Vegan Sunscreen: A Cruelty-Free Buying Guide

Make sure you’re protected this summer with the best vegan sunscreen. I didn’t realise how complicated sunscreen is until writing this article. Between chemical and mineral sunscreen, reef- and ocean-friendly options, deciding on an SPF, deciphering UVA and UVB and and ensuring products are vegan, choosing sunscreen is complex. What’s the simplest solution?

Wear sun protective clothing, a hat and seek shade.

However, this isn’t always practical, so if you’re planning a holiday or to participate in a summer sport, here’s how to protect yourself, in a cruelty-free way.

What makes sunscreen vegan?

Like other body care products, sunscreen can contain animal products or be tested on animals. The products in this guide are all vegan — free of animal products and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).

Additionally, some beauty brands may not engage in animal testing in the US or Europe (in fact, it’s illegal to test cosmetics on animals in the EU) but if they sell products in China, they’re obligated to test on animals in order to sell on the Chinese market. Because of this, most consider these products not to be vegan.

Then, there’s the consideration of what parent company owns the brand in question. While the brand you’re looking at may not test on animals, many smaller brands are owned by larger parent companies, who may have a poor record on animal testing or other ethical considerations.

Below, I’ve tried to find the best cruelty-free and vegan products (with an emphasis on smaller independent brands).

What’s eco-friendly sunscreen?

Another aspect of sunscreen you may not have considered is its eco friendliness. That isn’t directly related to veganism but since it impacts the earth many vegans are also concerned about ensuring their suncream is eco friendly.

If you’re going to be snorkeling, scuba diving or swimming in the ocean, look for a reef- and ocean-friendly sunscreen

Look for a biodegradable sunscreen, meaning it will break down. And if you’ll be in the water, make sure your sunscreen is water resistant.

In a later post, I’ll be discussing UVA vs UVB, which SPF to look for and chemical vs mineral sunscreen.

Best Vegan Sunscreens

Jason Family Sunscreen SPF 45


Nature’s Gate Vegan Sunscreen, SPF 50


Kiss My Face Sunblock SPF 30+


Green People Organic Sun Lotion SPF30


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