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The 11 Best Services for Vegan Meal Kits & Vegan Meal Delivery UK in 2024

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Want vegan food delivery to your door to make your life a little easier? Now you can find vegan meal delivery, UK wide.

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In this article, I’ll be covering the following vegan meal delivery companies:

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Whether you want a recipe box that still allows you to do some cooking (but makes it faster) or you prefer vegan delivery of pre-made meals to your door so you don’t have to lift a finger in order to prepare dinner, there’s a plant based meal delivery UK based service for you!

These companies are now selling vegan ready meals or their vegan recipe box, delivered to your door.

This article is specifically about the best vegan meal delivery UK (if you’re looking for the US version, click here to see the best vegan pre-made food delivery and click here to see the best vegan meal kits in the US).


1. Best vegan meal delivery services
     1a. Best plant based meal delivery: AllPlants
     1b. Best for vegan recipe boxes: Mindful Chef
     1c. Vegan recipe box from a major brand: Green Chef (from Hello Fresh)
     1d. Vegan recipe boxes from a big brand: Gousto
     1e. Best organic vegan boxes: Riverford
     1f. Vegan recipe box with international flavours: Feastbox
     1g. Best for athletes: Fresh Fitness Food (select cities)
     1h. Plant-based meal delivery: Planty
2. Other boxes with and without vegan options (and boxes that market vegan boxes lined with wool insulation)
3. Vegan Meal Delivery UK: Comparison Table
4. What is vegan food delivery?
4a. Vegan delivery vs vegan recipe boxes
2b. Are vegan delivery boxes actually vegan (use of wool in insulation)?
5. Why and when to get vegan meal delivery?

Best vegan food delivery services

If you’ve decided you want to get vegan home delivery, you may be wondering which vegan meal prep delivery to choose, since there are so many now.

These are some of the best vegan recipe boxes and vegan prepared meals delivered, from all-vegan companies like AllPlants and vegan options from major players like Gousto and Riverford.

So, below I’ve outlined the best services, and details about each, like cost, their packaging (and whether it’s recyclable or compostable) and any special features. 

Screenshot of vegan meal delivery uk - allplants page showing bowls of food and packaging

Best plant based meal delivery: AllPlants

Type: frozen premade meal delivery
from £4.99 per serving
Packaging: Recyclable. Return packaging free of charge for recycling.
Insulation: dry ice
Special Features: All plant-based company. Gluten free options.
Best for: vegan home delivery meals, vegan ready meals delivered UK wide

Exclusive discount code: use “VEGANWORD20” to get 20% off your first order!

AllPlants is a plant based food delivery service. They deliver frozen vegan meals, made by their chefs and delivered to your door. All you need to do is heat and eat them. 

AllPlants are my top pick for prepared vegan food delivery service. If you’re looking for vegan frozen meals delivered you don’t need to cook, then AllPlants are a good vegan and vegetarian meal delivery service for you.

I really like that all the packaging on their vegan ready meals delivery is recyclable but they make it extremely easy for you by providing free return postage — you just ship all packaging back to them and they’ll make sure it’s recycled in the most efficient way!

AllPlants have a range of chef-prepared plant-based meals, from cauliflower tikka masala to fiery jerk jackfruit with black rice. And their star meal (which I’ve heard a lot of good things about!), the cashew mac with kale, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

If you’re looking for vegan meals delivered to your door, it’s my top pick. They ship their plant based ready meals UK wide.

You can choose from single portion sizes or servings for two (the latter being a more cost-effective option).

One thing a friend of mine mentioned could be improved was this single vs double serving size. She ordered the servings for two to save money, but thought they’d be dividable in some way so she could also have them as a person living alone – however since they came in one piece of packaging and were frozen they weren’t!

She took to preparing both servings at a time in the oven but since they’re meant to be eaten hot out of the oven found the second serving didn’t take very well to being refrigerated and reheated a second time. You might want to bear this in mind when choosing.


Click here for more information.


Screenshot of healthy meal delivery uk - mindful chef page, showing box and veggies

Mindful Chef

Type: recipe box and food delivery with vegan options
from £4 per meal
Packaging: Insulation/cool bags can be returned for free, ce packs are now home recyclable and they aim to remove as much virgin plastic from their packaging as possible
Insulation: recycled denim offcuts
Special Features: All gluten-free
Best for: one person or more (one of the only companies to offer boxes for 1 person, as well or 2 or 4), plant based meal delivered UK and vegan recipe boxes UK

Mindful Chef offer the only service I know of that offers both plant-based recipe boxes (that you cook yourself) and vegan meal delivery services (where you get sent pre-prepared dishes that you don’t have to cook).

Many rave about their meals and they’re possibly the best vegan meal subscription box in the UK for their range of offers, quality of food and flexibility of serving sizes.

Mindful Chef have been selling vegan recipe boxes for awhile now, and have amassed a following, who say their plant-based meals are innovative and offer good variety. They also donate a school meal to a child living in poverty for every meal ordered.

Not all of their packaging in recyclable yet but at present 90% is. Their shipping is carbon neutral through DPD, they also offer free returns on their insulation and their ice packs can now be recycled at home.

Their insulation is made of recycled denim offcuts, so eco-friendly and vegan! They also have a 0% food waste model, because they go direct to food suppliers and order precisely what customers need for the week.

One thing I love about Mindful Chef is that unlike most recipe boxes, which serve 2-4 people, they have an option for 1 person.

Anyone who’s cooked for one knows it can be difficult to get serving sizes correct and not end up with the same meal for five days in a row — or wasting food!

Many of their meals can be made in 15 minutes or less, and they’re all gluten-free.

Vegan meals might include nasi goreng with tempeh and red rice or sesame tofu with mango and a spicy ginger dressing, served over brown rice.

Click here for more information.


Screenshot of Vegan Chef homepage showing chana masala, salt and pepper and buffalo grain bowls

Green Chef

Type: recipe box with vegan options
from £4.70 per serving
Packaging: Use mostly recyclable packaging, FSC certified cardboard. Offset the plastics they do use.
Insulation: unknown
Special Features: Carbon neutral
Best for: vegan food boxes UK wide from a well known brand

Use “GCVWORLD” for up to 40% off your first order!

Previously, I talked about how to find a vegan Hello Fresh alternative. Well, you no longer have to hunt down a vegan version of Hello Fresh because the Hello Fresh family now have vegan options with Green Chef! Green Chef have five different dietary options, one being vegan. 

This is a recipe box, so they send you the ingredients for you to cook. You’ll be sent the ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe card in each vegan meal prep box.

Green Chef offset so they are carbon neutral. 

You can choose servings for 2 or 4 people and 3 or 4 meals per week. Vegan recipes may include dishes such as chana masala with gunpowder potatoes, kidney bean chilli or salt and pepper tofu with ginger broccoli and rice.


Screenshot of Gousto homepage showing dishes and someone picking up chopped vegetables


Type: recipe box and food delivery with vegan options
from £2.98
Packaging: Recently switched to the recyclable Eco Chill box
Insulation: Specially-created cardboard box (Eco Chill Box)
Special Features: 10-minute recipes available
Best for: vegan food delivery UK from a major company

Gousto is one of the biggest meal kit delivery services in the UK, and they have vegan options!

Previously, they used wool in the insulation, rendering their boxes not vegan, but last year they made the switch to an innovative (and vegan!) packaging solution, the Eco Chill Box.

It uses layers of cardboard as insulation and is recyclable. Their aim is to switch to all recyclable or compostable plastic by 2022.

Gousto’s vegan cook at home boxes come with enough servings for either 2 or 4 people. For each vegan food prep delivery, can choose from the recipes of the week, and recipes are clearly labelled by how long they take to cook (some can be prepared in as little as 10 minutes!).

Their dishes are also the most affordable on the list* of vegan recipe boxes; UK delivery is also free.

*note that prices for every company vary by number of meals and serving sizes ordered

Recipes might include creamy chickpea curry loaded sweet potato, black dahl with kachumba and naan, Thai jackfruit ‘fish’ cakes with chilli mayo or creamy sun-dried tomato and cavolo nero gnocchi.

Click here for more information.


Screenshot of vegan organic meal delivery uk - riverford's page showing a bowl of sweet potateos and a chopping board

Riverford organic vegan recipe box delivery UK

Type: recipe box with vegan options
from £5.60 per portion
Packaging: Mostly recyclable and/or compostable. Boxes, ice packs and chill bags to be left outside before the next delivery for reuse.
Insulation: ice packs
Special Features: Organic
Best for: organic vegan meal delivery

Riverford, in addition to selling organic veg boxes, now sell organic recipe boxes, with the option to order vegan boxes.

I spoke to someone on their customer services team who told me they never use wool insulation for vegan boxes; they use ice packs for their vegan boxes.

I like that they reuse boxes, chill bags and ice packs. They instruct you to leave them out before your next delivery so the driver can collect them for reuse.

They state other packaging is recyclable or compostable, apart from vacuum-packed items like tofu, which must be disposed of in the bin.

Since Riverford is an organic food company, these vegan meal boxes make the perfect choice if you’re looking for organic vegan food delivery.

You can order their vegan food box delivery UK wide.

Riverford have a selection of vegan recipes available each week and you can order as many as you want (each serve two). You can easily filter for vegan on their site.

Vegan dishes might include asparagus, peanut and beetroot salad or Greek pasticcio with roasted vegetables.

Click here for more information.


Screenshot of healthy food delivery uk - fresh fitness food's page showing two people eating in a park

Best for athletes: Fresh Fitness Food (select cities)

Type: best vegan fitness meals UK (fresh, nutritionally-designed food delivered each day)
from £23 per day
Packaging: Fully biodegradable containers 
Insulation: synthetic foam
Best for: athletes interested in plant-based meal delivery UK

Exclusive discount: Use “CAIGAL10” to get 10% off your order

Fresh Fitness Food offer vegan prepared meals delivery that are the best vegan meal delivery service for athletes. They offer one the most complete vegan meal planner service I’ve come across in the UK, with all meals provided each day.

You’ll select your fitness goal and days you want delivered, and they’ll design nutritionally sound meal plans, in conjunction with a Michelin star menu consultant and your meals will be freshly prepared, and delivered to your door in a cooler bag each day. 

You can select a vegan meal plan easily.

At the moment, Fresh Fitness Food deliver within the M25 in London, and select postcodes in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Nottingham.

Discount: Use “CAIGAL10” to get 10% off your order

Click here for more information.


Screenshot of Planty page showing dishes in bowl next to packages of Planty meals


Type: Plant-based meal delivery
£5.65 per meal
Packaging:  100% is recyclable, compostable or reusable and delivery is carbon neutral
Insulation: unknown
Best for: frozen vegan meals delivered

If you’re looking for vegan food delivered to your door, Planty is one of the latest vegan meal subscription services in the UK. 

Planty ships frozen vegan home delivery food to you, so all you need to do is heat it up in the oven or microwave. You can choose between boxes of 6 – 12 meals. 

Their premade vegan meals include dishes such as yaki miso udon noodles, vegan chicken tikka masala and vegan mac and cheese.

Click here for more information.


Bowl of colourful summer rolls with dipping sauce in the middle. looking for raw vegan delivery? here's where to get raw vegan plate delivery in london

Other boxes

Companies that market vegan or plant-based food delivery box option that is packed in wool insulation*:

  • Abel & Cole (currently testing a hemp-based alternative, but this hasn’t been rolled out yet — I’ll update the post when it has)

*These boxes contain vegan food ingredients, and the companies have marked these boxes as vegan or plant-based, but due to the wool insulation, they would not be acceptable to most vegans. I’ve been in touch with these companies about alternatives.

Best Vegan Meal Delivery UK

Looking for vegan delivery UK? The best vegan meal box UK wide? Read on for vegan meal delivery reviews.

What is vegan food delivery?

A vegan meal box delivery can save you a lot of time–you can cut out meal planning, food shopping, food prep and, depending on what you order, even cooking. 

kitchen tools in your kitchen.

If you’re looking for vegan meals delivered UK wide I’ve noted which services cover the whole country and which are city specific.

Herbs, garlic and oil on a platter

Are ‘vegan’ delivery boxes actually vegan (use of wool in insulation)?

In the course of researching this article, I discovered that some delivery box companies are selling ‘vegan’ food box delivery full of vegan food products, but which are insulated with a wool insulation product.

Apart from those who eat plant-based for health reasons, this wouldn’t be acceptable to most vegans who are vegan for health or environmental reasons, and alternatives are readily available (including eco-friendly recycled denim offcuts). I was really disappointed to learn this.

Luckily, alternatives are available, in the form of hemp insulation and recycled denim offcuts, and many suppliers already use one of these.

I’ve been in touch with all the companies listed below to check their insulation materials and have only listed those who confirmed they are vegan. At the bottom of the article, I’ve also listed some boxes which, at the time of writing, use wool insulation.

Why and when to get vegan meal delivery?

You can save a lot of time with vegan and vegetarian ready meals delivered to your door, or with a vegan food delivery box (that you still need to cook), but which cut out time spent shopping and prepping.

With vegan meal prep delivery UK wide, you’ll still need to do some cooking but it will save you time preparing.

Vegan meal plan delivery is ideal if you’re going through a busy time in your life, like if you just moved house, had a baby or are going through another really busy time. 

But what about the environmental impact? Initially, like most of us, I assumed that these services were really bad for the environment because of the packaging waste. However, recent news articles have shed a different light on the situation.

A study showed that meal prep kits are actually better for the environment than a trip to the store. This shocked me!

Of course, it depends on how much food waste you normally generate, since the main reduction in impact was down to the meal kits reducing food waste. Still, it made me think differently about the eco-friendliness of the vegan meal box.
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