Best Food Processor for Nut Butter

Best Food Processor for Nut Butter: How to Pick the Ultimate One

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If you love nut butters and are keen to make your own, then you might be wondering what’s the best food processor for nut butter. Making your own nut butter is great in terms of eco-friendliness, reducing plastic consumption and waste, health and cost.

The food processors I’ll be reviewing are:

More food processors:

A food processor is a useful kitchen appliance to have, not just for nut butter but for making lots of different foods: hummus, pesto and cashew cheese, among them. You might be wondering what the top almond butter food processor out there is.

To help you chose, I’ve put together this guide to what is the best food processor for making nut butter. See my quick comparison chart for the best rated food processor, or scroll down for more in-depth reviews of each model.

Food processor vs blender: which to buy? Well, a good food processor will make your life much easier because you’ll be able to whip up healthy, plant-based dips quickly.

If you’re wondering where to fall on the blender vs food processor debate, my answer is: you need both in a well-stocked kitchen.

A blender is indispensable for making smoothies, soups, non-dairy milks and cashew cream. But you’ll need a food processor to make cashew cheese, pesto and hummus. And what about the best blender for nut butter?

Well, I’ve found the best appliance to make nut butter is a food processor, not a blender, which is why I wrote this article (the exception is if you own a Vitamix blender; in the comparison of nut butter in a Vitamix vs food processor, the Vitamix does an excellent job–they are the best blenders for nut butters).

I use both my blender and food processor several times a week, and I recommend having both for different uses.

Click here to see my guide to buying a blender.

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If you’re here for the best food processor reviews, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to choose the best food processor for your budget and needs. Below, you’ll find my rating of food processor and a comparison chart, plus reviews of each model.


1. Best Home Food Processor Comparison Chart
2. Why make your own nut butter
3. What to look for in a food processor
     3a. Watts
     3b. Size
     3c. What is materials is it made out of — plastic or glass?
     3d. Features
     3e. Attachments/accessories
     3f. Price
4. The Best High-End Food Processor for Nut Butter 
     4a. Magimix 14-Cup
5. The Best Mid-Range Food Processor for Nut Butter 
     5a. Cuisinart 14-Cup
6. The Best Budget Small Food Processor (Best Value)
     6a. Cuisinart Mini Prep
7. Top 10 Best Food Processors
     6a. Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef
     6b. Black + Decker
     6c. KitchenAid KSM2FPA Food Processor Attachment
     6d. KitchenAid 9-Cup
     6e. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup
     6f. Homgeek Glass Mini Food Processor
     6g. Hamilton Beach Glass Mini Food Processor
     6h. Braun FP3020 Food Processor Ultra Quiet
7. Best Vegan Food Processor: Recipes
     7a. The best food processor for vegans: making cashew cheese
     7b. The best food processor for hummus (and recipe)
     7c. The best food processor for pesto (and recipe)
     7d. The best food processor for salsa (and recipe)
     7e. The best food processor for dates (and recipe)
     7f. Nut Butter Recipes

Vegan Home Food Processor

Since home food processors are such an integral part of the kitchen, and quality is essential to making the best nut butter (and other spreads/dips), I recommend you buy the best food processor you can get in your price range.

In the article, I’ve broken down the best food processors by watts (which measure power and strength) and price.

From the best inexpensive food processor to the best high end option, I’ll help you find the best food processor for the money (whatever your budget). These are simply the best food processors on the market today.

Why make your own nut butter

There are so many reasons to make your own nut butter; it’s more eco-friendly, healthy and cheaper. If you’re looking for the best food processors for nut butters see the table above or skip down to the reviews.


A lot of the big brands of peanut butter contain palm oil, which is responsible for the destruction of rainforests and orangutan habitat. I’ve noticed some brands are making their nut butters with coconut oil instead, but coconuts are not always ethically produced; some coconuts are in fact picked by monkey slaves.

When you make your own, you can decide exactly which ingredients to include (or indeed, whether to use nuts only).

Jif, the biggest peanut butter brand in the US, was bought by Proctor & Gamble in 1995. Not exactly an ethical company.


Have you been trying to reduce your waste or plastic consumption? Buy your (organic) nuts in bulk or in big containers if you don’t have bulk available, and reduce waste by blitzing them up into nut butter yourself.

As mentioned above, palm oil, which is included in many brands of supermarket peanut butter, is not environmentally-friendly, but when you make your own, you can exclude palm oil.


It used to be that you’d walk into a store and your only choices were crunchy or smooth. Now, there’s an explosion of different kinds of nut butters, from cashew to almond to pistachio. But some of the non-peanut nut butters come with a high price tag! And natural/no sugar or salt-added peanut butter is also pricey.

By buying nuts in bulk, and making your own nut butter, you’ll save a lot of money.


Many commercially available peanut butters are full of added salts and sugars and oils. By making your own, you can control exactly what you put into it, and how much.

A great food processor will also help you make:

  • Hummus
  • Pesto
  • Salsa
  • Other spreads and dips
  • Banana ‘nice’ cream
  • Cashew cheese (be sure to put the cashews through a coffee grinder first)
  • Chopping nuts
  • Making bread crumbs
  • Slicing, dicing and chopping veggies
  • Grind flours
  • Make pasta or biscuit dough
  • Grind spices

Choosing the right nut processor will ensure you always get smooth, creamy nut butters. You may be wondering about a nut blender, on the other hand. Why choose a food processor instead of a blender for nut butters?

Food Processor or Blender for Vegans

Compare this to a blender, which is better suited to recipes involves liquid such as:

  • Smoothies
  • Soups
  • Vegan nacho cheese
  • Non-dairy milks
  • Cashew cream
  • Plant-based sour cream
  • Gazpacho and other cold soups

What is the best machine for making nut butters at home?

Hands down, it’s a food processor. While some blenders (like the Vitamix) advertise their ability to make nut butters, most blenders aren’t suited to making nut butters. 

So why is that and what’s the difference between a blender and a food processor?

Most of the difference lies in the blades and the motor. Blenders are better suited to making more ‘liquid’ foods, while food processors are better at making more ‘solid’ foods. Blenders have more powerful motors and more blunt blades. With their high-wattage, super-powered motors, blenders create a silky texture especially with liquid ingredients (e.g. a smoothie or pureed soup).

Food processors, on the other hand, have sharper and usually low-placed blades, making them suited to chopping and creating chunky textures like salsa. Many food processors also come with attachments allowing you to do a variety of other tasks such as shredding.

As well as creating dips and the like, food processors can be handy to cut down on chopping/veggie prep time in the kitchen. 

Food processors can also chop nuts, mix dough and chop vegetables. They often have a chute in the lid so you can feed in ingredients while using them.

Blenders pulverize and combine and are suited to smoothies, soups, and dressings.

I think a well-stocked vegan kitchen should have both a blender and food processor, but if you’re only able ot buy one right now, consider what you’ll be making in the device.

If you’re looking to make nut butters, sauces and dips, buy a food processor. If, on the other hand, you’re planning on making more smoothies and non-dairy milks, and you want to know more about blenders, find my blender guide here.

And if you’re just looking for the best blender for peanut butter, know that only a high powered blender like a Vitamix will work as a nut butter blender; otherwise, you need a food processor for your nut butter.

Whether you’re looking for the best food processor for peanut butter, the best food processor for nut butter UK or the best cheap food processor UK (most models I review are available in the UK as well as US), the best food processor for making almond butter specifically or the best food processor for nut butters generally, read on to find out what factors you should consider when choosing a food processor and how to choose one of the best food processors for the money.

Red food processor holding avocado chunks with half an avocado, chili and garlic next to it

What to look for in a food processor

It can be difficult to know what to look for in a food processor. That’s why I created this food processor buying guide to help you.

The primary points you’ll want to look at are:

  • Watts: this measures the strength of the motor. 
  • Size/capacity
  • What material is it made out of: plastic, stainless steel or glass? Plastic is most common, and glass or stainless steel very difficult to find.
  • Features
  • Attachments/accessories 
  • Price

A plate containing slices of pear and nut butter


This measures the strength of the food processor, and will give you an idea of how powerful the food processor is, and for a full-sized model (9 cups+) it’s recommended to seek out 600 watts or more.


The size/capacity can vary from a mini chopper at 3 cups to a pro/restaurant sized model with 20 cups. For a family of 4, you’ll likely want 10-14 cups; if you’re cooking for one or making small quantities you might want a mini 3 cup model.

You’ll also want to consider the food processor’s height (with any attachments such as a feeder tube you use to push down vegetables and other ingredients) if you plan to keep it on the counter. Make sure it fill under your cupboards.

What material is it made out of — plastic or glass?

This may seem like a simple choice if you’re worried about BPA in plastics and looking for a BPA free food processor. It’s fairly easy to find glass blenders these days.

You’d think the best food mixer you can get would be made of glass, too. Unfortunately, most food processor manufacturers haven’t caught up yet and it’s rare to find a food processor made out of glass.

A few are made with glass or stainless steel, but it’s unusual and most have stainless steel blades but have plastic in other parts such as the blade casing. However, since you’re unlikely to put hot liquids in your food processor (unlike a blender, which might be used for soups) it might be less of a concern

To be on the safe side, don’t store food in the food processor bowl or heat it. Of course, you can opt for a brushed stainless steel or glass model (I’ve included two options below) although at this time they don’t tend to be as powerful as plastic models.


Food processors don’t tend to have as many buttons and speeds as blenders do. It does help to choose a food processor with a “pulse” function, which gives you better control and precision. For example, using this you can chop nuts, rather than always puree them into a nut butter.

You might also want to consider whether it’s dishwasher-safe.

Walnuts in the shell


While food processors don’t come with as many bells and whistles as blenders in terms of buttons and modes, they often come with all the bells and whistles in the attachments/accessories department.

Many come with different blades and discs for chopping, slicing and grating. Some even come with different sized bowls you can swap out depending on how much food you’re processing.

Consider what you’ll use the food processor for and if you’ll use all the accessories. My parents’ food processor, for example, is a heavy-duty Cuisinart but they rarely use all the blades and discs. The chopping blade is in there 95% of the time.


Food processors can range in price from anywhere from under $50 to several hundred.

I highly recommend buying the best food processor you can afford.

It’s worth investing in in one that will be with you for years. My parents have had their Cuisinart for nearly 30 years (they have had to replace a few parts in that time, but they’ve ultimately saved money and it’s been much more eco-friendly than buying a new food processor every few years).


Looking for the best food processor for chopping nuts? The best food processor for making peanut butter? The best food processor for almond butter?

Read on for my reviews below.

Whether you’re in the US, UK or elsewhere, I’ve linked to purchase on Amazon (just click the buy button below each review to be taken to your local Amazon page).

Read on for the best food processor reviews.

The Best High-End Food Processor

Magimix 4200XL

What’s the best food processor to buy? Looking at high end food processors? Well, in terms of high end food processors, you can’t get better than the Magimix is my top pick.

If you’re looking for super-smooth, creamy nut butter in minutes, then this super powerful food processor will do the job. It’s the best food processor for dates and nuts, the best food processor for nice cream, or just about anything you want to make, hands down.

No matter what you plan to make, from cashew cheese to pesto, the Magimix will make it. Is it the best food processor on the market?

Well, it’s certainly the best nut grinder and it’s the food processor of choice of Deliciously Ella, so you know it’s got the strength to blitz through a lot of seeds and nuts to make energy balls, raw bars and more. It’s the best peanut butter food processor and the best food processor for making cashew cheese (in short, the best food processor for a plant based diet).


Made in France, the Magimix is very high quality.

The 14-cup bowl is 100% BPA-free plastic, and it comes with a three-bowl system, allowing you to make large and small quantities.

It comes with a stainless steel blade for chopping, mincing and emulsifying, a dough blade and a whisk. It’s the best food processor to make almond butter or any other nut butter you want.

The Magimix has an extra-wide feed tube, meaning you can feed whole vegetables into it for chopping. WIth a 950 watt motor, it’s got plenty of power to blitz through anything you put in it.

If you’re looking for an amazing nut butter food processor, the Magimix is it. It’s the Deliciously Ella food processor of choice, too, if you like making bliss balls and other dishes from her cookbooks.

If you’re looking for an ultra quiet powerful motor, users say this food processor is extra quiet. Bear in mind that no food processor is silent, but some are quieter than others. 


At over $300, the Magimix isn’t cheap, but it’s quality construction means it will last for many years, meaning you may save in the long-run.

Lots of customers are very loyal to the Magimix brand and report their Magimix food processors last 30 years or more. Looking for the best food processor professional grade, that’s not thousands of dollars? I think the Magimix offers the best machine to make nut butter in terms of balancing price and performance.


✓ A top rated food processor, popular with cookbook authors 
✓ Lots of power (950 watts) makes this food processor best for making the creamiest nut butters
✓ Made in France with quality, long-lasting construction
✓ 3 bowls of varying sizes to make large and small quantities food
✓ Large feed tube means you can feed entire veggies into it
✓ Quiet
✓ Comes with a 30-year motor guarantee and 3-year parts guarantee


❌ Price
❌ 3-bowl design means that if the food splashes you may end up needing to clean 3 bowls, instead of just 1
❌ Large; won’t fit under most counters

My Verdict

The Magimix is my pick for the best nut butter processor.

It might be on the pricey side but it’s worth it when it comes to quality. Buy a cheaper food processor and you might end up having to replace it in a few years. The Magimix, on the other hand, comes with a 30-year motor guarantee. Best of all, Magimix nut butter will be creamy and smooth.

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The Best Mid-Range Food Processor

Cuisinart DFP 14-Cup

If you’re wondering which food processor is best in the mid-range budget and which nut butter grinder works best for making smooth, creamy nut butters? Look no further than the Cuisinart. Cuisinart is a well-respected brand that makes durable, high-quality kitchen appliances.

My parents have owned their Cuisinart food processor for 30 years and it’s still going strong. In that time, they’ve replaced the cover (the plastic cracked) but luckily since it’s a popular brand, it was fairly easy to find a replacement lid. And the Cuisinart 14-cup is, in my opinion, the best Cuisinart food processor.

Large capacity food processors like the 14-cup Cuisinart are big enough to make enough for a family; so if you’re looking for the best food processor to make nut butter in big batches then the Cuisinart is a good option.

However, if you only make smaller batches or cook for one, this food processor may be too big for you. 


The Cuisinart is a hard-working, durable machine.

It makes excellent nut butters and because the motor is so powerful (720 watts), you can run it continuously until you’ve blitzed up a creamy nut butter. If you’re looking for the best food processor for nut butters in the mid range price, you’ve found it.


The best food processor under $200, the Cuisinart is good value for money.

It’s the best affordable food processor in this price range. Bear in mind that it comes with a shorter guarantee than the Magimix food processor (a 5-year motor warranty vs. the Magimix’s 30-year warranty)


✓ A highly rated food processor, used by many healthy food bloggers
✓ Plenty of power (720 watts) in this nut butter machine to make smooth dips, sauces and nut butters
✓ Big feeding tube (like the Magimix), so you can process whole vegetables
✓ Comes with a 5-year motor guarantee and 3-year guarantee on the entire unit
✓ Made out of BPA-free Lexan plastic


❌ Price
❌ Comes with just 1 bowl, so you can’t easily process smaller amounts
❌ Large size

My Verdict

The Cuisinart is my top choice for a mid-range food processor. It’s the best food processor to make nut butter and will beat any blender for nut butter, hands-down.

Whether you’re hoping to make food processor almond butter or peanut butter (or something more exotic like pumpkin seed butter), this will do the best job.

Their appliances are very long-lasting, and although the motor warranty is shorter than the Magimix, most people are able to use their Cuisinart for many years. With a fairly large 14 cup capacity and a strong 720-watt motor, the Cuisinart will make smooth nut butters and is also the best food processor for bliss balls.

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The Best Budget Small Food Processor (Best Value)

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

If you’re looking for the best food processor (cheap end of the spectrum), then you’ve found it with the Cuisinart Mini.

While it’s the best cheap food processor, don’t think it’s poorly constructed; Cuisinart is a highly respected brand. It’s also very compact so perfect for small kitchens and those without much storage space.

However, bear in mind it’s a chopper food processor. What’s the difference between a food processor vs a food chopper?

A food processor typically is bigger, has more blades and accessories and can perform more functions, such as: mixing dough, shredding vegetables and grating food.

A food chopper, on the other hand, usually has a much smaller counter footprint, has no accessories, and can make hummus, pesto and salad dressings.

The best mini food processors or choppers fit comfortable in any cabinet or under-counter space.

Because of its size, you may find you prefer small food processors like Cuisinart Mini over a larger food processor anyway, as I do (and so does this chef over on The Kitchn). 


Even though it’s only got 250 watts of power, the Cuisinart Mini packs a lot of punch and it’s a fairly affordable / cheap food processor.

It’s hands-down the best small food processor UK and US wide. It does a great job on making any sauce or dip you want. If you want a food processor that can help you slice, grate and shred food, then you should invest in a larger model.

However, if you’re only planning on using your food processor for dips, sauces, chopping onions or garlic or grinding nuts, then the Cuisinart Mini is a good food processor that will cost you less and take up less space in your kitchen.

Looking for the best 3 or 4 cup food processor? Here it is! The Cuisinart make the the best 3 and 4-cup food processors around. My pick for the best budget food is this 3-cup models as I believe it to be the best 3-cup food processor. It’s perfect for making small batches but I wouldn’t recommend going any smaller than 3 cups as it will likely be too small for your needs.

In my opinion, it’s not just the best mini food processor for hummus, it’s the best food processor to make hummus and other dips, period. Its small size means it’s perfect for whipping up the equivalent of a tub of hummus, rather than a gallon of the stuff.


The Cuisinart Mini is the best food processor under $50 on the market today, I believe.

The Cuisinart Mini is excellent value for money, and provided you’re only looking for a food processor to make dips and sauces, it’s a great choice.

In terms of making nut butter, it will do the job but will be louder and take a LOT longer than a larger food processor. If you’re looking for a cheap Cuisinart food processor though, this is the best mini prep food processor.


✓ Excellent value; looking for the best food processor under $100? Well, this one’s under $50!
✓ Best mini food processor & best budget food processor
✓ Small size; takes up less space on kitchen counter or in kitchen cabinets
✓ No extra parts, making it easier to store
✓ Dishwasher safe


❌ Loud
❌ Cannot grate or shred food (no extra attachments for slices/grating)

My Verdict

For a food processor on a budget, the Cuisinart Mini is my top choice and the one I picked when outfitting my first kitchen years ago.

I think it’s the best small food processor for nut butter. I love mine, and believe it to be the best basic food processor out there. It may not slice and grate like a larger food processor, but it does all the functions I need out of a food processor: grinding nuts and seeds, and making hummus, pesto and dressings.

I love its small size for ease of storage (it takes up less space in the cupboard than my mixing bowl!). Plus, I find it makes plenty for 1-2 people. It’s the best small food processor for hummus.

Unless you have a large family, you’re unlikely to need 6 pounds of hummus; I find the 1 lb or so I can make in here is plenty! Looking for the best food processor for small kitchen and the best value food processor? This is it!

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Top 10: Best Food Processor for Nut Butter

Looking for the top food processors? Here are the top rated food processors in every budget!

Breville 12-Cup

The Breville food processor is strong. At 1200 watts, it may, in fact, be too strong; many owners of the Breville report that instead of shredding their food, it overprocesses it and turns it to mush.

However, if you’re looking for a really high-powered food processor to turns your nuts into nut butter in no time, the Breville might be it. Whether you want pesto, cashew cheese, or nut butter, food processor from Breville is a great option.


WIth 1200 watts of power, the Breville is very high-powered (though as mentioned above, it might be too high-powered when you’re trying to grate or shred vegetables), making it a good nut butter maker.

It is the most high-powered food processor on our list, and can grind and chop vegetables in just a few seconds. Very speedy! It also has an extra-wide feed tube, so you can feed whole vegetables straight in and if you’re looking for the best food processor for grinding nuts, the Breville will do it efficiently.


The Breville is at the higher-priced end of the spectrum. If you want to invest in a very strong food processor, you might want to look at the Breville. However, in this price range, I’d recommend the Magimix food processor instead, which is my top-rated high-end food processor.


✓ Plenty of power (1200 watts)
✓ Quickly chops and grinds food
✓ Dishwasher-safe BPA-free plastic
✓ Extra-wide feed tube (so you don’t have to pre-chop veggies before feeding them in)


❌ Might be too powerful; can reduce food to mush
❌ Price

My Verdict

If you’ve got the budget, the Breville is a good piece of kitchen equipment and one of the best food processor nut butter wise. With its high power, it will quickly process foods. However, this high power can be over the top, turning your foods into mush. At this price range, I’d recommend the Magimix 4200XL instead. Looking for an food processor? Follow the link below.

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The Black+Decker food processor is a solid budget option.

It’s not the most expensive food processor, nor is it the cheapest. With an 500-watt motor, it’s in the middle of the range on this list. It has a wide mouth, meaning it’s easier to feed ingredients in. It’s a 10-cup model, so should be able to hold all your ingredients.


The Black+Decker processes food fairly quickly thanks to the motor, but does not chop food very finely. Also, it can’t handle very tough foods, meaning if you try to make peanut butter in it it might not be very smooth.


The Black+Decker model is fairly good value for money, but beware that the inside has many hidden spots and is not easy to clean. The core on which the blade sits is not removable, making cleaning tricky.


✓ Fairly high power (500 watts) at a budget price point
✓ Comes with two work bowls (10 cups)
✓ Touchscreen display that’s easy to wipe clean


❌ Doesn’t chop finely
❌ Interior is difficult to clea

My Verdict

Looking for the best food processor to make peanut butter? You’re better off going with the Cuisinart 14-Cup, which chops food more easily and performs better.

However, if you’re looking for something more wallet-friendly, the Black+Decker might still be for you, if you’re willing to accept its drawbacks.

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KitchenAid Mixer Attachment

If you already have a KitchenAid stand mixer, you might want Kitchenaid’s food processor attachment for your stand mixer.

It comes with multiple blade attachments so you can grate, chop and slice foods. However be aware that it’s really more of a slicer and grater than a food processor; if you want to make nut butters, sauces and dips you’ll want a food processor instead of or in addition to this.

A Kitchenaid peanut butter grinder it is not, so if you want a peanut butter maker, Kitchenaid ‘s attachment won’t quite cut it; you’re better off getting a food processor. Peanut butter in a food processor is the way to go.


The KitchenAid attachment easily chops, slices and grates foods but doesn’t mix food and won’t make nut butters.


Since the KitchenAid attachment doesn’t perform all the functions of a food processor, I don’t think it’s good value for money. However, if you already own a KitchenAid stand mixer and just want an attachment that will allow you to quickly slice vegetables, this is a good option.


✓ Attaches to most KitchenAid stand mixer models
✓ Wide feed tube


❌ Though KitchenAid claims it fits all stand mixers, users report the attachment doesn’t fit some models
❌ Does NOT perform all functions of a food processor; will not mix sauces, dips or nut butters

My Verdict

If you’re looking for a food processor best to just slice and chop veggies and already own a KitchenAid mixer, the KitchenAid attachment might be for you.

However, if you plan on making nut butters, hummus or pesto, this model is NOT suitable as it doesn’t mix food. In that case, I recommend the Cuisinart 14-Cup.

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KitchenAid 9-Cup

The KitchenAid 9-Cup is a good food processor model if you’re looking for a mid-sized food processor not as big as a 14-cup model (like the Cuisinart 14-cup or Magimix 4200XL, my top choice in mid-range and high-end models, respectively) but not as small as a mini food chopper.

It also comes in multiple hues (silver, white, black and red) if you want to match it to your kitchen decor. 


The KitchenAid 9-Cup is pretty low-powered (325 watts) for such a comparatively large food processor, but it manages to puree hummus and sauces fairly well.

However, KitchenAid food processor nut butter isn’t the smoothest. If you’re looking to make peanut butter in a food processor that’s extra smooth and creamy, this might not be the one for you. But, if you just need a food processor for grinding nuts and creating a chunky nut butter, it could work for you.


The KitchenAid 9-Cup is decent value for money if you’re looking for a mid-sized food processor, but it has its downsides.


✓ Mid-sized so takes up less counter space (however it does come with attachments and a second, smaller work bowl which you’ll need to find room for)
✓ Makes decent sauces and dips such as hummus


❌ Relatively low power (325 watts) for the size
❌ Does not make smooth nut butter

My Verdict

If you’re low on space but don’t want to go as small as a mini food chopper (and you still want a food processor with multiple blades/attachments), consider the KitchenAid 9-Cup, but be aware of its limitations.

While it makes decently smooth hummus, the same cannot be said of nut butter.

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Hamilton Beach 12-Cup

The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup is the food processor for you if you’re looking for a full-sized food processor below $100. However, it does only come with a 1-year warranty.

With three sizes of feed tube (small, medium, large) you can feed any sized vegetables into it.


As one might expect, the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup is not as durable as more expensive models of food processor, but it does do the job.


It’s hard to beat the price for the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup.


✓ Price
✓ Enough power to make most sauces and dips


❌ Motor not as durable/long-lasting as more expensive models
❌ Warranty is only 1 year

My Verdict

If you’re looking for a budget food processor, then consider the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup. However, I always recommend you get the best for your money and the most durable appliance you can find.

For that reason, I’d recommend saving up for a more expensive food processor or buying a smaller mini chopper around the same budget. It won’t be able to process as much food but it just might last a few years longer.

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Homgeek Glass Food Processor

If you’re concerned about plastic, then you’ll likely have found how difficult it can be to find kitchen appliances without plastic, particularly when it comes to food processors.

While blender manufacturers have cottoned on to people’s plastic concerns and started making jugs out of glass (or even stainless steel) unfortunately this is not the case with food processors and almost all food processors are plastic.

It may be less of a concern with food processors than blenders, since they tend not to hold hot food (unlike a blender which might be used for soup), but if you’re avoiding plastic, then consider the Homgeek.

It’s more food chopper than food processor, but can be used for sauces and dips and they advertise it as capable of chopping nuts. Whether it can turn those nuts into creamy nut butter is another matter. If you have experience of making creamy nut butter in this food chopper, please let mek now!


Given the lower power of the Homgeek compared to some larger models, it might take a bit longer to mince, chop and puree, but it can do the job.

With a 5-cup/1.2 litre capacity it’s slightly larger than most mini processors, but smaller than the big food processors.


The Homgeek is excellent value at under $50 for a mini food processor with a glass work bowl (the blades look like they have plastic parts but the bulk of what is in contact with food — the bowl — is glass).


✓ Price
✓ Glass work bowl
✓ 2 speeds plus pulse function


❌ Motor not as powerful as other models
❌ Still has some plastic parts

My Verdict

If you’re looking for a plastic-free food processor, then the Homgeek is a good option. Most of the area that’s in contact with food is glass.

With 300 watts, the motor does a pretty good job of making sauces, dips and nut butters but it’s not as powerful or fast as other food processors. However, this is one of the few choices in glass food processors.

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Hamilton Beach Glass Mini Food Processor

The Hamilton Beach glass mini food processor is another good option if you’re looking for a plastic-free food processor. It’s smaller than the Homgeek glass food processor.

It holds three cups (while the Homgeek holds five) so you may want to consider how much food you’ll be processing. And just like the Homgeek, while the work bowl is made of glass, the blade and other parts contain plastic.


The amilton Beach food processor is small, but works hard for its size. It can process most foods, chopping onions, garlics or making salad dressings, but may struggle with nut butters given its low wattage (175 watts), the lowest on this list.


The Hamilton Beach food processor is a good price, but bear in mind it doesn’t have as much power as some of the other food processors on this list.


✓ Price
✓ Glass work bowl


❌ Small size
❌ Low wattage (175 watts)

My Verdict

The Hamilton Beach glass mini food processor is a good option for a plastic-free (or low-plastic, rather, since some parts are still made of plastic) food processor, but bear in mind its limitations given its size and motor wattage.

If you’re looking for a machine with a little more oomph, and a slightly bigger capacity, that’s still made of glass have a look at the Homgeek glass food processor, which is in the same price range.

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Braun FP3020 Ultra Quiet

The Braun FP3020 food processor comes with a wide variety of attachments, and is very quiet compared to other food processors.

This is a great food processor if you want plenty of attachment choices. Attachments include a dough hook tool, slicer, shredder, grater, whipping tool, citrus press and mini food processor insert.


With a 600 watt motor, this is a pretty powerful food processor, plus it manages to run quietly. 


Considering the motor strength and versatility of attachments the price is mid-range.


✓ Powerful
✓ Quiet


❌ Due to the design, takes up a fair amount of counterspace
❌ No suction cups on base, so may move while in use

My Verdict

With a 12 cup work bowl, this food processor is a decent choice, particularly if you want a citrus juicer and other attachments.

You can choose from among 11 different speed settings so it’s also helpful if you want preprogrammed settings.

As far as nut butter makers go, this is a decent option. However, it’s not the best nut butter machine – you’d be better off with the Cuisinart 14-cup, the best food processor for nuts.

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Best Vegan Processor: Recipes

Now you’ve found the best food processor (nut butter wise), what can you make in it? A ton of plant based recipes! From pesto to hummus to cashew cheese, food processors are perfect for making homemade sauces and dips.

Crackers with vegan cheese spread on them

The best food processor for vegans: making cashew cheese

For the best cashew cheese, I recommend the Magimix 4200XL but my Cuisinart Mini Prep works just as well!

With a food processor, you can skip all the soaking cashews and waiting and get on with making your cashew cheese. Find the recipe here.

A bowl containing hummus with a lemon slice and tortilla chip

The best food processor for hummus (and recipe)

I love my Cuisinart Mini Prep for making small batches of hummus, but for the best food processor for making hummus in larger batches I’d suggest the Magimix 4200XL or the Cuisinart 14-Cup.

Find my hummus recipe here (along with my recipe for falafel, which requires a blender).

Stack of pesto-topped pizza

The best food processor for pesto (and recipe)

For pesto, you don’t actually need a food processor (traditional recipes call for a mortar and pestle). But save your wrist and arms by using a food processor.

Since pesto can be chunky, you don’t need a lot of power and any of the food processors listed will work for pesto, from the Breville 12-Cup to the KitchenAid 9-Cup. Find my pesto (pizza!) recipe here.

The best food processor for salsa (and recipe)

You can prepare salsa by chopping ingredients by hand (although this will result in a chunkier salsa), or using any of the food processors reviewed above for a super-smooth salsa. Find a salsa recipe here.

The best food processor for dates (and recipe)

Easily chop dates (removing the pits first!) in the food processor, or make a smooth, healthy date caramel sauce. You can’t easily make date caramel in a blender.

For best results, use a powerful food processor like the Magimix 4200XL or Breville 12-Cup. Find a vegan date caramel recipe here.

Nut butter recipes

Making nut butter is simple with a good food processor; all you need are nuts and patience. For the creamiest nut butters, I recommend the Magimix 4200XL.

For better results, use nuts without skins and lightly roast your nuts first to bring out the taste. Of course, you can also add spices, cocoa or other additions.

Find recipes and instructions here.


Nice cream

Nice cream is another fun thing you can make with your food processor!

Nice cream refers to ‘ice cream’ made by putting frozen bananas through the food processor. When blitzed up in the food processor, they take on a creamy texture similar to soft serve ice cream.

Bananas are also naturally sweet, so you don’t even need to add sweetener (unless you want it a bit sweeter), so it’s a healthy dessert option.

Be sure to use really ripe bananas (if you ever have bananas go brown on the counter, peel and put them in the freezer – they’re perfect for smoothies or nice cream). Riper bananas are sweeter so the riper they are when you freeze them, the sweeter your final product.

You can add other ingredients too for different flavours – just bear in mind no matter what your nice cream will taste like bananas so choose options that pair well with bananas, like chocolate or peanut butter!

Click here to find how to make nice cream, plus 10 different recipe ideas, including cookies n cream, berries and piña colada.


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Best Food Processor for Nut Butter

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15 thoughts on “Best Food Processor for Nut Butter: How to Pick the Ultimate One”

  1. I’ve had my Cuisinart Prep Plus 11 cup food processor for about 10 years now and I still love it! Cuisinart had a recall on the blade a year ago so I got a brand new blade. I could see upgrading to the 14 cup if this one ever dies on me. I’d love to make more of my own vegan staples. Where do you find is the best place to buy nuts (organic if possible) in bulk?

  2. My current blender is second hand from a friend, and after many years of good service, it’s on its last legs. Thanks for your amazingly comprehensive guide to buying a new one when the inevitable happens and the blender dies. I’d really love to make some decent cashew cheese again!

  3. Hi Caitlin,
    Thanks so much for your review of food processors. İ found it very informative. İ have recently moved overseas and I’m in the market for a new blender/food processor/mixmaster. İ love cooking and since moving overseas I’ve been making peanut butter every week in my ninja bullet but I have a big family and i think I’m pushing the motor a bit. So peanut butter is a definite for us. I’m wondering if there is anywhere way to buy something that will do the job that’s all in one? Like the Kenwood chef with food processor attachment. Do you think this would work? Do you know anything about Thermomixes? Do you think they are worth the price?

    • Hi Angela, Thnks and glad you found it informative! Unfortunately most of the all-in-ones I know of don’t work as well as separate blenders and food processors and you’re better off buying a separate one usually. I don’t know much about Thermomixes — haven’t used one but I am very intrigued by them as they seem to have so many functions in one machine! Please let me know how you find it if you do get one.

  4. Hi Caitlin, thank for such an informative post! I am planning to buy the Magimix to make my own almond butter. We are only two at home so I was wondering if I should get the 3200XL instead of the 4200XL as it’s smaller, however I was wondering if the 650Watts will be powerful enough to make the butter.

    • Thanks, Marta! You should be able to make the butter but it might be smoother with a stronger motor. It depends if you mind a few chunks in your nut butter! :) I’d suggest checking the returns policy — you could always try the smaller one and return/exchange if you’re not happy with the butter.

  5. Hello, thanks for the review. I happen to have the same Magimix food processor, however the inner surface of the large bowl got all scratched when making whole sesame tahini. I was wondering if it’s the same for you or other users? I don’t really feel like eating plastic residuals… It also took over 10 min for a thick puree and got very warm. May I ask if you’ve got any advice or feedback to share?

  6. I new comment on an older blog, so perhaps you have updated this along the way.

    I’m a lifetime Vegan, and almond butter is one of my two ‘must have foods on a desert island’. I make 6 lbs at a time, which looks after the two of us for about 6 weeks. It is a bit of a pricess, so less often is best.

    I have used and burned out MANY blenders and food processors, of all prices up to $375 and motors up to 900 watts. Knowing that heat is your nutritional enemy, a larger motor beating it into submission is not my answer.

    The ‘grind’ setting on the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor you reviewed is one of the few that rotates in reverse, pulverizing the (baked 10 minutes) almonds with the blunt back of the blade in record time. No real amount of heat generated, to kill the vitamins, etc.

    Transport those ‘powdered’ nuts into almost any blender, add a bit of almond oil, and you have butter in minutes. Sure, a 900 watt Vitamix will create butter in a couple of minutes without my first step, but the heat generated will surprise you.


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