Caitlin Galer-Unti

Photos by Umit Koseoglu

You’ll spend 31,000 hours of your life eating. That’s 3.6 years.

Eat with joy. (Never with guilt.)

Vegan Travel

Wherever you go in the world, I’m here to show you how to find and eat the best vegan food – without ever having to scrape together a meal of chickpeas out of a tin or pick pepperoni off your pizza.

I’ve been to 30 countries and counting and I’ve only had to eat a plain baguette for dinner once. Never again!
(And take the no-baguette pledge)

Vegan Foodie

Sometimes healthy and always delicious 100% vegan food from around the globe.

From a dorm kitchen in 2008 to being featured in The New York Times and Yahoo! 7 years later, I taught myself how to cook vegan and now I want to show you how, too.

I’ll even show you how not to explode a pot of yoghurt in your oven like I once did.


Who is Caitlin?

Grew up as a child in the US.
Grew up as an adult in the UK.
Now I speak/write a confusing mix of Americanisms and British slang.

I first wanted to go vegan at 13 and finally did it at 21 (back in 2008). Thanks to Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World, which showed me you CAN be vegan and eat your cake too.

I’ve been known to sneak my own salad dressings and spices into restaurants.

I’ve lost approximately 10 pairs of shoes to travel (they always break at the worst moments) in the 30 countries (and counting!) I’ve been to.


Get in touch

Send me your questions, comments and coffee on [email protected].