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The Best Vegan Christmas Hampers of 2022

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A vegan Christmas hamper makes a great gift for any vegan in your life – whether your son-in-law, your employee or your aunt. After all, who doesn’t love a hamper full of treats? Especially since vegan treats aren’t always as easy to come by!

I’ve been vegan since 2008 and I remember receiving a Fortnum & Mason hamper from my employer circa 2011 or 2012. At the time, Fortnum & Mason didn’t have any vegan hamper options, so the hamper my employer gifted me was probably 70% or 80% things I couldn’t eat, and I ended up giving most of it away and just keeping some marmalade and tea. It was so disappointing.

Thankfully, Fortnum & Mason now have vegan Christmas hampers – as do M&S, Hotel Chocolat and plenty of other companies! Read on for my selection of the best Christmas vegan hamper options.

Fortnum & Mason vegan Christmas hamper

The vegan Christmas hamper from Fortnum & Mason contains vegan Christmas pudding, vegan hot chocolate, mushroom pate, a bottle of wine and more.

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M&S vegan treats gift bag

This vegan treat bag from M&S comes with vegan truffles, wine, coffee, chocolate hazelnut spread and cookies. It comes in a recycled tote bag.

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Hotel Chocolat Vegan Chocolate Hamper

The vegan chocolate hamper from Hotel Chocolat contains dark chocolate slabs, buttons, a pocket selection of different flavours and a gianduja mini vegan chocolate hazelnut Yule log.

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Best vegan bath set
Vegan Pamper Hamper

This hamper is full of vegan pampering products: vegan bath salts, bath bombs, a soya wax & vegan candle, vegan sweets and selection of fairtrade teas.

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Best vegan subscription box
TheVeganKind subscription boxes

Gift a vegan subscription box (3 months, 6 months or 12 months). Choose from the lifestyle box (vegan food & drink plus 1 vegan lifestyle product) or the vegan beauty box.

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Tyne Chease selection box

The selection box from Tyne Chease contains ten sample sized (small) flavours of vegan cheese.

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Fortnum and Mason vegan wine hamper

The Fortnum & Mason vegan wine hamper contains six bottles of vegan-friendly wine: red, white and bubbly.

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Divine Vegan Tasting Chocolate Hamper

This dark chocolate hamper contains 6 different flavours of chocolate bar, chocolate orange thins, chocolate ginger thins and two mini bars.

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The British Hamper Company Luxury Vegan And Gluten Free Hamper

This luxury hamper is vegan & gluten-free and contains vegan chocolates, crisps, wine and more.

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Zero Waste Vegan Beauty Hamper

This zero waste, vegan beauty hamper is full of handmade, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics including a slice of soap, clay face mask, dry shampoo, deodorant and vegan lip balm.

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Harrods vegan hamper

The luxury vegan hamper from Harrods contains a selection of teas, coffee, vegan hot chocolate, vegan fondants, Turkish delight and preserves.

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The La Fauxmagerie Vegan Cheese Bundle

The vegan cheese bundle from La Fauxmagerie contains 5 full-sized vegan cheeses, crackers and quince preserve.

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Fortnum and Mason vegan Christmas hamper showing vegan Christmas pudding, wine, spreads and more

Fortnum & Mason vegan Christmas hampers

As I mentioned before, Fortnum & Mason didn’t previously have a vegan gift hamper — but happily they now have these 100% vegan hampers for Christmas!

This vegan food hamper would make a great gift for the vegan in your life. Each hamper contains a variety of entirely vegan treats treats: Christmas spiced tea, Earl grey tea, dark hot chocolate, wine, chocolates, mushroom pâté, olives and Christmas pudding.

This vegan Xmas hamper is the perfect luxurious indulgence and is my top pick of vegan Christmas hamper. The only downside (unsurprisingly, given it’s Fortnum & Mason) is the price. If you’re looking for a vegan treat hamper at a lower price, try this one instead. But if you’re looking for a bit of luxury, then definitely go for the F&M hamper!

M&S grey tote bag in background, with wine, truffles and more in foreground

Vegan hamper M&S

The M&S vegan Christmas hamper offers some vegan indulgence at a lower price than the Fortnum vegan hamper.

The recycled grey vegan tote bag comes stuffed full of vegan goodies: cocoa dusted and salted caramel truffles, wine, coffee, chocolate hazelnut spread and cookies.

It has 4.1/5 stars with 21 reviews and most say the recipient was thrilled with the gift.

Black box with white ribbon containing variety of vegan chocolates

Hotel Chocolat vegan Christmas hamper

This vegan chocolate Christmas hamper would make a great gift for anyone who likes chocolate (I have to admit, I’m hungry just writing about it!).

The vegan dark chocolate hamper has a variety of different chocolates, from 70% bars to dark chocolate and ginger buttons to a dark chocolate, fruit and nut selector.

It even comes with a Yule log – a mini chocolate hazelnut log. Yum!

Hamper full of vegan products candles, tea, bath salts, bath bombs and more

Vegan Pamper Hamper

This vegan beauty hamper from Etsy is perfect for a spa night in!

Each vegan spa hamper contains vegan bath salts, bath bombs, moisturiser, a soy wax candle and bath soap, plus teas and vegan sweets.

If you want to treat them a bit more, you could also go for this vegan beauty box available as a recurring subscription.

The Vegan Kind subscription box surrounded by vegan products

TheVeganKind subscription box

The Vegan Kind is an online supermarket and also sells subscription boxes. You can choose from the beauty boxes and the lifestyle boxes.

The lifestyle boxes are vegan food hampers which also contain one lifestyle product a month, while the beauty boxes contain 5-8 vegan & cruelty-free beauty products.

Each box contains £50 or more of goods.

You can gift a 3-, 6- or 12-month subscription.

Fortnum & Mason hamper surrounded vegan vegan snacks and wine

Fortnum and Mason vegan hamper

This vegan snack hamper is full of vegan treats perfect for Christmas or any time of the year!

Each of the vegan Christmas gift baskets comes with vegan cake, wine, tea, pâtés, chocolate and more, all inside the a sustainable hand-woven wicker basket.

Decorative box containing sample sizes of 8 vegan cheeses

Tyne Chease vegan cheese hamper

If you’re looking for a vegan cheese Christmas hamper this box of sample size cheeses comes with 10 different flavours of vegan cheese. Tyne Chease has been a favourite of mine since they appeared some years ago at a vegan fayre I attended as one of the first artisan vegan cheeses in the UK.

Inside the box there are samples of these flavours: Original, Dill, Garlic, Truffle, Ethiopian Spice, Smoked, Chives, Sundried Tomato and more.

The only downside is the cheeses, as you can see in the pic, are very small. They really are just samples and will probably only cover a few crackers. If you want to send a box of larger cheeses, I recommend this box instead.

Vegan wine hamper showing six different bottles of wine

Fortnum & Mason vegan wine hamper

A luxury vegan hamper for wine aficionados, the Fortnum & Mason wine hamper contains six bottles of vegan red, white and bubbly.

Inside, you’ll find champagne, Chardonnay, Sancerre Blanc, Chianti, Claret and Haute Medoc.

I absolutely adore Nomo’s sea salt caramel choc bar (I actually have one sat next to me as I’m writing this post!) and a vegan chocolate box is always a good gift in my books. I also love Moo Free, one of the first vegan milk chocolate bats to launch in the UK – they’re so creamy.

This box is full of vegan milk chocolate bars in different flavours, from Nomo’s hazelnut choc bar to Moo Free’s mini honeycomb, mini orange and mini mint chocs.

One thing to note is the box only contains one dark chocolate and is mostly vegan milk chocolate so if you know someone who loves a good bar of dark chocolate, I recommend this chocolate hamper instead.

Box containing variety of different Divine chocolate bars

Divine vegan chocolate hamper

These vegan chocolate gift baskets are filled with fair trade, vegan dark chocolate bars from Divine. They’re all Vegan Society approved and palm oil free!

From hazelnut dark chocolate and pink Himalayan salt dark choc to chocolate ginger thins, this box is full of goodies any chocolate lover would be delighted with.

Luxury vegan gluten free hamper containing snacks, wine and more

The British Hamper Company luxury vegan & gluten free hamper

If you’re looking for vegan gift delivery for a vegan friend of yours who’s Coeliac or gluten intolerant, this is the perfect hamper!

The British Hamper Company’s luxury hamper both vegan & gluten free and full of delicious treats, from vegan chocolates to wine to apple crisps, sweet chilli nuts and more.

Cardboard box containing zero waste vegan toiletries

Zero waste vegan beauty hamper

This beauty hamper is filled with products that are both vegan and zero waste.

Inside each box, you’ll find vegan lip balm, a soap slice, deodorant, dry shampoo and a clay face mask.

All their products are handmade, cruelty-free and PETA approved vegan. You can choose between different scents for each products.

Packaging is all plastic free and recyclable.

Harrods wicker hamper with preserves, teas, coffee and more around and on top

Harrods vegan hamper

What says vegan luxury hamper more than a Harrods hamper?

Each Harrods vegan hamper contains vegan chocolate fondants (three different flavours – ginger, Brazilian orange and English peppermint), Turkish delight, teas, coffee, vegan hot chocolate and a selection of preserves.

Vegan cheese box containing 5 idfferent types of vegan cheese

La Fauxmagerie vegan cheese box

If you’re looking for a vegan cheese hamper full of full-sized cheeses, all the vegan cheeses in this box are 100g to 180g, plus they come with Miller’s ale crackers and quince preserve.

Each box comes with the following cheeses: Brixton blue, truffle Camembert, Shoreditch smoked, Clapton chive and Balham blue.

I remember when La Fauxmagerie opened the UK’s first vegan cheese shop in Brixton market (they now moved to larger premises in Shoreditch). I went with some friends and sampled their cheeses and all the ones we tried were good. So this box looks like a good present for a friend who loves vegan cheeses!


What are some good gifts for vegans?

There are lots of choices of vegan presents, depending on your gift recipient’s areas of interest. You can check out my full guide to vegan gifts here.

Vegan hampers are always a good option since they provide lots of different choices for someone to sample!

What is a vegan hamper?

A vegan hamper is a hamper that only contains vegan products – whether that’s plant-based food or cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. (In other words, they won’t include these non-vegan ingredients.)

Where can I find vegan hampers?

It’s easy to buy vegan hampers online (and you can even send them direct to the recipient’s door, in case you’re not seeing them this Christmas). Hence this list! Here are my top picks: for a luxury vegan Christmas hamper, and for a mid-range vegan hamper.

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