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Vegan Shoes: The 31 Best Vegan Shoe Brands in 2023

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Vegan shoes have come a long way in the last decade, thanks to innovative vegan shoe brands and advances in eco-friendly vegan leather.

Gone are the days when I first went vegan in 2008 poring over labels, asking questions from confused shop assistants and going home empty-handed. It’s easy to buy vegan shoes online these days.

 Some of the vegan shoe brands I’ll be reviewing are:

More vegan shoe brands:

Vegan options (in a brand that’s not 100% vegan):

Today you can find vegan shoes that are fashion-forward and eco-friendly, in a huge range of styles and for all budgets!

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The best vegan shoe brands


Black high top sneaker with white laces and Etiko logo

Etiko vegan sneakers

Based in Australia, ships worldwide

Features: 100% vegan company, sustainable

Etiko makes ethical vegan trainers. The name ‘Etiko’ is derived from the Greek word for ethical. If you’re looking for classic vegan white sneakers that are also eco-friendly and people-friendly, most of their products are fair trade and they pay a living wage. 

They also use organic cotton and natural rubber for their comfortable vegan shoes.

Etiko uses FSC certified recycled cardboard and paper packaging and aim to avoid plastic as much as possible (and use biodegradable and compostable plastic when they have to use it).

Their organic vegan shoes come as slip-ons and Converse style high- and low-top sneakers in classic colors like black, white, blue and red.

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Knee high stiletto black boots

Allkind shoes

Based in the UK

Features: 100% vegan, uses some recycled materials

Allkind is a British vegan footwear brand ideal for your sustainable fashion needs.

Their production is sweatshop-free and use sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and recycled rubber. They're a newcomer to the scene, too, starting production in March 2020.

Allkind selection of faux leather shoes includes vegan loafers, boots and sneakers. 

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Red vegan suede cowboy boots from Good Guys Dont Wear Leather

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather

Based in France

Features: 100% vegan, uses sustainable materials

The first 100% vegan shoe company in France, Good Guys Don't Wear Leather aims to use as sustainable as possible of materials in their eco vegan shoes, including apple leather (created using waste from the food industry), canvas, rubber and a material made of vegetable seeds and cereals. 

They make apple leather sandals, plus trainers, the best vegan clogs and boots.

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Black Chelsea boot with low heel from Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat shoes

Based in Canada

Features: 100% vegan

Free shipping over $200 in United States

Matt & Nat has a huge range of leather free shoes to suit all tastes, from sneakers to slip-ons, sandals, flats, boots, heels and more.

One issue to be aware of is several sources point out they still use PVC, which is an environmentally-unfriendly leather alternative.

Since there are so many alternatives available today, many companies have switched to more eco-friendly alternatives, but Matt & Nat has not, so shop carefully and avoid the PVC.

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Person wearing knee high boots over jeans

Nae shoes

Based in Portugal

Features: 100% vegan, eco friendly

Nae shoes are beautifully designed, PETA certified vegan and sustainable. 

They use eco-friendly materials such as cork, recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, airbags and pineapple leather.

They've got a wide range of shoe styles, from vegan combat boots and sneakers to pumps, boots and sandals.

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Black ankle boots with wooden block heel and decorative gold medallion

Taylor + Thomas non-leather shoes

Based in LA

Features: 100% vegan, uses sustainable materials

Taylor + Thomas is a luxury vegan shoe line from Los Angeles. Founder Jessica Taylor Mead and Elizabeth Thomas James wanted to create a line of designer vegan shoes that would epitomise style and also be vegan and eco-friendly. 

They use FSC certified wood, recycled rubber, castor beans and more for their cruelty free shoes.

Their shoes are mostly classic styles, such as Chelsea boots, loafers and heels.

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Coral platform sandals with jute sole

Mireia Playa vegan eco friendly shoes

Based in Spain

Features: 100% vegan, uses sustainable materials

Mireia Playa is based, like me, in Barcelona. Mireia, who created the brand, discovered a dearth of quality vegan footwear after going vegan, and paired up with her father, who'd worked in the shoe industry over 30 years, to create a new line of vegan shoes.

They use recycled polyester, a bio-based material made with recycled fibers and corn and soles made out of 100% organic latex. These vegan sustainable shoes are made in Lyon, France.

Their range includes sandals, boots and sneakers.

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High heeled black vegan leather ankle boots from Bhava


Based in the US

Features: 100% vegan

Bhava is a vegan shoe company with one of the most unique ideas for boots I've come across - they sell boot 'uppers' that attach via straps onto short boots, transforming them into knee-high or over-the-knee boots.

Now that's one way to be eco-friendly and save space!

As well as boots, Bhava also sell vegan sandals and wedges.

One great thing about their shoes is lots of customers state they're the most comfortable vegan shoes, so if you're looking for comfy vegan shoes you might love these. Many models also come with removable insoles.

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Sparkly teal stiletto shoes with ribbons tied around the ankle from Cult of Coquette

Cult of Coquette

Based in the US

Features: 100% vegan

Cult of Coquette was born when founder Bebe Roxana couldn't find a vegan version of the Louboutins she had wanted for years and decided to create her own.

If you're looking for a killer pair of vegan heels, Cult of Coquette has you covered. As well as heels, they have flats, bridal shoes and vegan slippers.

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Doc Martens shoes (vegan options)

Yes, Dr. Martens have vegan shoes in their range!

If you're looking for classic boots from a well-known brand, made vegan, Doc Martens have vegan friendly boots in the range (for a long time, too -- I remember hearing about vegan Doc Martens from when I first went vegan in 2008).

Choose from their range of shoes for vegans which includes classic Chelsea boots, lace up black vegan boots and more. You can also choose from different colours such as black, white and cherry red.

You can find my guide to all vegan Doc Martens here, vegan Doc Marten boots here, and vegan Dr Martens sandals here.

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Solid black vegan leather lace up boots

NOAH Vegan Italian Shoes

One of the vegan footwear brands with a wide range, NOAH has flats, winter boots, sandals and even vegan leather sneakers made from grape leather (a vegan alternative made from grapeskins left over from the wine industry, which would otherwise have gone to waste!).

Their style tends towards classic, and they use high-quality materials. 

The brand is also PETA approved vegan.

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Black vegan leather sneaker with black sole and black laces

Humans are Vain

Humans are Vain is a vegan, sustainable and cruelty free footwear brand from Sweden. Their modern take uses materials like polyester made from up-cycled ocean waste, vegan apple leather, recycled cotton and recycled rubber. 

Their aim is to operate within a circular model, and they ship using recycled packaging.

Their stylish vegan shoes are ethically made by artisans in Portugal.

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White vegan leather shoes with hummingbird design on the side and red part over ankle from MInuit sur Terre Black ankle boots with gold faux buckle detail and side zips from Minuit sur Terre

Minuit sur Terre

Based in France

Features: 100% vegan, uses some sustainable & recycled materials

I love the look of Minuit sur Terre's designs (and just bought my first gorgeous pair of sandals from them), especially their boots and sandals.

They also make vegan sneakers out of eco-friendly apple leather!

They also use Oeko-Tex certified recycled materials in some of their vegan leather shoes.

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Knee high black snakeskin effect heeled boots from Noize


Based in Canada

Features: 100% vegan

Noize is a Canadian company that specializes in vegan outwear, especially ultra-warm coats (they are based in Canada, after all!), but now they make shoes, too.

Looking for the best vegan slippers? They make slippers and boots that are perfect for winter weather (most are water resistant). Be sure to check out my vegan slippers guide.

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Black lace up boots with grey knitted detail at the top from Wills Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Store

Best for: vegan shoes UK

Based in the UK

Features: 100% vegan (PETA certified) 

Will's started life as a men's vegan shoe company at a time when there weren't many options in terms of vegan shoes for men. Now, they make both mens and womens vegan shoes.

They make mainly vegan versions of timeless designs in classic colors like black and brown, vegan dress shoes for men and vegan hiking shoes.

They even have waterproof vegan snow boots. You can see their vegan shoes for women here and their mens vegan shoes list here.

Will's has online stores for the US, UK, Germany and rest of EU - just change your country/currency in the upper lefthand corner.

They offer free carbon neutral shipping to the US, £3 carbon neutral shipping to the UK (no minimum), and 5 EUR carbon neutral shipping to Germany.

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Glittery pink stiletto heels from MInk Shoes

Mink shoes

Based in the US

Features: 100% vegan

One of the original brands for luxury vegan shoes, Mink was founded in 2000 by Rebecca Mink. (Though not the oldest vegan shoe brand -- that is, as far as I know, Vegetarian Shoes, founded in 1990).

They're known for their heels, especially their glittery ones, and their vegan womens shoes are a favorite of celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Alicia Silverstone.

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Black sneakers with red laces from Canussa


Based in Spain

Features: 100% vegan

Canussa is a Spanish vegan brand that started out making bags and more recently has begun to make vegan shoes, too. Their aim is to create cruelty-free and durable vegan accessories.

At the moment, they only have two models of shoes: ballerina flats and sneakers. The vegan eco friendly shoes are made using vegan and recycled materials.

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PInk stiletto heel shoe with soquette (floating sock over the shoe from ankle midway down heel) from Piferi


Based in the US

Features: 100% vegan

These vegan luxury shoes are designed by Alfredo Piferi, former head of design at Jimmy Choo. 

If you're looking for the best vegan leather shoes from a designer brand, Piferi or Stella McCartney is your best choice as at present, most of the big/most famous designers don't have an extensive range of vegan shoes.

Piferi launched his line of vegan luxury shoes at Milan Fashion Week in 2020, making them one of the latest up-and-coming vegan luxury brands.

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Heeled black and beige python effect knee high boots


Based in the  US

Features: 100% vegan

Aera makes mens and womens luxury vegan shoes. Their aim is to create eco friendly vegan shoes with great designs, all made in Italy.

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Person wearing stiletto heels and a long skirt which is swishing


Based in the US

Features: 100% vegan

Use code "VEERAHXTHEVEGANWORD" for 10% off!

Veerah is a luxury vegan shoe brand that has one of the most unique offerings I've come across - they sell shoes and detachable accessories like tassels and clip-on brooches, so you can change up your look without extra shoes!

If you need vegan work shoes that do double or triple duty, these are perfect. Founder Stacey Change noticed on work trips she had to pack lots of pairs of shoes for different events, and realised if there were a way to change up one pair of shoes they could work in different settings. Thus, Veerah was born!

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Two people in colourful print clothing shown walking on brick pathway in stiletto heels

More vegan shoes brands to check out:

Carmona Collection

Humans are Vain

A Perfect Jane


Collection and Co

Sylven New York

Guru Mtp

Alexandra K



Sylth Virago

Clarks vegan shoes range


BC Footwear

Call it Spring

Ethletic sneakers

Native Shoes


Vegetarian Shoes

Olsen Haus


Sydney Brown

Nomadic State of Mind

Koi Footwear

Brave Gentleman

(Kat) Von D Shoes


Vegan friendly footwear/brands with vegan options:

Grand Step Shoes


Dr Martens



Feet of people shown crossing street painted with rainbow stripes

FAQ on vegan shoes

What are vegan shoes?

Simply put, vegan shoes are shoes completely devoid of animal products. That includes the obvious like leather, but also less obvious components such as animal-based glues (yes, they still exist!).


Where to buy vegan shoes? What shoe brands are vegan?

If you're really lucky, the city you live in might have a vegan shoe store, but it's not all that common and unfortunately due to to the Covid-19 pandemic many small businesses have closed.

Prior to Covid, I knew of at least four vegan shoe shops here in Barcelona, and now as far as I know only one remains open.

Thus, it's much easier to shop online - hence this list of vegan shoe brands!

You can also sometimes find vegan friendly shoes in department stores but since animal glues don't have to be labelled it can be hard to tell unless you get in touch with the brand. I usually buy from vegan shoe companies online.


Feet wearing black shoes standing on surface made on wooden slats next to a pineapple

Are vegan shoes bad for the environment? Or are vegan shoes sustainable?

One very common misconception is that leather is an eco-friendly material. Many people think it's biodegradable, but depending on how it's tanned, it often isn't.

The tanning process used for 90% of leather today uses chromium, according to Common Objective, which has severe effects on workers, some as young as 10 in some countries. This range from irritation to the airways to increased cancer risk.

Because leather is a byproduct of the meat industry, it has the same detrimental effects on the environment, including releasing greenhouse gases and contributing to the deforestation of the Amazon.

The Higgs index, created by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, measures the impacts of materials on the environment and rates leather as the second worst after alpaca wool.

So does this mean vegan shoes are the better choice? Yes, but their environmental impact depends on what they're made from. Avoid PVC (the most environmentally damaging plastic, according to Greenpeace).

While PU (polyurethane) is rated better on the Higgs index than leather, it is still a plastic and there are better options out there.

For sustainable living in style, the most sustainable vegan shoes on the market today are made of new vegan leather materials made of waste byproducts from the food industry, such as Piñatex (pineapple leather) and apple leather. Some brands on this list also incorporate recycled materials into their shoes.


Are vegan shoes durable?

Like any shoe, this depends largely on the manufacturer, how the shoes are made, etc. I've had vegan shoes that lasted me 10 years, and some that wore out after a year. 


Are vegan shoes good quality?

Again, it depends largely on the brand. You can find non leather shoes (though the glue may not be vegan - see above) at discount shoe stores, but they might not last you very long.

On the other hand, you can buy hand-crafted artisan vegan shoes. It depends on your budget and what you're looking for, but you can certainly find high quality vegan shoes.


Feet wearing sneakers are partially submerged in a puddle

Are vegan shoes waterproof?

That depends on the material they're made from, but there are vegan waterproof shoes out there, for example Wills waterproof vegan hiking boots or Native Shoes waterproof vegan winter boots.


Are vegan shoes breathable?

There's an unfortunate misconception that vegan shoes aren't breathable and they make your feet smell! This may have been the case a few decades ago when many non leather shoes were made out of PVC plastic, but vegan leather materials have come a long way since then (and do avoid PVC - see why above).

This footwear site actually states synthetic materials are lighter weight and more breathable.

Experts recommend you rotate your shoes and don't wear the same pair every day. So if you're worried about smelly shoes, be sure to rotate shoes!


Is there such a thing as designer vegan shoes?

Yes! If you're looking for luxury, I have a guide to designer vegan shoes, which you can find here.

Although few mainstream high end designers have yet to adopt vegan shoes, Balenciaga has a vegan sneaker, and former Jimmy Choo designer Alfredo Piferi created his own vegan brand recently.

Plus, there are all-vegan designers out there like Aera New York, Cult of Coquette and Mink Shoes. Perhaps they aren't as famous as Jimmy Choo or Louboutin, but they make luxury vegan footwear that celebrities love and which will make your outfit.


Person sitting on pavement with brown heeled ankle boots

What are vegan shoes made of?

There are a wide range of materials used in vegan shoes these days. While PVC used to be common, it's the most environmentally damaging plastic and therefore I recommend avoiding it (see more information above).

Polyurethane (PU) is a commonly used vegan leather alternative. It's more eco-friendly than leather, according to the Higgs index, but it is still plastic so you may want to look at other materials.

Other commonly used materials are cork (which is very eco friendly!), canvas and organic cotton, rubber, wood and new vegan leathers such as pineapple leather, apple leather and even mushroom leather.


Why buy vegan shoes?

  1. For the animals - leather is a by-product of the meat industry and all the cruelty therein (see more information on why go vegan from The Vegan Society).
  2. For the planet - leather was rated as the second worst material for the environment, after alpaca wool (also not vegan!) by the Higgs Index.
  3. For people - the tanning method used on 90% of leather on the market uses toxic chemicals that can seriously endanger the health of workers in the tanning industry, including children as young as 10 years old, causing damage to the airways and even increasing risk of cancer.


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Did I miss any? Let me know if there's another vegan shoe brand that should be on this list! Also, if you've come across wide vegan shoes please drop me a line - I know a few people looking for vegan wide shoes who can't seem to find them anywhere!

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