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Best Vegan Gifts: 121+ Most Popular Gifts to Delight Vegans in 2024

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Wondering what vegan gifts to get your vegan friends and family? Looking for the best vegan gifts for her or vegan gifts for him, but no clue where to start?

Whether you’re searching for vegan birthday presents or Christmas gifts for a vegan, I’ve got suggestions for good gifts for vegans for every occasion.

Best vegan gifts:

Best special deals right now:


This is the US version of the gift guide. See my UK vegn gift guide.

If you’re vegan, send this vegan gift guide to your family to avoid those awkward moments when you open a present and realise it’s not vegan!

Read on to see more than 101 gifts for a vegan. Whether you’re looking for vegan Christmas gift ideas or vegan wedding gifts, there are plenty of ideas to choose from.


Quick Guide: Bestselling Vegan Gifts by Category

If you’re simply looking for the best Christmas gifts for vegans, or most popular gifts for vegan friends, these are the bestsellers.

Top gifts for vegan cooks

Vegan food gifts

Vegan beauty gifts


Vegan fashion gifts

Top vegan gifts for men:


Vegan travel gifts

More vegan gift ideas

What to get & what NOT to give a vegan

Vegan gift giving needn’t be complicated, but it can be. Especially if you know and love a vegan but aren’t sure what to get them or even 100% certain what is and isn’t vegan. Vegan gift giving can be fraught because so many seemingly innocuous products aren’t vegan — like that shower gel you always used to buy Anton before he went vegan, or the sweater you found that would be perfect for Susie, except it contains silk.

Here’s what you should never buy a vegan:

  • Non-vegan food (food that contains meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, whey or other animal-derived ingredients)
  • Makeup that has been tested on animals or that contains non-vegan ingredients (frequently used non-vegan ingredients include lanolin, beeswax and carmine)
  • Bath and body products that have been tested on animals or that contain non-vegan ingredients
  • Clothes made out of fur, leather, wool or silk
  • Coats or bedding made with down or feathers
  • Jewellery made with leather, feathers or pearls
  • Homewares made with bone china
  • Candles or other items made with beeswax or other bee products
  • Non-vegan wine, champagne, beer or cider – that’s right, some alcohols aren’t vegan as some brands are filtered through egg whites or fish bladder. Find out which ones are vegan on Barnivore.


Help! I’m a vegan and I don’t want to get non-vegan gifts!

On the other side of the coin, if you’re vegan it can be incredibly awkward to receive presents that aren’t vegan. We all want vegan presents that we can appreciate and use, so take the time to educate your friends and family about what is and isn’t vegan, or give them some suggestions of what you’d like to receive (by forwarding this list, for example!).

You could put together a list of what you’d like, whether that’s a vegan beauty box or a vegan online cooking class. Make it easy on your family and friends to buy you vegan gifts you’ll love.

What if in spite of your best efforts you get non vegan Christmas gifts? Cadry’s got you covered on how to deal if you do end up receiving a non-vegan gift.

What to buy a vegan then?

Need vegan present ideas? No matter whether the vegan (or non-vegan) in your life is a food lover, an avid fitness enthusiast, a travel lover or fashionista, you’ll find vegan gift ideas for them here.

Click on the menu items above to see the best gift ideas for vegans in each interest area. Searching for vegan gifts UK or US wide?  If you’re searching for the best vegan gifts on Amazon, clicking the Amazon links to products will take you to the Amazon page for your country. :) Or, read on for the full vegan Christmas gift guide, and guide to buying vegan friendly gifts for any occasion. 

Looking for vegan gift baskets? See my guide to the best vegan gift baskets!

Group of people in bar taking selfies

How to have a more eco friendly holiday season this year

Want to make your holidays more eco-friendly? Here are some ideas on how to make your holiday season kinder to Mother Nature this year:

1. Serve up a vegan meal this year. It’s more eco-friendly and there are many great vegan holiday recipes these days. Plus, your vegan and vegetarian guests will thank you!

Here’s some vegan holiday recipe inspiration.

2. Give vegan gift experiences, not possessions. When you’re picking out presents for friends and family, choose vegan experience gifts rather than physical goods. For example, you could gift online vegan cooking classes or a local vegan cooking class if there’s one in your area, or vegan experience days such as a spa day (call local spas to check if their products are vegan), Hotels.com gift card or Tinggly gift experiences.

3. Give fewer gifts. Not to sound like a grinch, and I’m definitely not saying you have to cut out gifts to your nearest and dearest, but has your gift list grown longer in recent years? Can you cut it back? Do you really need to buy every single one of your coworkers a gift, or could you share some homemade cookies or gift bath salts you make yourself? (Not only will it be more eco-friendly but could save you a lot of money!)

4. Wrap gifts in reusable wrapping, like this reusable fabric wrap (that happens to be super cute!), available on Etsy. Or, use a scarf or old newspapers.

5. Get crafty and make your own decorations using pine cones or pine boughs found on the forest floor during a winter walk, or paper chains if you don’t have a forest nearby.

6. Use energy efficient LED lightbulb strands.

7. Consider sending e-cards or send recycled cards (or make your own!). You can even try hand delivering (by bike or walking) to friends and family who live close by.

8. Many vegan companies are eco-conscious and are trying to reduce their waste and carbon emissions, for example by utilising lower-impact packing materials. I especially like shopping on Etsy, which features mainly independent crafters and creators, because many vegan-friendly shops on Etsy are also eco-conscious. Plus Etsy announced recently it will carbon offset all of their shipping.

Vegan cooking gifts

These are the best vegan gift ideas for the chef or foodie in your life who follows a plant-based diet.

Screenshot of Brownble website showing blue bowl full of snacks. Brownble is one of the top gift ideas vegan

Vegan Online Cooking Class

Looking for gifts for vegetarians or vegans or who love to cook? For anyone interested in expanding their vegan recipe repertoire, or just in learning more about vegan cooking, Brownble’s online vegan cooking classes are the perfect vegan holiday gifts or gift ideas for a vegan birthday!

The classes can be taken anywhere in the world and are available as a monthly, annual or lifetime subscription. It’s my favourite vegan cooking class around! (See my full list of cooking classes.)

This is my top pick of gifts to get a vegan as it’s the gift that keeps on giving (and might just be returned to you if they decide to make one of the new dishes they’ve learned to cook through Brownble! ;)).


Various chefs shown preparing or holding food, plus plates of pancakes, mushrooms, chocolates and other dishes shown

Veecoco Vegan Cooking Course Membership

Do they love to cook food from around the world? Veecoco online cooking classes are taught by experienced chefs from around the globe and are perfect for anyone who wants to learn vegan cooking from the best chefs.

Classes include Vegan Pastry Essentials, Authentic Vegan Thai, Vegan Cheese Made Easy, Classic Vegan Italian, Vegan Vietnamese, Raw Vegan Essentials and more — with new courses added all the time.

Need vegan gift card ideas? Best of all, they have vegan gift cards available and all classes are online, so it doesn’t matter where you’re located. You can gift a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership. Memberships include access to all courses.

With a gift certificate they can learn to make whatever they desire, from dairy-free cheeses or dairy-free chocolate to vegan Vietnamese food.


Blender, wooden spoons, glass containing green smoothie on a countertop

High-speed blender

Like many vegans, I’m slightly obsessed with my blender and have even taken it around the world with me. A good blender is an essential item in any well-stocked vegan kitchen and they make a great vegan Christmas gift (or vegan birthday gifts, Hanukkah gifts, or any-occasion presents) for anyone who loves cooking. It’s durable, with a heavy duty glass jug, and blends smoothies and crushes ice to perfection.

The Vitamix is widely regarded as the best in the world, and will keep running strong for years to come. I’ve got a whole guide to vegan blenders here.

Find out more here.



Instant Pot

Instant pots have topped the sales charts for 3 years running, and are fast becoming a ‘must-have’ kitchen appliance.

They’re incredibly useful for quickly cooking beans from scratch, making soups, stews, rice and even non-dairy yogurt. They can be used as a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

The 6-Quart Instant Pot is neither too large nor too small for most kitchens. 



Food processor

This is one of my favourite kitchen implements. It’s perfect for making pesto, hummus, nut butter and even vegan cheese. It’s also great for quickly chopping vegetables.

Cuisinart make fantastic food processors that last for years — my parents have had theirs almost as long as they’ve had me! I’ve put together an entire guide to food processors here.



Cast iron skillet

I love cast iron, because it’s relatively inexpensive, incredibly durable (these things have been passed down through families for hundreds of years!), work on any cooking surface including campfires, can go directly from stove to oven, are naturally non-stick, add iron to your food (nutrition!) and most importantly can double as a weapon of self-defence if an intruder breaks into your house.

Lodge are the cast iron manufacturer of choice, and I recommend this skillet. It’s just the right size.  

I’ve got more kitchen tools suggestions in my guide to the essential vegan kitchen tools.

See my vegan kitchen tools guide.


Ice cream maker

Making your own vegan ice cream is pretty exciting. I love my Cuisinart ice cream maker and think it’s the best in its price range (I researched ice cream makers for several weeks before purchasing!). They make excellent presents for a vegan. Mine gets a lot of use every summer.



Tofu press

Anyone who makes a lot of tofu knows that the best way to make tofu is by making sure it soaks up lots of flavour (since it doesn’t have much on its own), and the best way of doing that is by pressing all the water out first and then marinading it.

And the easiest way to press water out of tofu is with a tofu press! I’ve done my fair share of balancing books and paper towels on tofu, but a tofu press does all the work for you, without leaving a soggy puddle of tofu-water on your countertop. The perfect gift for a plant-based pal, tofu lover or even someone who’s making tofu for the first time but wants to get it right from the get-go.




For the vegan baker…

Marble rolling pin

Every baker needs a rolling pin and marble rolling pins are the best. They are great vegan baking gifts since they last forever, require less force (the weight of the marble helps push the dough out) and look beautiful. If you need a gift for vegan friend who’s into baking, treat them to a marble rolling pin.



Cookie cutters

Searching for a vegan Christmas present? Cookie cutters are the best gifts for vegans who love to bake. Thissetwould make good vegan gifts for anyone who loves baking cookies. They feature a wide range of shapes; beyond holiday shapes, you’ll also find a dog bone shape, a house shape and more, meaning you can make cookies for any special occasion with these!




Apron that says "Hardcore Herbivore" on it

Vegan apron

Looking for funny gifts for vegans? These aprons tick the box, plus they’re perfect for the vegan baker in your life. They’d make excellent birthday presents for vegans.



Aquafaba cookbook

Looking for birthday present ideas for vegans? Anyone into vegan baking will have heard of (and possibly experimented with) aquafaba, the water from a chickpea tin, which somehow miraculously whips up into meringues and can be used as an egg white replacer. The cookbook Aquafaba, by Zsu Dever, is a perfect choice for the vegan baker.



For the raw vegan chef


A spiralizer is the perfect gift for a vegan who loves zoodles (zucchini noodles) or other vegetable pasta. A spiralizer can cut vegetables into whatever shape noodle you want. If you’re looking for gifts for plant based eaters who love eating healthy, this will help them cut the perfect zoodle (zucchini noodle).

To go with the spiralizer: Nourishing Noodles, a cookbook with 100 plant-based recipes for spiralized vegetable noodles, makes a perfect companion.



A dehydrator is a feature in many raw vegan kitchens. They’re perfect for drying fruits or veggies, for making kale chips or other vegetable chips and for making raw vegan cheeses. This dehydrator has 15 square feet of drying space (that’s 1/5 of the square footage of my first flat in London) but fits most counters, and also comes with an automatic shutoff.



Salad spinner

A salad spinner might seem like a strange present but for anyone who loves eating fresh salads frequently, they’re a huge help. They make great vegan housewarming gifts, too.



Knife set

Although they might not be preparing meat, any chef would love a good set of knives. Chopping tough veg like squash can be really difficult – and even dangerous! – with subpar knives. These knives are made with high carbon stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty. They’d be great Christmas presents for vegans.



For any vegan chef

Pasta machine

Anyone who loves fresh pasta or vegan ravioli needs a pasta maker in their life. Imperia’s machines are consistently rated the best, so get your pasta aficionado this Imperia pasta maker machine. They’re great gifts for vegans.

Pick up a ravioli cutter to go along with the pasta maker.




Crockpots make cooking a breeze – you can even put all the ingredients in the crockpot in the morning and come home to homemade stew for dinner!

I love my crockpot for making beans from scratch. It’s much easier to let it cook the beans all day than to try to cook them over the stove, which ties me to the stove for hours watching them. I even make caramelized onions in my crockpot!

They’re perfect presents for vegan friends who lead busy lives but want to eat easy and fast homemade meals.


The Best Vegan food gifts

Screenshot from Thrive Market page showing pasta, tortilla chips and cruelty free soap

Thrive Market gift subscription

Thrive Market is a vegan-friendly online members’ supermarket/health food store that says members typically save 25-50% off retail prices. They stock all the vegan essentials, and make it easy to search for vegan products.

Membership would make the perfect gift for a vegan who wants to save time and money on their shopping, since everything is delivered right to their door, cutting out trips to the store. Memberships are also great gifts for vegan cooks who don’t live near a Whole Foods.



Box shown containing tortilla chips, skincare products, chocolate and more

Vegancuts snack box

Vegancuts was one of the first and still one of the most popular vegan snack boxes around. Give the gift of a box of vegan snacks to a beloved plant-based family member — there’s nothing better!

All their boxes are completely free from animal products and of course cruelty-free as well, and the good news is each box comes filled with the vegan food products of the month so they can try new foods each month.

You can gift a single box or a monthly subscription. Each month the box contains new vegan treats. Perfect for the vegan food lover. 

These also make great care packages for college students.



Gourmet salts

Salt might just be salt to you, but to a foodie there are a million different kinds of salts. Salt selection boxes make great food gifts for vegans. A great starter selection of different salts comes in the form of this set, which has a selection of 10 different finishing salts from around the world.




Spice gift set

A foodie always has a well-stocked spice cupboard. But high-quality, organic spices make all the difference in cooking and baking, like this set. Spice sets are perfect vegan foodie gifts, and this one is perfect for someone who’s just getting started cooking or has recently moved into a new house.



Artisan Vegan Cheese cookbook

Get your vegan foodie the gift of cheese – vegan cheese, that is! They’re fantastic vegan xmas presents – think how great they’ll be on a Christmas cheese board (better yet, give them to your family so you can share them too).

While a lot of vegan cheeses have a reputation for tasting and feeling like plastic, in recent years a whole slew of amazing artisan vegan cheeses have sprung up, leaving their industrial plasticky counterparts in the dust. These new cheeses are usually made from nuts and often aged in a way similar to cheese, and they make an amazing vegan present.

Think the vegan foodie in your life is up for a challenge? One of the best presents for vegans who love artisan food-making is this cookbook.



Vegan M&Ms

These vegan M&M style chocolate from Unreal are made with dark chocolate and crispy quinoa centres. The company also makes vegan chocolate peanut butter cups and dark chocolate coconut bars. Most of their products are vegan (except the milk chocolate gems and dark chocoalae caramel nougat bars), so be sure to select one of the other, vegan flavours!

They’re perfect gifts for your vegan friend.



Vegan caramels

These caramels are so good! They’re made from coconut milk and are organic and GMO-free.




Screenshot of Brownble site showing blue bowl containing snacks

Vegan online cooking classes

For: anyone who follows a vegan diet, or is interested in incorporating more vegan foods into their life

With over 300+ videos, and more added every week, the Brownble online vegan cooking classes are THE place to be for any vegan foodie. Kim is an amazing cook, and covers all kinds of vegan recipes, plus this vegan lifestyle course also shows how to organise your pantry, food prep and more!

This is my absolute favorite vegan gift.

You can gift 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year subscriptions, or a lifetime membership.



The best travel gifts for vegans

Essential Vegan Travel Guide book cover

The Essential Vegan Travel Guide: The “Vegan Travel Bible”

Vegan travel can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. My book shows vegan travelers how to find vegan food anywhere in the world.

In this guide, your vegan gift recipient will learn how to find vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly accommodation, events and more, wherever they end up in the world. Going on a cruise, road trip or camping? I’ve got you covered. And if they’re interested in vegan retreats or cruises, or in learning how to stay healthy on the road, I’ve got sections for that, too.

As one Amazon reviewer said, it’s “the vegan travel bible.”


Vegan travel memoir

Vegan travel lovers can indulge their desire for armchair travel with this memoir by Kristin Lajeunesse of Will Travel for Vegan Food. It recounts her tale of quitting her job to travel the country and break free, while visiting over 500 restaurants in 48 states.



Packing cubes

Packing cubes may not sound like the most exciting vegan gift out there, but they’re one of the most useful pieces of travel kit I’ve ever found. I can’t go on a trip without them! They keep your clothes separated and handily compress them, meaning you can fit more in your backsack. These cubes are what I use and love. They’re the perfect gifts for the vegan traveler.



Compression travel socks

Some travelers swear by travel clothes, which are clothes specifically made for travel, because they dry quickly, are wrinkle-free or are great for warmth. However, vegans beware because many clothes marketed as “travel clothes” contain silk or wool! If you want to get a vegan gift that will delight your vegan travel lover, then steer clear of these and opt instead for items like this travel top, which is antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and resistant to odour-causing bacteria or these travel socks, which are also compression socks.



Portable cutlery set

Portable cutlery is any traveler’s best friend, especially the vegan traveler who likes to cook in Airbnbs and holiday apartments. This set comes with a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straws and also a carrying case.



Windmill and whitewashed buildings overlooking the sea in Greece

Hotels.com gift card

If you’re looking for vegan anniversary gifts, a hotel stay is perfect. Your gift recipient can choose a vegan hotel or a hotel near vegan restaurants they want to try! And if you’re looking for vegan experience gifts because you want to give an experience rather than a physical item, then this is perfect. Hotel stays are perfect experience gifts for vegans. If you’re not sure when or where they want to travel, you can always give a gift card for a hotel stay so they can book a trip when travel is easier in the future! Or, you can turn it into a gift of vegan experience days by booking a vegan cooking class at a nearby vegan cookery school.

Hotels.com sells gift cards and they’re the perfect choice for any travel lover.


Vegan gifts for the fitness guru

Apple watch

The Apple watch is one of the most popular smart watches for fitness tracking, is water-resistant and has GPS. The Apple watches with “sport bands” like this Apple watch are made of fluoroelastemer, a synthetic rubber, rather than leather. 

Find out more information.



Water bottle

If your friend works out a lot, then these are the perfect vegan presents for them. Fitness enthusiasts always need water bottles for their workouts, so an insulated water bottle would make a great vegan gift for the sporty vegan.



Vegan runner t-shirt

Searching for gifts for vegan runners? Vegan runners can show their pride with this t-shirt.



Minimalist running shoes

These toe shoes are favoured by many fitness enthusiasts because they’re allegedly closer to natural barefoot walking/running than other running shoes, and improve your posture to boot (boot! haha). Most (though not all) of the Vibram range is leather-free and vegan. Some models have a leather/hemp sole, but most are rubber. These shoes are leather-free, making it a perfect vegan gift for a runner who likes running in Vibrams.

See more vegan sneaker options in my vegan sneaker guide and for other vegan shoes, my guide to vegan boots.



Swim gear

A swimmer friend told me what she’d most love is a pair of “magical” anti-fog goggles. Pick up a pair of fog-proof goggles for the swimmer in your life.

If I were getting a swimming-related present, I’d love these waterproof earbuds.



Vegan gifts for the fashionista

If you’re interested in buying vegan clothes as a gift, check out my full guide to vegan clothing brands here.

Black tote bag


Matt & Nat handbag or wallet

Matt & Nat are the (non dairy) creme de la creme of vegan bags and wallets. They make beautiful and durable designer vegan goods. Many are lined with recycled materials too. They really do last – I’ve had my wallet for over 5 years! As well as bags and wallets, they have backpacks, diaper bags and vegan leather crossbody bag options too.

A perfect gift for the vegan fashionista. I’ve got a guide to the best vegan weekender bags and backpacks for travel here, and a guide to the best vegan handbags.



The coziest winter coat

Unreal Fur kindly sent me a coat to try out, and I chose the Seashell jacket as in my picture above. It’s the softest coat I’ve ever owned and super cozy! It’s a little lighter in weight so it’s perfect for autumn, though if you live in a warmer climate like me it’s ideal for autumn and winter. 

This faux shearling coat is made of a super soft fleece outer and an incredibly smooth vegan suede lining. Soft and cozy both inside and out! 





Black vegan leather Chelsea boot

Vegan shoes

Immaculate Vegan’s marketplace is one of the best places to buy vegan shoes online because they have a wide selection from different ethical, sustainable and vegan brands for men and women. Plus, they have free shipping in the US and UK over a certain order size.

I also have a full guide to vegan shoes.




Vegan necktie

A lot of neckties are made out of silk, but this one is vegan.



Girl wearing long, pink coat, unbelted

A beautiful winter coat

Noize is an all-vegan Canadian coat company. They have a huge range of coats, from leather jackets to parkas to these classic cut vegan wool coats, which are my personal favourite and would make great vegan presents for her.

You can find my full guide to vegan jackets. I also have a guide to vegan leather jackets.



Vegan heels

Best for: gifts for vegan girlfriend

If you’re looking for cute vegan gifts, Cult of Coquette make beautiful vegan heels. Their founder was inspired to start the company after she wanted a pair of Louboutins, but discovered they didn’t have any vegan shoes. Worn by Miley Cyrus and Leona Lewis, this brand has a celebrity following. Perfect vegan presents for her!

Find my full guide to vegan heels.


Vegan designer bag

Best: luxury vegan gifts

Searching for the best vegan Christmas gift ideas for the luxury lover in your life? If you’re looking for good presents for vegans who love designer products, you can’t go wrong with a vegan designer bag. It’s hands down the best gift for vegan fashionistas.

Stella McCartney’s famous for her designer vegan leather bags. Or check out my full guide to vegan designer bags for more vegan luxury gifts. I also have a guide to vegan designer shoes, if you’re looking for unique vegan gifts for someone who’s more into footwear.


Vegan watch

Looking for gifts for a vegan man? Watches make excellent vegan Christmas gifts for him, or gifts for Hanukkah, birthdays, etc. 

Hurtig Lane makes modern, classic watches with vegan leather straps. Check out all Hurtig Lane’s styles, or see my full guide to vegan watches.


Vegan wallet

Vegan wallets also make great vegan gifts for men. If you’re looking for vegan gift ideas for him, a well-made wallet is one that will last years to come. 

Corkor makes timeless vegan wallets out of cork, an incredibly eco-friendly material, as well as being durable and water-resistant naturally. If you’re shopping for your girlfriend, Corkor also has a wide range of bags that make great vegan Christmas gifts for her.

See my guide to vegan wallets.


T-shirt on a hanger. T-shirt says "Powered by Plants" superimposed over a flower and stem

Vegan shirt

Another great vegan gift for the fashionista is a vegan t-shirt. Gone are the days of functional tees, I’ve seen so many cute vegan t-shirts recently. Vegan tees make great gifts.

Find my full guide to vegan tshirts.



Vegan belt

A belt is more than just something to hold up your jeans – it can make an outfit! Matt & Nat started out making vegan handbags, but they’ve since expanded into shoes, belts, vegan leather jackets and more. They have a range of belts, from skinny to chunkier belts and in a variety of colours to match your outfits and your desires. I have a Matt & Nat wallet that’s going strong 10 years later, so the belt should last awhile (I hope!).

Corkor also makes belts; as mentioned above they specialise in vegan cork leather which is a sustainable and durable material. Cork is one of the most eco-friendly materials around since the trees are not cut down when harvesting the cork, which is done by hand by the farmers. Cork trees don’t take much water or fertiliser to grow, and cork is naturally water resistant and scratch resistant, making it the perfect material for belts, bags and wallets. 

I have a full guide to vegan belts for more styles and brands.



Necklace with a bird flying away from cage. Text on necklace says "until every cage is empty"


This super cute necklace from Talisman Kind is part of their wider range of vegan jewellery available on Etsy UK. Vegan necklaces make lovely vegan birthday gifts for her (or presents for any holiday). Etsy, an online marketplace for craftsmakers, is an excellent place to find vegan gifts; in addition to jewellery you can find vegan candles, knitwear and more.

For a US-based vegan jewellery shop, I absolutely love Christy Robinson’s. Check out Christy Robinson’s range of recycled metal vegan jewellery on Etsy. They make great gifts for a vegan girlfriend.


Vegan gifts for the beauty lover

Pink cardboard box (which says "the creme de la cruelty free" on the side) containing a cleansing bar, natural mascara and other beauty products

Vegan beauty box

The Petit Vour beauty boxes are some of the most popular vegan makeup boxes. Each vegan subscription box contains at least 4 vegan, cruelty-free and toxic-free makeup and beauty products. You can gift a single box or a subscription!


Cardboard box containing bath salt, green clay mask, soap and dried flowers

Citrus spa set

Looking for vegan gift ideas for her? A vegan gift set is perfect. Once you’ve had a bath with a luxury bath products it’s hard to go back. I love shopping on Etsy and supporting small businesses, and Voss Botanicals make a wide range of bath products. This beautiful citrus spa set is also zero waste plus sulfate and parabens free, making them perfect eco friendly vegan gifts. 



Vegan eyeshadow palette

This eyeshadow palette from vegan brand KVD Beauty is limited edition. The palettes are very popular, and many of Kat Von D’s palettes (many of which sell out).



Vegan nail polish

Sparitual make excellent vegan gifts for her; these high-quality vegan nail polishes last a lot longer than other brands, in my experience. 




Pool surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas in a courtyard with vines growing on the walls

Spa pass

Best: experience gift for vegans

If you want vegan gift experiences, rather than an item, there’s nothing more indulgent than a pass to a (vegan-friendly) spa. Call up a local spa or salon and ask them if they can provide vegan services. More and more spas can, and if they’re not sure, they can usually check their products to see if they’re vegan and cruelty-free.
It would make the perfect gift!


Vegan lip balm

When it comes to vegan lip balm, there’s only one brand (not literally, I mean in my heart), and that’s Hurraw. All-vegan, raw, organic and fair trade, this stuff is amazing. My favourite scent is Black Cherry, which has a slight red tint, although they all smell amazing. This multi-pack would make a great gift.



Vegan shaving brush & zero waste razors from Albatross

Looking for vegan gift ideas for him? For reasons unbeknownst to everyone, including me (I think it was one of those internet rabbit hole-type situations) I spent some time awhile back reading about men’s shaving brushes and soaps. From what I read, it seems that using a shaving brush offers the best shaving experience and is likely easier on sensitive skin than not using a brush.

Many shaving brushes aren’t vegan (they’re made with animal hair bristles), but these ones from zero waste shaving company Albatross Designs come with bamboo fiber and nylon bristles.  They’d make great vegan gifts for men who like shaving brushes. And while at present the shaving soap is sold out, they told me they’re crafting a vegan and cruelty-free shaving soap. 

As well as the shaving brush, they sell zero waste razors and have a blade take back program. They turn the returned blades into zero waste utensil sets! Your razor could become a knife and fork set. So cool.



Vegan Cuts box containing makeup products such as lipstick and an eyeshadow palette

Makeup Box

Beauty lovers will rejoice at the sight of a monthly box of vegan products allowing them to discover new brands and experiment. Vegancuts offer a quarterly makeup box, which ships every 3 months so that vegan beauty lovers can stay up to trend with the season’s styles.

In Australia The Vegan Box ships every 2 months with 5 – 8 new beauty products ($49.95 every 2 months).



Vegan gifts for the techie


Screenshot of the Pela case website showing a yellow phone case with bees, blue case with swirling designs and a pink case

Compostable, plastic-free phone case

Looking for vegan Christmas presents or birthday present ideas for vegans? If you’re buying for someone eco-minded, a compostable phone case is a great gift. These Pela phone cases are 100% compostable and plastic-free. Did you know the phone case industry makes more than 1 billion plastic phone cases a year? Most of those end up in landfill. By buying a Pela case, it can be composted at the end of its life, preventing plastic in the landfill (or ending up in the ocean).




Kindle cover

Surprisingly, a lot of Kindle cover cases are made of leather, but this one is TPU.

See more.




iPad cover

This ipad cover would make a great vegan gift for any tech lover.

Find out more.




Vegan leather briefcase with a smartphone pocket

Matt & Nat do it again with this beautiful vegan leather briefcase. It has a smartphone pocket and will also fit a 13″ or 15″ laptop. The lining is made with recycled plastic bottles.




Vegan gifts for children


Children’s clothes, just like adult clothing, might contain wool, cashmere, silk, fur, felt, mohair or leather, making it not vegan. Theserompers are made of super-soft cotton. Hanna Andersson does a range of durable children’s clothing, made from cotton, for different age ranges.



Vegan crayons

Who would have thought crayons might not be vegan? Some brands are made with beeswax and some with beef tallow, but these crayons from Melissa & Doug are completely vegan, and their triangular shape makes them easier for little fingers to grasp.



Finger paints

This set of finger paints is made out of veggies and it’s even safe to eat!



Homemade play dough

It turns out play dough is easy to make – and safe to eat if made following this recipe, which uses just flour, cream of tartar, salt, olive oil, water and vegetables or fruit for dyes. You could make some little tubs (and even attach personalised labels) for vegan friendly gifts that are homemade.



Stuffed veggie toy

How cute is this stuffed corn toy? The company makes various stuffed veggies/fruits. Plus, they’re made with 100% organic cotton.



Vegan children’s book

I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard so many good things about Ruby Roth’s book Vegan is Love, which explains veganism in a child-friendly way.

Ruby Roth is a vegan children’s author with a few different vegan-themed books, including a vegan children’s cookbook!



Vegan gifts for dogs and cats

Vegan dog treats

Fruitables dog treats in pumpkin & apple flavour are vegan and my dog loves them (check because not all of the Fruitables flavours are vegan). 



Rice bones

Great for dogs who love to chew, these rice bones are completely meat- and cruelty-free and made of rice! They make the best vegan presents for dogs.

My dog absolutely ADORES them — though be warned, they can be a little messy. And always keep your eye on the dog while they’re chewing anything destructible like this in case of choking. Though they’re much safer than bones (which aren’t vegan anyway!), which can splinter and cause choking.

Find out more.



Small white poodle being handed a dog biscuit

Handmade vegan dog biscuits (UK only)

I brought a pack of the peanut butter and cinnamon dog biscuits from Lincoln’s Lunchbox back from VegFest one year, and my puppy loved them (see photographic evidence above). They’re £3.49 for a bag and they do a range of other flavours too. Just a word of caution though – as tasty as your pup might find them, they don’t taste good to humans (or at least not to this one!).


Sweet pawtato knots

Not sure what kind of treat the dog you’re buying for likes? . The sweet paw-tato knots are very popular with my dog and some of his doggie friends.



Plush toy

Some dogs love plush toys while others couldn’t care less (mine pretty much only likes plush toys). If the dog you’re buying a present for is a stuffed toy fan, then they’ll love these. The adorable toy pictured above is an organic cotton knit squeaky toy and would make an excellent vegan gift.



Catnip-stuffed toy

This candy cane stuffed toy is stuffed with organic catnip, perfect if your friend’s cat loves catnip.




Set of balls with bells for cats

My friend’s cat, who was never very playful, refused to play with most cat toys (even catnip!), apart from these balls. She loved chasing them! Just be careful to only use them under supervision as some more curious cats may try to chew on the ball, and don’t give these to households with dogs as the dogs will most likely chew them (and the little bells inside are a choking hazard).

Find out more.



Best vegan gift boxes

Get your vegan pal a box full of cruelty-free products as a treat. You can gift them a subscription, or just a one-off box.

Vegancuts snack box

Whether your pal loves sweet treats or savoury, each box is filled with a selection of vegan-friendly items. New vegans will love it as a way to explore new brands, while long-term vegans will enjoy the treat!

All items are made entirely of plant-based ingredients.


Green Chef vegan meal kits

Make mealtimes easier with a meal kit. If you’re buying for someone who’s struggling with time, whether because they just got a new job or had a baby, a vegan meal kit can make life easier. 

All the ingredients will be delivered to their door with easy-to-follow recipes.


vegan box - petit vour

Petit Vour vegan beauty box

The vegan way of living goes beyond the plate, and encompasses finding vegan alternatives for makeup and beauty products too. All items in this gift box are 100-percent vegan and free from animal testing. It makes the greatest gift for any beauty lover who’s vegan, or anyone new to the vegan lifestyle who wants to find more cruelty-free brands.

They can discover new products each month thanks to the selection of different cruelty-free beauty products.


Find the rest of my top vegan gift baskets in my guide.


Funny vegan gifts

Looking for the best gifts for a vegan colleague or friend who appreciates a good sense of humor? These funny gifts to get a vegan are perfect for anyone.


Magnets make the best gift for a vegan friend since you don’t have to worry about it being their size or style.

See more.



Cute avocado mug

Looking for the perfect cute gift for your vegan girlfriend? This mug is the perfect vegan gift for her! 



Funny vegan apron

Perfect for zombie- and pun-lovers (and as a present for vegan friends), this apron is a great gift. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for vegans with a sense of humor, look no further. 



Funny vegan mug

Is your boyfriend sick of explaining to his family what he does and doesn’t eat? These mugs make great gifts for a vegan boyfriend!



Pin of a cartoon tofu with a moustache that says "soy vegano"

Soy vegano sticker

Great for vegan bday gifts, these vegan tofu stickers are funny and cute gifts for a plant-based eater. They also make the best Secret Santa gifts for vegans if you’re looking on a budget and for a funny gift for a coworker.



Vegan pun-ny mug

Need vegan birthday ideas? This mug will make the perfect gift for the vegan foodie in your life.



Vegan apron

These aprons would be the best gift for vegan cooks in your life.



Vegan coloring book

This funny vegan coloring book is an amusing take on the coloring book and they would make great gifts for vegan friends.



The Best Vegan Cookbooks: This Year’s Bestsellers & Best of All Time

Ah, the cookbook, a classic gift for a vegan. A firm favourite of vegan gift-giving, I’ve received many vegan cookbooks over the years. They make great gifts for vegan men and women who love to cook, or anyone who’d like to cook more.

These are always a good bet for vegan cooks and those interested in experimenting in vegan cooking. If you’re after vegan Christmas gift ideas, these are perfect as I’ve rounded up a mix of the bestselling vegan cookbooks of all time and this year’s hottest titles. I’ve got a full guide to the best vegan cookbooks.

If you want to give the gift of a book that’s not a cookbook, I’ve got a guide to the best vegan books (non-cookbook books that cover topics from ethics to the environment, travel and more).


Vegan meat cookbook

Yes, a vegan meat cookbook was one of the bestsellers of the year! Written by the inimitable Miyoko Schinner, who formerly ran one of the most successful companies making artisan dairy-free cheesees in the US, this cookbook is for plant-based eaters who don’t want to give up their favourite meals. This book has put a meatless spin on vegan chili, shepherd’s pie and more.

It will help the reader walk through all the options for vegan products on store shelves these days, from Beyond Meat to Morningstar Farms, and how to use them. Plus, for those interested in making their own meats, there are recipes for homemade vegan meats like Miyoko’s famous UnTurkey and King Trumpet Mushroom Bacon.



Budget vegan cookbook

For vegans on a budget, this book will show you how to cook 3 whole foods meals for $7 a day.

While some people labor under the misconception that vegan food is expensive, that’s not the case. In fact, cooking meatless from scratch is one of the most budget-friendly options! This book shows you how.



Vegetable Kingdom

This book from the James Beard winning chef and author of Afro Vegan Bryant Terry features 100 vegetable-forward vegan recipes.

The book is organised by ingredient and recipes are filling without any meat substitutes. The recipes sound really good, with dishes like dirty cauliflower and tempura green beans.


Plants Only Kitchen

Known for his popular blog and Youtube channel Avant Garde Vegan, Gaz Oakley’s latest cookbook has over 70 plant-based recipes.

Symbols show which recipes can be prepared in 15 minutes or less, are gluten free or can be cooked in one pot.


Southern Vegan

This cookbook by chef, blogger and native Southerner Lauren Hartmann will show you how to create vegan versions of your favourite Southern dishes. From vegan Missippi Mud cheesecake to pimento cheese and jalapeño hush puppies, you’ll never have to miss old favourites.


Vegan for Everybody

This America’s Test Kitchen cookbook is packed with 200 rigorously tested vegan recipes, and there’s sure to be a recipe to please everyone. From the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie to burgers to creamy lasagne, there are vegan versions of lots of classic dishes here.



Eat Feel Fresh

Looking for a healthy cookbook? One of this year’s bestsellers, this cookbook utilises the Ayurvedic cooking system to make healthy, gluten-free and vegan recipes. As well as being good for you, they look beautiful, from the pink rose cardamom latte a Durga bowl packed with protein-filled quinoa, hummus and hemp seeds.



Vegan 100

Gaz Oakley’s 2018 bestseller Vegan 100 showcases flavor first and foremost. Known for his popular blog and Youtube channel Avant Garde Vegan, his cookbook features recipes such as deep purple potato soup, raw cacao dairy-free cheesecake and sage and smoked chilli vegan dogs.



Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

Minimalist Baker’s cookbook is full of the kind of recipes you can make after a long day of work. Great for your everyday evening meal, these are simple and satisfying recipes to make any time. The popular blog is known for recipes with a short list of ingredients, that anyone can make quickly and easily at home.



The Homemade Vegan Pantry

One of the most used cookbooks on my shelf, The Homemade Vegan Pantry makes an excellent present for any vegan who loves cooking and wants to learn how to make more of their own pantry staples such as pancake mix, vegan meats such as chicken or fish sticks, salad dressings and non-dairy yoghurt. I love this book, especially the recipe for vegan butter, which I make regularly. I also frequently make the granola and like to keep some of the mac and cheese mix on hand.

Find out more.



Forks Over Knives cookbook

Ask any vegan their favorite documentaries about veganism, and Forks Over Knives is probably in the top 5. The cookbook is perfect for anyone (vegan or not!) who wants to eat healthier and more plant-based food. 



Veganomicon (10th Anniversary Edition): The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

One of the most iconic vegan cookbooks ever published, Veganomicon has been called the ‘vegan Bible’ for over 10 years now, and last year they produced a 10th anniversary edition. It’s impossible to go wrong with a cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, one of the most beloved vegan cookbook authors. 



The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Your Instant Pot

Instant pots are one of the fastest selling appliances, and this cookbook shows how to make delicious vegan meals in the instant pot. Save time and money by cooking quick, easy and inexpensive dishes in the instant pot.



Vegan Bowl Attack

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a nourishing meal in a bowl — plus eating everything from one bowl makes clean-up a lot easier.



Aquafaba cookbook

Since aquafaba, or bean water, burst into the vegan scene just a few years ago, amateur chefs and foodies have been discovering all the ways it can be used to replace egg whites in baking. Looking for cool vegan gifts to show you know what’s up in the vegan world? Aquafaba shows the trendsetting vegan how to use aquafaba. 



Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

For the raw foodie in your life, this collection of mostly raw and all vegan recipes is from YouTube Tastemade star Laura Miller. 



Vegan gifts for anyone

These are the best Christmas gifts for vegans of all ages and interests.

Screenshot of Brownble site showing instructor in her kitchen

Vegan online cooking class

Brownble’s online vegan online cooking class has over 300+ videos for vegan recipes for every meal. It also includes lessons on food prep, stocking a vegan pantry and more. Kim’s a great teacher and an amazing cook, so her classes are the best.



Chefs shown along with dishes including chocolate, pancakes and more

Veecoco cooking course membership

What to buy for a vegan that already has everything? One of the best plant based gifts is the gift of a cooking class so they can learn to make new dishes.

Veecoco’s online cooking classes showcase great vegan chefs  from around the world! So whether they want to learn how to make mouthwatering vegan desserts, vegan Vietnamese food or to perfect their vegan cheese, there’s a course on Veecoco.

You can gift 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year of membership.



Vegan Cuts box containing snacks and skincare products

Vegan gift box

Who wouldn’t want a gift box full of yummy snacks? These make the best birthday gifts for vegans, or perfect vegan Christmas presents. A selection box of vegan snacks contains something for every taste and preference. This box from Vegan Cuts is the most popular vegan box and you can buy a single box or a monthly subscription.

Check the latest prices and availability.


Vegan leather sofa

Are you and your vegan partner buying a new home or are you looking for vegan anniversary gifts and you’re redecorating your living room? Vegan leather sofas are durable and stylish. Albany Park makes my top pick of vegan leather sofas and chairs, but I’ve got a full guide to vegan leather sofas and vegan leather chairs. As far as vegan Christmas presents go, a sofa is one you’ll remember every time you sit down to watch TV!

Albany Park ship anywhere in the continental United States.


Vegan tote bag

With more and more people opting to carry their groceries in canvas tote bags, this bag makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Canvas shopping bags also make the best secret Santa gifts for vegans.

See my full guide to vegan tote bags.



Vegan t-shirt

T-shirts are the perfect gift for anyone. This t-shirt is the best gift for anyone living a plant-based life.



Vegan pins

Looking for vegan secret Santa gifts? Pins are a great one-size-fits-all gift, and this set comes with four pins.



Essential oils gift set

This essential oil set is perfect for a spot of aromatherapy. My personal favourite is lavender (or a mix of lavender and vanilla) in a diffuser or mister to give a room a sense of instant calm.



Donation to a local animal sanctuary

Not sure what to get your vegan friend? Make a donation in their name to a local animal sanctuary, or better yet make a donation and take them on a trip there. Animal sanctuaries offer refuges for farmed (and non-farmed) animals rescued from horrific conditions, and more and more are opening each day, so you can likely find one in your area. Google “animal sanctuary near me”, and Google should show you a list and even map. It’s best to call or email the sanctuary and check it’s a vegan sanctuary.


Donation to the Vegan Society

You could also make a donation in their name to the Vegan Society, to support their work for the vegan cause.


Vegan candles

Best for: vegan gifts for couples

Looking for vegan couple gifts? Some candles aren’t vegan as they’re made with beeswax, but these ones are so they make great vegan gifts for couples. Plus they’re organic. A selection of candles can make a great addition to vegan wedding gifts, especially if the couple have just bought a home.

Check out my full guide to vegan candles.



Magazine subscription

A great vegan gift for anyone, get the vegan in your life a magazine subscription such as firm favourite VegNews magazine.

I’ve got a guide to the best vegan recipe and lifestyle magazines.

See more.




A vegan hamper containing fruit and cookies from Manhattan Fruitier

Vegan gift basket

Looking for vegan teacher gifts? You can’t go wrong with a gift basket for the teacher. 

The Strictly Vegan surprise basket contains fresh fruit and vegan cookies, a perfect balance for the swet tooth and healthy eating! ;) If you’re not sure what to get someone, a gift basket with variety is always a good choice (after all, anyone avoiding sweets can give away the cookies – or if they’re only eating sweets, give away the fruit!). There’s something for everyone here.


Vegan gifts for your host(s): vegan chocolate truffles

Chocolates are a classic host/hostess gifts and these vegan truffles are perfect. In fact, the Booja Booja Easter egg won a competition for the best Easter chocolate (not just the free from category, the overall category). The small Booja Booja boxes also make great stocking stuffers, vegan teacher gifts and vegan thank you gifts. 

If you decide to bring alcohol as a gift to your host(s), keep in mind that some beers, wines and ciders (and occasionally spirits) aren’t vegan, so check Barnivore to find out what’s vegan. 


Screenshot of The Roadmap site showing a map, camera and laptop

The ultimate gift: Go vegan yourself

If you’re not already vegan, give the best gift: go vegan yourself, or at least try being vegan for a month! Ask your friend or loved one for help (they’ll likely be more than happy to help), or take the The Roadmap (a course from Brownble on how to go vegan).The Roadmap online course teaches absolutely everything you need to know about going vegan — from how to veganise your fave recipes, to which vitamins and minerals to watch out for and how to deal with questions from friends and family.

The Roadmap is by far THE most comprehensive class on going vegan I’ve ever come across, and you can ask questions in the online classroom! The course is online and can be completed from anywhere and is run by Kim, a certified plant-based cook, and her husband Carlos, a doctor — so they both really know their stuff.



Pin this for later

A wallet, snacks, chapstick and more are covered in snow and gift wrap ribbons. Pin with the top saying "101+ vegan gift ideas" and website URL at the bottom

What vegan gifts are you hoping to receive this year?


Looking for more gift inspiration? Check out my guide to the best vegan gift  baskets.

I also have guides to the best vegan gifts in the UK, plus UK guides to vegan hampers and vegan Christmas hampers.

If you’d like to gift perfume or cologne, check out my guide to vegan perfumes.

See all my vegan life guides.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



15 thoughts on “Best Vegan Gifts: 121+ Most Popular Gifts to Delight Vegans in 2024”

  1. This is such a very cool list. I have now added several new cookbooks to my must-buy list, and it’s all your fault. That said, Booja Booja are always on my must-buy list!

  2. Just a note about Little Secrets chocolate candies: Not all of them are vegan! The pumpkin spice, peanut butter, and coconut ones contain dairy.

    • Hi Amara, thanks so much about the warning! They’re not available where I am and I’d only read about them – what I read led me to believe all the flavours were vegan. I’ve updated the post to add in this additional info and warn people to read the ingredients and avoid those flavours.

  3. This is the best vegan gift guide EVER! Thank you so much for including Brownble’s online cooking classes on this awesome list Caitlin! We’re beyond thrilled to be in such good company! Happy dance!

    • Yay!! I’m happy to have found your classes and be able to recommend them to anyone who’s interested in getting back in the kitchen and learning some plant-based culinary skills! There are SO many great vegan products out there these days but I think yours really stands out because of the way you are so great at expressing yourself in your videos. :) So glad I could include you on the list!

  4. Hi Caitlin – This is a REALLY thorough guide on gifts for vegans. I love it! We also have a gift guide over at Urban Vegan, but after reading through your article, I think we’re going to have to go back and make some changes lol. Always glad to meet people who are pushing the cause forward. Cheers!

    • Thank you so much! :) So glad you enjoyed the guide. It took a long time to put all the information together but I think the comprehensiveness was worth the time and effort. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with yours, please let me know when you’ve re-done it! And thanks for all you’re doing for the cause too! :)


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