Vegan life

Living a cruelty-free life is about more than just what you put on your plate — it’s about veganising all your life! From vegan gift-giving to vegan advocacy, here are all my guides to vegan living.

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cruelty-free living

For me, veganism touches many aspects of my life. Since going vegan in 2008, I veganised all areas of my life. So, to help you do the same, I’ve created these guides to vegan gift giving, vegan advocacy and zero waste living!

When most people think of vegan life, they think of eating vegan, or perhaps choosing vegan shoes and clothes, but what about your life beyond what you wear and eat?

I aim to live a cruelty-free life as much as possible and am here to help you do the same, whether that’s giving vegan gifts, engaging in vegan activism or making sure your home remodel is as vegan as possible.

Looking for vegan gifts (or a list of vegan gifts to send to your relatives before your birthday)? Check out my vegan gift guide. I also have a vegan gift guide for the UK.

I also have specific guides to vegan gift baskets in the US, plus vegan hampers and vegan Christmas hampers in the UK.

Want to advocate for veganism while you travel? Check out my guide vegan activism and advocacy while travelling.

Would you like to support small businesses and buy vegan products? Check out my guide to vegan Etsy buys you can order online.

Maybe you just want to ensure every room in your home is cruelty-free. Check out my guides to vegan furniture, to vegan sofas and specifically to vegan leather sofas and chairs, and my list of the best vegan mattresses for soothing sleep.

Add ambiance to your home with a vegan candle, using my guide to vegan candles.