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The 22 Best Vegan Mens Shoes for Everyone

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Vegan mens shoes used to be hard to come by a few years ago, especially in the dress shoes department. I remember when Will’s Vegan Store launched at one of the vegan fairs in London and everyone was talking about how there was finally an option for vegan dress shoes for men.

Thankfully, these days a number of brands now cater to vegan shoes for men. In fact, some mainstream sneaker brands have even started launching vegan shoes in the last few years. 

Some of the best vegan men’s shoes brands I’ll be looking at in this article include, among others:

More options:

Many of these brands make a range of vegan shoes, mens and womens, from sandals to boots to trainers. So whether you’re looking for vegan running shoes or vegan men’s dress shoes, here are the best brands for vegan men shoes.

Below, find the best vegan men’s shoes.


Black dress shoes from Matt and Nat

Matt & Nat vegan mens shoes

Based in Canada, ships worldwide

Features: 100% vegan

Free shipping over $200 in US

Matt & Nat is an all-vegan company that started out selling bags and wallets and has now branched out into vegan shoes, men’s and women’s.

They have a small selection of mens vegan shoes, but it includes all the classics, from vegan mens Chelsea boots to vegan Oxford shoes.

So whether you’re looking for vegan business shoes or or more casual mens vegan trainers or men’s vegan slip on shoes, they have you covered.

They also have vegan mens loafers, running shoes, sandals, slip-on mules and men’s vegan sneakers.


Black lace up boots from Good Guys Dont Wear Leather

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather mens vegan shoes

Based in France

Features: 100% vegan

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather was the first vegan shoe company in France. They have men’s vegan sneakers and more. 

They aim to use sustainable materials to make their men’s vegan leather shoes, such as vegan apple leather (made from leftover waste from the food industry).

All their shoes are sweatshop free and made in a workshop in Portugal. 

They have quite a wide range of mens vegan leather shoes: trainers, loafers, ankle boots and clogs, so whether you’re looking for vegan casual shoes or boots, they have options.


Brown dress shoes from Noah Italian Vegan Shoes

Noah Vegan Italian Shoes vegan men’s shoes

Based in Germany, shoes made in Italy

Features: 100% vegan

Noah vegan shoes makes classic, well designed vegan shoes. They make great vegan work shoes or vegan formal shoes.

If you’re looking for vegan mens dress shoes, Noah has classic Oxfords in different colours. They also have vegan boots (mens).


Brown lace up dress shoes from Gentleberg, maker of mens shoes vegan

Gentleberg vegan dress shoes (mens)

If you’re looking for vegan leather dress shoes, Gentleberg has classic non leather dress shoes like the brown vegan shoes pictured above, plus quite smart-looking vegan dress sneakers.

Based in Amsterdam, Gentleberg was founded by Matthijs Berg, after his hunt for vegan dress shoes to go with a suit had few results. Their aim is to create timeless and durable men’s shoes.

They use high-quality microfibre polyurethane for their vegan men’s dress shoes, which is breathable, soft and water-resistant, and for upcoming collections they want to use plant-based leather with recycled materials for their mens cruelty free shoes.

Their mens non leather shoes are made in small, family-owned factories in Portugal, ensuring ethical labour standards are met.


Bright blue high tops from Cariuma

Cariuma (Not 100% vegan — has vegan options)

This Brazilian ethical sneaker brand ships worldwide and has vegan options. Their skater style shoes look like Vans, but are made with organic cotton and rubber, and they plant a tree for every pair of men’s vegan sneakers shipped.

Shipping on their vegan mens trainers is carbon neutral and packaging is recyclable.


Black barefoot trainers from Vivo Barefoot

Vivo Barefoot

Based in the US

Features: vegan options

If you’re looking for vegan barefoot shoes, Vivo Barefoot is one of the best-known brands. Some people believe minimalist shoes are better for your feet. 

The idea behind barefoot shoes like Vivo is that they replicate walking barefoot.

They make a number of barefoot men’s vegan trainers, trail runners and a summer shoe.


Slide sandals with black straps from Nae

Nae vegan shoes

Based in Portugal

Features: 100% vegan company, uses some recycled materials

Nae has a very wide range of vegan men’s shoes, and they use some eco-friendly materials to make their non leather shoes, like recycled materials and Piñatex (an eco-friendly leather alternative made of pineapple waste).

They have vegan walking shoes, vegan mens boots and mens vegan dress shoes, among other styles. 

Their Jor vegan running sneakers are made out of recycled plastic bottles. A sustainable fashion win! These unisex sneakers feature EVA light soles and come in black or white.



Black canvas slip ons from Etiko

Etiko vegan sneakers (mens)

Based in Australia

Features: 100% vegan, fair trade, eco friendly

This very ethical sneaker company makes all vegan shoes, plus they use sustainable materials including organic cotton, and they ensure fair labor treatment.

They trace their supply chain and ensure everyone is paid living wage, earning them a ‘Great’ rating from Good on You.

They have vegan slip on shoes and vegan mens sneakers as hi tops or low tops, and in black, white, navy blue, green or red.



Black sport trainers from Wills

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Based in the UK

Features: 100% vegan

One of the first, or perhaps THE first, vegan brand to focus on men’s fashion, I remember when Will’s launched at a vegan fair in London, and everyone was thrilled to finally see vegan men’s shoes widely available (they’ve since expanded to include women’s shoes, plus vegan bags and coats). 

Their online vegan store sells one of the biggest ranges of vegan shoes I’ve come across, in just about every style, from vegan tennis shoes to vegan men’s boots to vegan suit shoes.

Their focus is on classic styles, made with a minimal environmental impact and using premium vegan materials.

Better yet, they have stores for the US, Germany, EU and UK – with free carbon neutral shipping to the US, Canada, Australia and NZ (from the US store), £3 carbon neutral shipping with no minimum to the UK from the UK store and €5 carbon neutral shipping in Germany.

Change country/stores with the menu in the upper lefthand corner.

If you’re looking for mens vegan running shoes that won’t let you down after hours of running, check out the WVSport Oakes cross trainers, developed for ultramarathon runner and vegan Fiona Oakes.

Looking for vegan moccasins? They have those too

Mens vegan boots? They have more than 25 styles.

Vegan waterproof shoes? Yes, they’ve got those too!


White lace up low top trainers from Humans are Vain

Humans are Vain

Looking for the best vegan shoes for men that are also sustainable? Humans are Vain is a Swedish brand focusing on sustainability first and foremost.

They use an eco vegan microfibre that’s breathable, water-resistant, lightweight and antibacterial, as well as recycled polyester, Pinatex (pineapple leather made from leftover waste), and recycled rubber, linen and cotton.

Their vegan trainers for men are made in ethical factories in Portugal and Sweden that they monitor to ensure they meet ethical standards. Their aim is to become carbon neutral and circular.

Love the all white look? Check out my guide to vegan white trainers.


High top white sneakers from Komrads


Komrads is a Belgian trainer brand making vegan, sustainable sneakers that are Soviet inspired. (Yes, they’re modelled after an old Soviet trainer model!)

I bought myself a pair recently and I find them so comfortable – similar in look to Converse, but more eco-friendly and with NO break-in period required (at least for me)!

They use only reusable or recycled eco friendly materials such as vegan apple leather (made from apple waste from the food industry), recycled rubber soles, recycled cotton and recycled PET bottles.

All production takes place in Europe to limit transport and CO2 impact. 

Their packaging is all recyclable and delivery is carbon neutral.

You can find my full guide to vegan Converse and alternatives here.


Black slip on shoes with white sole from Ecoalf


Ecoalf is a sustainable brand based in Spain that makes clothing, jackets and shoes. They use materials such as recycled polyester, recycled cotton, recycled nylon and tyres to make their products.

Their aim is produce items that will last a long time in your closet.

They make mens sneakers and slip ons out of grape leather, an innovative new vegan leather made from waste from the wine industry.


Gucci vegan black trainers with red and green stipres

Gucci designer vegan low-top sneakers

Looking for luxury vegan shoes? Gucci make just one vegan shoe at present, these low-top sneakers.

If you’re looking for vegan designer trainers from a well known brand, this is your best bet! Most other big designers don’t make vegan sneakers (yet!).


Black work boots from Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes

Based in the UK

Features: 100% vegan

Established vegan footwear brand Vegetarian Shoes has been making shoes since 1990. They even make vegan safety / work boots.

As well as designs you might expect, like mens vegan sneakers and boots, Vegetarian Shoes makes some harder-to-find items like vegan steel toe safety boots. So if you’re looking for hard wearing, steel toe non leather work boots, look no further.


Classic black boots from Novacas


Based in the US

Features: 100% vegan

Cruelty free footwear brand Novacas, whose name means “no cows,” makes vegan brogues, Chelsea boots, loafers and more.



Black winter boots from Native Shoes

Native Shoes

Based in the US

Features: 100% vegan

Native Shoes makes sandals, colorful vegan sneakers and practical boots.

The Hydrofit boots’ innovative vegan materials make it stain-resistant AND waterproof!


More vegan shoe options:

Vegan Adidas shoes

Adidas has really stepped up their game recently, releasing a vegan version of the classic Superstar sneakers.

They’ve also developed a mushroom leather version of Stan Smiths, though it’s not available to the public yet.

They also have a number of vegan options for some of their other looks, like the Samba, plus thanks to collaborations with vegetarian designer Stella McCartney, they have vegan designer sneakers to offer. 

Find my full guide to vegan Adidas sneakers here.


Doc Martens

Doc Martens have long had vegan versions of some of their classic unisex boot styles made free of all animal byproducts including glue and with faux leather, including their 1460 boots, Chelsea boots and more.

See their full vegan collection here.

I have a guide to vegan Doc Martens, plus guides to vegan Doc Marten sandals, vegan Doc Marten boots and vegan Doc Marten Chelsea boots.



Can you find vegan Birkenstocks? Absolutely! These classic, comfortable “hippy” sandals have many vegan options.

For example, the classic vegan men’s Arizona Birkenstocks come in a vegan version. Find it here.

Find my full vegan Birkenstock guide here.


Minimalist black sandals from Xero

Xero minimalist shoes

Looking for minimalist sandals? Xero makes lots of vegan styles (all their shoes are vegan except for the Alston and Coalton, which are made with leather, and the Mika and Pacifica, which both contain wool). 

They also make trainers and boots, but if you’re looking for barefoot sandals this is one of the few minimalist brands that makes vegan barefoot sandals.



Fair trade, vegan sneaker brand Ethletic makes unisex sneakers. All shoes are vegan, and made with eco-friendly materials like FSC certified rubber and they’re fair trade.

They have hi tops and low tops and they come in a huge range of colors.



How are shoes vegan? Isn’t veganism about food?

Veganism is more than just what’s on the plate! Vegans are concerned about animal welfare and therefore avoid the use of all animal products. Cambridge Dictionary defines a vegan as someone who doesn’t eat or use animal products, and specifically mentions the exclusion of leather.

Veganism reaches beyond the plate and into the closet too. Vegan shoes, therefore, are shoes that don’t contain any animal products like leather, fur or wool.


Where to buy men’s vegan shoes?

While you can often find non leather shoes at any discount shoe store, it’s hard to tell if they use vegan glue (that’s right, some shoes are held together using animal glue, though this is increasingly less prevalent due to cost). 

To be sure your shoes are vegan, it’s easiest to buy from a vegan brand or check which vegan shoes a given brand has available. Which means it’s often easier to buy your vegan shoes online!

If you live in a big city, you might be lucky enough to have a vegan shoe shop in your city, so check if there is one. It’s a good way to support a local, independent business.

However, most cities don’t have one of these, making the internet your best bet to find the top vegan dress shoes and sneakers.


Feet shown walking across tiles in dark blue trainers


Are shoes that are made from all manmade materials as breathable as shoes made of leather?

There’s an unfortunate misconception out there that vegan shoes aren’t as breathable as leather shoes.

This is largely in part to the older generation of faux leathers used in the 80s and 90s, which were primarily PVC (which, by the way, is very environmentally damaging and should be avoided!).

Newer vegan leathers are very different, and are breathable, and in fact this footwear site (which as far as I know has no vegan affiliation) recommends non leather/synthetic materials as being MORE breathable.

If you’re worried about your shoes smelling, the best thing you can do is what experts have always said…rotate your shoes.


What is PU leather? What the difference between PVC PU leather and genuine leather?

As mentioned above, PVC was named by Greenpeace as “the most environmentally damaging plastic” and should be avoided.

PU, or polyurethane, is a newer type of vegan leather. It’s also made of re and therefore gets a bad rap, but the Higgs index shows it’s much more eco-friendly than animal leather.


What are the top vegan Nike shoes?

If you’re after Nike, you can customise an Air Max to be vegan,.

Ethical and vegan-friendly brand Veja also do a great Nike dupe! (Plus they pay their workers a living wage and use organic cotton, so they’re better for the environment and workers as well as the animals.)

The Veja V10 CWL is a great vegan version of white Nike Air.

Nike have a few other vegan options now in their Next Nature range, an eco-friendly range 

Find my full guide to vegan Nike sneakers here.


Are vegan shoes durable?

Durability varies by brand and style, as well as by what you’re doing in them (running sneakers won’t last as long as sandals you only wear occasionally in the summer, for example).

I’ve had vegan shoes last me many years, and others that I’ve worn out quickly.

Of course, you get what you pay for to some degree, and paying a bit more for a brand that uses higher-quality materials and manufacturing will make them last longer.

Also, be sure to care for your shoes so they last longer. Rotate your shoes and air them about between wears.

Find a good cobbler/shoe repair specialist near you who can re-sole dress shoes and boots for you. This can greatly prolong the life of your shoes!

I have a pair of boots that I walk in a LOT every winter and the soles always wear out fairly quickly – however I’ve had them re-soled pretty much annually and so far they’ve lasted me 5 years thanks to the cobbler!


More vegan brands & brands with vegan options:

Grand Step Shoes (vegan options)

Ahimsa (100% vegan shoes made in all-vegan factory)

Brave Gentleman (100% vegan men’s shoe brand)

Nomadic State of Mind (100% vegan rope sandals made out of recycled materials)

Merells hiking boots (vegan options)

Keep (100% vegan sneaker brand)

Want more? Find more vegan shoes brands here


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