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7 Best Vegan Birkenstocks (+ 7 Alternative Sandals from Vegan Brands)

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Summer’s coming up and you maybe wondering “are Birkenstocks vegan?” Birkenstocks were one of the earlier mainstream brands to introduce vegan models.

The range of vegan Birkenstocks is mostly made from the hard-wearing synthetic material Birko-Flor, Birkenstock’s own vegan leather which is tear-resistant and easy-to-care-for.

While I applaud their range of vegan models, Birkestock need to work on sustainability and labour. According to the Good on You directory, the brand needs improvement in these areas and is rated “Not Good Enough”. I’d recommend these shoes as a more sustainable & ethical alternative instead, made from eco-friendly vegan apple leather by an all-vegan brand which Good on You rates as “good”.

Best vegan Birkenstock models:

Best vegan Birkenstock alternatives from 100% vegan brands:

Black vegan leather two strap Birkenstocks sandals

Arizona Birkenstocks vegan

Looking for the classic Arizona Bikenstock? Vegan versions do exist! Birkenstock introduced a version made with vegan leather a few years ago.

The vegan Arizona Birkenstocks are my top pick of vegan Birkenstock sandals as they’re a classic look. The black version of this iconic style will go with any casual summer look from jeans to shorts.

The Birkenstock Arizona vegan sandals are made from Birkibuc, one of Birkenstock’s own vegan leathers, with the iconic, comfortable cork-latex footbed sole.

The Birkenstock Arizona vegan sandal is unisex and available in men’s and women’s sizing, and a regular/wide or medium/narrow fit.

The Birkenstock Arizona black vegan sandals are pictured above but they also come in white or brown, so you can choose according to your preference.

The main thing I don’t like is that Birkenstock is not fully vegan, don’t use many eco-friendly materials and while they manufacture in the EU, they’re rated as being behind on labour practices/paying workers fairly. So from that perspective, I recommend considering other vegan & eco friendly brands like this one that makes vegan apple leather sandals in a very similar style (with a footbed sole).

But if you have your heart set on Birkenstocks then go for a vegan model such as the Arizona in vegan leather.

White vegan leather two strap Good Guys Don't Wear Leather Juno sandals

Best Vegan Birkenstocks alternative: Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather vegan apple leather sandals

Women’s sizes

These vegan leather sandals are my top pick of ethical & eco alternatives to Birkenstocks from all vegan footwear brand Good Guys.

Designed in the style of vegan leather Birkenstocks, and emulating the legendary two-strap design of Birkenstock’s most popular sandal, they also have a comfortable contoured footbed made of cork, which adapts to your foot over time, just like Birkenstocks.

The two-strap vegan leather upper also looks similar, but is made from sustainable materials. The straps are made of vegan apple leather, an eco alternative. Apple leather is made from the leftover waste from the apple industry, which would otherwise have been thrown away. They are fully adjustable straps with individually adjustable buckles.

They have a non-slip EVA sole and an antibacterial, breathable microfibre lining.

The shoes are made in Europe, and materials sourced from Europe, too.

These are my top pick of vegan Birkenstocks alternative in women’s sizing: made by a 100% vegan brand, they’re also eco-friendly and respectful of workers. For men’s sizes, I recommend Will’s as an all-vegan alternative brand.

Birkenstocks Boston vegan black leather clogs

Birkenstock Boston vegan clogs

Looking for vegan Birkenstock clogs? Another genuine classic, the vegan Birkenstocks Boston model is your top bet. These classic clogs are unisex is, made of vegan materials, and available in men’s and women’s sizes.

The vegan version of this timeless design is made from Birkibuc, a tear-resistant and easy-to-care-for vegan leather alternative developed by Birkenstock. It is similar in texture to nubuck, and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

The vegan Birkenstock Boston clogs have their signature cork footbed with a microfibre lining.

As well as black, the Boston vegan Birkenstock clogs also come in khaki.

If you’re looking for clogs specifically, don’t miss my guide to the best vegan clogs.

Vegan leather two strap sandals with crossover toe ring Birkenstock Mayari sandals

Birkenstock Mayari vegan sandals

The vegan Mayari Birkenstocks are your best bet if you want crossover Birkenstock vegan sandals with a toe strap.

The adjustable criss-cross strap forms a single loop around the toe.

Like all models, the Mayari vegan Birkenstock has their signature anatomical cork footbed, while the upper is made from one of Birkenstock’s own vegan leathers, Birkibuc.

Light rose vegan leather t-strap Birkenstocks Gizen sandals

Gizeh Birkenstock vegan sandals

If you’re looking for a thong-style sandal but with a footbed, the vegan Gizeh Birkenstocks are your best bet.

I used to hate the feeling of something between my toes when I was little and could never stand flip-flops. For some reason I grew out of that hatred and grew to love flip-flops! However, flip-flops are really best only for lounging around a pool or on the beach.

If you want sandals more suited to other activities, the Gizeh vegan Birkenstock would be perfect for summer. You can still slip them on and off, just like flip-flops, but they have Birkenstock’s famous anatomical foodtbed.

I absolutely love the colour too – these light pink vegan Birkenstocks are really cute! The Birkenstock Gizeh would pair well with jeans shorts or a floral summer dress.

Polyurethane black Super Birki clogs

Super Birki vegan Birkenstock clogs

If you’re looking for Birkenstocks you can wear to work, these black vegan Birkenstocks clogs are water-, oil- and grease-resistant.

The cork footbed can be removed and is machine washable, making these a good pick if you work somewhere on your feet and your shoes get dirty.

The whole shoe, which is made of polyurethane, can be washed as well at up to 60C so you can disinfect them.

Single black vegan leather strap Birkenstocks Madrid sandals


Madrid vegan Birkenstock sandals

If you love simple sandals, these one-strap black vegan Birks are the ultimate no-fuss Birkenstock.

With a simple adjustable buckle strap made of vegan leather and the usual Birkenstock cork footbed, these sandals are simple and no-frills.

Dark grey vegan leather Birkenstocks Milano vegan sandals with double straps and ankle strap

Birkenstock Milano vegan sandals

Personally, I prefer sandals with an ankle strap. I’ve had way too many experiences of walking down city streets in backless sandals and accidentally “stepping out” of my shoes (not a good ida on a street that might be littered with broken glass or dog poo). So I always try to buy sandals with a strap.

If you, too, prefer sandals with an ankle strap, but want Birkenstocks with their typical cork anatomical footbed, these are the sandals for you!

The Milano sandals feature two straps over the foot plus an adjustable ankle strap, all now available in vegan form made from microfiber vegan leather.

Birkenstock Alternatives from 100% vegan brands

These days Birkenstock have vegan versions of some of their shoes…but perhaps you prefer to support a 100% vegan brand? (I do too!)

These vegan shoe brands offer Birkenstock-style shoes, many of which have anatomical footbeds too. Some of them also use more sustainable vegan leather alternatives like vegan apple leather, and many also do better on the scale of treating workers fairly.

Here are my top picks.

Beige vegan leather crossover apple leather sandals (good guys dont wear leather mimi sandals)

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather Mimi crossover vegan apple leather sandals

I love the look of these crossover sandals. Yes, the sole is slightly different to Birkenstocks (with a white sole) but they have cork footbed and are super cute. I’m also pretty sure I owned an identical pair of sandals as a teenager. Fashion really does come full circle. ;)

If you prefer a different colour, as well as beige seen above, they come in white, black and brown.

These sandals are made from vegan apple leather, an eco-friendly alternative made from leftover waste from the apple industry. I love how innovative the vegan fashion industry has become in recent years in utilising waste materials and making vegan leather alternatives from these products (such as pineapple leather, cactus leather, and of course apple leather!).

Platform brown vegan leather two strap footbed sandals from V.Gan

V.Gan platform footbed sandals

When you picture Birkenstocks or Birkenstock-style shoes in your mind, flats come to mind, right? But what if you want a bit of height?

These chunky platform sandals will give you the height you crave with the look and feel of footbed sandals.

Black vegan leather two strap footbed sandals (women's) from Will's

Will’s vegan women’s two-strap footbed sandals

I love Will’s classic shoe designs – they make vegan versions of loads of classic styles. These footbed sandals come in black and brown (and men’s sizes as well – see below).

The upper is made of Italian vegan bio-based leather and are lined with soft vegan suede for comfort.

Customers agree – they have 4.5/5 stars with 13 reviews and several reviews state how comfortable they are.

Men's vegan leather two strap footbed sandals from Will's

Will’s vegan men’s two strap footbed sandals

These are the same sandals as the above listing, but in men’s sizes – they’re Will’s take on footbed sandals.

Will’s was one of the first brands to specifically focus on men’s vegan shoes – I remember when they launched at a vegan festival in London and caused quite a stir! They now make women’s shoes as well, plus vegan bags and other accessories.

Customers love these (they have 4.5/5 stars) and state they’re comfortable and durable.

Black vegan leather footbed sandals with single strap and ankle strap from WIll's (women's)

Will’s vegan women’s footbed sandals

These are an elegant take on footbed sandals, and feature the oh-so-important-to-me ankle strap I mentioned before (personally I’m not keen on sandals without them because I don’t like my feet slipping out).

They have grippy outsoles and the upper is lined with suede for comfort.

They’re also very popular — they have a rating of 4.5/5 stars with 42 reviews on Will’s site.

Black vegan leather two strap sandals with ankle strap from Matt and Nat

Matt & Nat Idly sandals

One last option are these sandals from long-standing vegan brand Matt & Nat, which come in black, white or khaki.


Are Birkenstocks vegan?

Birkenstock is not a vegan company, and many of their shoes use animal products like leather and suede. That being said, they do have a selection of vegan styles that fit the vegan lifestyle.

These shoes are made entirely free from animal materials and use vegan alternatives, and styles range from Birkenstock’s vegan sandal collection to Birkenstock vegan clogs.

What are vegan Birkenstocks made of?

Birkenstocks utilise their own vegan leathers: Birkibuc and Birko-Flor. They also use ethyle vinyl acetate (EVA) to make their Super-Birki vegan clogs.

Other, all-vegan brands like Good Guys, make Birkenstock-style sandals with high-quality materials that are more sustainable, such as apple leather. (Check out these vegan apple leather sandals that look like Birkenstocks from Good Guys.)

Are Birkenstocks comfortable?

That really depends on the shape of your feet. Many people swear by the anatomical footbed, so it’s worthing giving them a try (or popping into a shop to try some on, even if you end up having to buy the vegan version online).

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