per capita than NYC or LA!

Head to Vertical Diner for vegan apple-stuffed French toast, find vegan Vietnamese at All Chay or a vegan croissant at Passion Flour Patisserie. You won’t be hungry here!

Find out more: Check out the Ultimate Vegan Guide to Salt Lake City by Alternative Travelers.


9. Tel Aviv, Israel

6.6 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Note: For obvious reasons, I do not recommend travel to Tel Aviv at present. Tel Aviv remains on the list this year as it still has a high number of vegan restaurants per capita.


8. Lisbon, Portugal

6.9 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Typical brightly coloured buildings in Lisbon

The sunny capital of Portugal, like many cities, has become much more vegan-friendly in the last few years, with many vegan restaurants opening.

You can even enjoy vegan pasteis de nata (a famous egg custard tart) Princesa do Castelo while wandering the streets admiring Lisbon’s colourful architecture.

Find out more: Vegan Lisbon Guide on Vegan Haven Travel


7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

7.6 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Amsterdam canal with a teal bike in the foreground

In December 2018, I went to Amsterdam for a friend’s wedding and stayed for a week to explore the vegan scene. I was absolutely bowled over by the food I ate there.

Not only was it really easy to find vegan restaurants (I seemed to keep stumbling upon them as I explored the canals), but the attention to detail, sourcing of quality produce and careful thought about balancing flavours and textures produced some of the best food I had all year. 

Amsterdam’s vegan scene has grown impressively since pre-pandemic. At the beginning of 2020, it was home to 40 vegan restaurants, and now boasts more than 70!

Have the fried tempeh and avocado sushi at Caribbean-Japanese fusion restaurant TerraZen or a bowl of the house ramen at the most unique restaurant I’ve seen in awhile, the all vegan ramen restaurant Men Impossible. 

Where to stay: De Bedstee Hotel is a vegetarian boutique capsule hotel. Like capsule hotels, it makes use of limited space to provide well-designed and small budget sleeping areas; however De Bedstee does it in vintage Dutch style (featuring old-style Dutch beds).

All food served onsite, including breakfast, is organic and vegetarian, with vegan options. Click here to check the latest prices and availability.

Find out more: my vegan Amsterdam guide covers everything you’ll need to know!


7. Brighton, UK

7.6 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Brighton Pier

Brighton has long ranked on almost every list of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK, and with good reason!

Brighton has a ton of vegan options — from 100% vegan eateries to pubs serving vegan fish and chips, you can a vegan dish almost anywhere in Brighton these days. Go for a vegan Sunday roast or a full English at Green Kitchen.

If you’re in the mood for pizza, Purezza is a 100% vegan pizzeria; head to vegan-friendly Boho Gelato for dessert — they have some of the best vegan ice cream in town!

Find out more: Check out my Vegan Brighton Guide.


7. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

7.6 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Aerial night shot of lit up buildings and roads in Atlanta

Atlanta might not usually spring to mind when thinking of vegan travel destinations in the US, but the city ranks as one of the most vegan friendly in the US by vegan restaurants per capita.

Whether you’re craving a vegan Chinese meal (head to Harmony Vegetarian), or a BBQ seitan sandwich (at Cafe Sunflower), Atlanta delivers.

Find out more: Check out The Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Altanta by World of Vegan.


4. Portland, Oregon, USA

8.1 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

A neon sign that says "Portland, Oregon Old Town"

One of the best cities to be vegan in North America, Portland’s well-deserved and long-standing reputation as a vegan heaven continues in this city, where nearly every eatery offers plant-based options.

Portland is definitely one of the best cities for vegans in the US, if not the best, and has the highest vegan restaurants per capita in the US ranking in number 1 in the US on this list.

Portland even boasts a vegan mini-mall! There, you’ll find a vegan clothing store, food shop, bakery and tattoo parlour. 

If you’re after vegan fine dining, don’t miss upscale vegan restaurant Blossoming Lotus, where you can dine on almond ricotta bruschetta and roasted delicate squash tacos.

Find out more: Don’t miss the Vegan Portland Mega Guide on Veggie Visa.


3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

29.1 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Lanterns reflected in the water in Chiang Mai

Though it’s dropped down from its no 1 spot last year, Chiang Mai is still incredibly vegan-friendly and has a reputation as a haven for digital creatives and eco travellers.

As you might expect for the second most vegan friendly city in the world, Chiang Mai doesn’t just have a lot of vegan restaurants, but also the annual Vegetarian Festival.

Take a vegan cooking class at Mai Kaidee, enjoy a fermented mushroom sausage at Pun Pun or visit the city during the annual Vegetarian Festival for widely available vegan food.

To find out all you need to know during your stay in one of the best cities for vegan food, Chiang Mai, check out Dee’s site Veggie in Chiang Mai — Dee lives in Chiang Mai and updates her site regularly as a resource for vegans in Chiang Mai and Thailand.

Where to stay: Green Tiger Guesthouse, a vegetarian hotel in the Old City attached to a vegan restaurant, Reform Kafe.

Find out more: Chiang Mai Vegan Travel Guide on Vegan Friendly Travel.


2. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

30.7 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Man looks out over terraced fields in Bali

As a hub for tourists and digital nomads, Ubud is very vegan-friendly. Since it’s in the tropical paradise of Bali, you can of course find tropical fruit galore, as well as a variety of vegan-friendly restaurants.

Try a vegan naamlette (vegan omelette) at Sage, a vegan crepe at Earth Cafe and Market or design your own smoothie bowl at Alchemy.

Where to stay: BeingSattvaa vegetarian retreat, an all vegetarian and vegan resort in Ubud

Find out more: 33 Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Ubud by Neverending Voyage.


1. Phuket, Thailand

41.6 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents

Typical fishing boats on the beach with mountains in the background in Phuket

Picture a tropical paradise with clear blue waters and white sand beaches surrounded by mountainous cliffsides jutting into the water.

You might just be picturing Phuket, pictures of which have become screensavers around the world.

A mountainous island, Phuket has many of Thailand’s most popular beaches and in additional to the tropical fruits you might imagine eating on the beach, its capital Phuket City is also home to many vegan restaurants.

Phuket has climbed up from its third place spot last year to take the top spot this year, with the most vegan restaurants per capita on the globe. At the beginning of 2020, pre-pandemic, it was home to 12 vegan restaurants…that number has now more than doubled and stands at 30! 

Like Chiang Mai (see above) it also hosts the annual Vegetarian Festival. At Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival, you’ll find plenty of vegan food and, if you can stomach it, see various acts of self-mutilation and piercing, done in worship.

Street food stalls spring up selling vegan food all around the city. If you’re not visiting during the Vegetarian Festival, try a vegan Thai buffet such as Hesan Vegetarian or Mae Orathai.

Find out more: Vegan Food Guide to Phuket by the Sunrise Dreamers.



More of my personal favourite cities for vegans

While some of my favourites, like Taipei and Amsterdam, made the cut, a few of my favourite vegan friendly cities didn’t make the list, but I think they deserve a mention as they’re some of the best places to travel as a vegan. 

Little Venice, London


I’ve lived in London on and off since 2008 and I believe it’s one of the best vegan cities in the world. When I first moved to London, I ate in every single vegan restaurant and most of the vegetarian ones; now that would be nearly impossible. It’s the city with most vegan restaurants in the world at nearly 200 fully vegan restaurants!

It didn’t make the list because relative to population size, the list of vegan restaurants isn’t that high. The other aspect (more on this below) is that the list does not and cannot take into account restaurants with vegan options, but London boasts many of those.

In fact, I’d venture to say you can eat vegan in most restaurants in the capital now.

Many have vegan options marked on the menu, or separate vegan menus, and walking around there are always lots of signs advertising new vegan ranges. Supermarkets have vegan ranges, and vegan symbols marking vegan products and in 2019 nearly one in four new products launched that year were vegan.

Veganuary was started in the UK and keeps growing every year, with many people going vegan and lots of brands launching new vegan products that month.

You definitely won’t have trouble finding vegan food in London. London also has vegan beauty salons, supermarkets and the Hilton Bankside even has a vegan suite!

I put together this guide to vegan cafes in London because dining out in London can be pricey – and at some of the cafes in the list you can get a vegan lunch for under £10.



Moving beyond its Soviet history, Warsaw has embraced the plant-based movement, with more than 50 completely vegan restaurants. I’ve heard from many vegans that it’s one of the best places to live for vegans.

Grab a burger at Krowarzywa, described by a reviewer on Tripadvisor as the “best burger ever” and on Youtube as “the best vegan burgers in Europe”, or feast on a vegan version of traditional Polish and Eastern European food like plant based pierogis, blini and borscht at Vege Bistro.

Treat yourself to a bottle of red after dinner at the all-vegan and organic wine shop Solvino Bio.

Where to stay: Sound Garden, a hotel near the airport, is eco-friendly and offers competitive rates. Water at the hotel is from sustainable sources including recycled rainwater and the hotel uses energy-saving technology too.

All rooms have free wifi, a flatscreen TV and a bathroom with underfloor heating. Click here to check the latest prices and availability.

Find out more: Check out the Foodie’s Guide to Eating Vegan in Warsaw on Vegans with Appetites.



A note on methodology

In 2018, rather than updating the running list of the most vegan friendly places I’ve had for the last couple of years (and published in my book – click here to find out more about my vegan travel guide), I wanted to do something a little bit more numbers-based/technical to figure out the most vegan cities worldwide, by the numbers.

You can find lists of the most vegan friendly cities in Europe and the world based on the number of vegan restaurants in the city.

However, I didn’t want to determine the best vegan cities solely based on the number of vegan restaurants alone. A vegan city or vegan town should have a lot of vegan restaurants relative to their population size.

How I measured vegan friendliness

So, I decided to use a slightly different metric. I calculated the vegan restaurants per capita (that is, the number of 100% vegan restaurants listed on Happycow per 100,000 people in the city).

This is, of course, not a foolproof method of measuring a city’s vegan credentials.

Some cities might have a huge number of vegetarian, but not vegan, restaurants. Or they might have a lot of restaurants with vegan options (like London and Berlin), or they may have a naturally vegan-friendly local cuisine.

Figuring out which restaurants are in a city is not as easy as it sounds, as some cities are very large – do you count the city centre, the metropolitan area, area reachable by the city’s public transport?

Even measuring the population of a city is complicated! Wikipedia usually lists the population of the city, urban area and metropolitan area. Where possible I used the city population.

I couldn’t measure all the cities in the world, either, so I had to rely on several lists of vegan friendly cities, a list of the cities with the most vegan restaurants, and lists of the biggest and most visited cities in the world, to calculate this. However, I think this is a good starting point.

Looking at vegan restaurants per capita should give an idea of how vegan friendly a city feels. For example, a big city might have more vegan restaurants listed in total than a smaller city, but those restaurants could be really spread out, and taken per capita their number might be much lower than a smaller city.

A smaller city, on the other hand, that has fewer vegan restaurants in total could have a high number per capita, which likely means more residents are vegan or there’s more demand for vegan food, making the smaller city feel more vegan friendly.

This list shows you the cities that have a high proportion of vegan restaurants in comparison to population, which also means you’re likely to see a lot of vegan restaurants just walking around. 

Find out more about each city

For each city, I’ve linked to the best vegan guide I could find online, and where possible a recommended vegan-friendly or eco-friendly place to stay.

You might notice some cities you’d expect to find on a veg city list — such as NYC, San Diego and LA — missing. That’s because in comparison to the population, their vegan restaurants per capita are actually lower than the other cities on this list.

Yes, New York City has a lot of vegan restaurants, but also a big population to match. And in comparison to its population, it just doesn’t match up to the vegan restaurants per capita in Portland or Vancouver.

London, which is currently the city with the most vegan restaurants in the world, didn’t make it onto the list, surprisingly (it was 40th).

That’s because this list is per capita, and London’s vegan restaurant scene, while extensive (I know since I’ve lived in London on and off since 2008), hasn’t kept up with the huge population.

Of course, as mentioned before, this list only takes into account vegan restaurants, and if it included restaurants with vegan options London might rank much higher (since pretty much every chain and lots of independent restaurants in London now have vegan options).

Some might argue London or NYC is the best place for vegans to live because so many restaurants have vegan options, but the number of restaurants with vegan options is impossible to measure since there’s no listing of every single restaurant with a vegan option (and would it be best to count any restaurant with a single vegan option on the menu, or only include those with 10% or more of the menu as vegan, for example?).

A growing list

The first year I made this list, back in 2015, I only chose 10 vegan friendly cities.

After several years of huge growth in the number of vegans and vegan restaurants around the world, I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10 cities.

The world is becoming more vegan-friendly than ever, and these 25 cities, some of them unexpected, prove it. 

The list has shifted this year, with some cities dropping out and four new cities making the list (some for the first time!).

Which cities are you surprised to see on the list? And which cities do you think should’ve made the cut that didn’t? Personally, London surprised me most by not making the list.


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The most vegan friendly cities in the world in 2024, ranked by vegan restaurants per capita

Planning a trip but your destination isn’t on this? Lots of cities like Athens and Barcelona didn’t make the list but are still very vegan-friendly.

I’ve got guides to a growing list of cities (see the vegan travel section of my site).

Want to stay in a vegan hotel on your next trip? See my guide to the best vegan hotels worldwide, and my list of vegan hotels in the UK.

Interested in a relaxing vegan trip? Click here to see my list of vegan all inclusive resorts.

I also have a list of vegan retreats and vegan tours.

Find more vegan travel tips, and learn all about travel as a vegan.

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  6. Great guide but you forgot Ljubljana!

    Population of just over a quarter of a million, and five dedicated vegan eateries in the city, with loads more offering vegan options! Slovenia’s entire population hovers around the 2 million mark, and practically everywhere you go, you can get a vegan meal. I lived there for a couple of years, and was in my element! Local supermarkets even stock their own ranges of vegan convenience food, plus they import a lot from Germany and Italy.

    It’s a similar story in Croatia, and Serbia is getting there too. Even when in Transylvania, I had no problem finding vegan food in the cities! When I returned to Britain a year ago, after years of living around the world I discovered that despite all the progress it’s made during my absence, it’s still a long way behind much of mainland Europe, which is why I wasn’t at all surprised to see London so low on the list!

    Lovely to see my friend, Dee’s Chiang Mai guide get a mention – I have many fond memories of us checking out all the local jay eateries!

  7. You have incorrect stats for Berlin–the latest on Happy Cow is 79 all-vegan restaurants, not 26. Thus, Berlin is closer to 6 vegan restaurants per 100 population, which would make it around #5. There are a lot of cities missing–even where I live, San Diego has (including La Jolla, which is listed separately but within city limits) has 22 all-vegan restaurants (so around 1.5 or 1.6 per 100000 population which would put it just below San Francisco). (One unfortunate thing with Happy Cow is that sometimes they split up cities–especially NYC and Melbourne.) I might check others as time permits.

  8. This is wonderful, and fascinating, thanks so much! But I was wondering where you got that 30k resident figure from for Ubud? Wikipedia says 74k, and the 2010 census showed 69k.

  9. This is a really great list! I’m surprised Berlin and Edinburgh aren’t on it. Berlin has been named the vegan capital of the world (although currently that’s Tel Aviv) and they’re one of the only ciites in the world with not just one but four chains of vegan supermarkets. Edinburgh is also huge. While they might not have as many dedicated vegan restaurants (they have a ton), you’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant in town that doesn’t have vegan options.

    • I love both cities for vegan food — I was just in Edinburgh a couple months ago and agree it’s great for vegans! And of course, Berlin is a vegan capital with a ton of vegan places! They didn’t make it because of the numbers. If I was choosing cities based on vegan options in non-vegan restaurants it would be a different list, but I couldn’t work out how to find the numbers for that (there’s no complete list of such restaurants!). So I worked off the number of vegan restaurants by population. And while Berlin has a ton of fully vegan restaurants, based on the population of the city it’s not as high as the other cities that made it on the list. But it’s definitely massively vegan friendly — so are a bunch of other cities that didn’t make the list, like London and NYC! All great spots for vegans :)

    • I am of Indian origin. Wikipedia last year claimed 20 percent of Indians are Vegan as per research poll making it the country with maximum Vegans, however this was perhaps controversial. Vegetarian restaurants can cater to Vegans but being vegetarian is not quite the same as dairy is as cruel as beef or leather and many people are vegetarian for religious traditions and not actually for the ethics, and need more education to go Vegan. I think all vegetarians and non veg folks should go Vegan as Vegan us suitable for everyone and both meats and dairy cam be substituted by Vegan versions of the same quite easily, the only difference is bloodshed and violence.

  10. Thank you so much for this guide!!! When travel restrictions ease a little bit, you need to come to Taipei (Taiwan). We live here since last year and it has been incredible to discover vegan restaurants an options all over Taipei.

    Hope you can come or maybe we can do some content together! :)

    • I love Taipei, and I’d be thrilled to visit again! I spent three weeks there in 2010 and would absolutely love to come back when travel restrictions ease a bit. It’s a great city and so much amazing vegan food! You’re lucky to live there. Enjoy all the great food and hope to see you there one day! :)

  11. I love this list! I lived in Chiang Mai for 5 weeks and it was so great for vegans and vegetarians. I also took my sister who is vegan to Taiwan for her 40th birthday and we started off in Taipei which is fantastic for vegans. I was surprised to find vegan bakeries making pretty decent croissants and also my favourite restaurant Double Veggie which had so many options!

    I now live in Istanbul and the vegan scene is growing here – there are already a number of delis, cafes and restaurants, which I love. This is definitely somewhere you should visit!

    • Thank you Sasha! I would love to visit Istanbul at some point – it looks like such a beautiful city and I’ve heard great things about it. So it’s great to hear the vegan scene is growing there! Taipei and Chiang Mai are both so great for veggies/vegans – your sister is lucky to have had such a great 40th birthday present! :D

  12. Strange–I have lived in Taipei, Chiang Mai, and Vancouver and I would never have guessed that Chiang Mai beat out the other two in vegan restaurants per capita, much less that it could be #1 in the world! In Taipei it seems like there’s at least one vegan restaurant on every block. On a 10-minute walk you’ll see 3 or 4 vegan restaurants, everything from cheap noodle shops and street food to fine dining. But in Chiang Mai I felt like it took a lot of extra effort to find the vegan restaurants, and you may walk 20-30 minutes to get there without passing any other vegan restaurants on the way. Maybe it’s a sprawl thing? Taipei is so tiny and condensed.

    • I agree, it must have to do with sprawl. Taipei definitely felt like the most vegan-friendly city I’ve ever been to (and I absolutely adored it) – it was unbelievable how easy it was to find vegan restaurants just walking around. It definitely feels like it has more vegan restaurants than, say, Brighton, England, which I visited many, many times when I lived in London. But then Brighton is much less compact than Taipei, which is SO dense!


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