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These are the 24 Best Vegan Chelsea Boots Right Now

This post may contain affiliate links (see full disclaimer here). This means if you make a purchase after clicking, I may get a small percentage of the sale, at absolutely no extra cost to you.

In the market for vegan Chelsea boots? You can’t get much more classic than Chelsea boots. Vegan ones are thankfully fairly easy to come by these days, as more and more brands specialise in vegan boots and other shoes.

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Among others, some of the top vegan Chelsea boots brands I’ll be covering include:

Chelsea boots have a long history, starting as Queen Victoria’s riding boots and later becoming synonymous with the London borough that birthed the mini skirt and was the epicentre of the Swinging Sixties. Popularised by bands like the Beatles, the shoe cemented itself in fashion history and continues to be popular to today.

Nowadays, there are plenty of vegan leather Chelsea boots. Read on for my selection of the best vegan Chelsea boots. 

Find my full guide to the best vegan boots here.

Black vegan chelsea boots uk from brand Wills Vegan Store

Will’s Vegan boots (insulated & waterproof)

Use code “THEVEGANWORD” for 10% off!

For the ultimate vegan winter boots that are warm, waterproof AND stylish, check out Will’s Vegan Chelsea boots. Vegan brand Will’s Vegan Store makes a variety of Chelsea boots, including these winter-proof beauties, which will keep your feet warm down to -22 Celsius / -7.6  Fahrenheit. They’re waterproof so perfect for puddles, slush and snowfall.

The lining is made with Primaloft insulation made with 90% recycled materials, while the uppers have a waterproof membrane and are treated PFC free for breathability and waterproof protection.

The outer soles are thick rubber with deep treads for traction, while the insoles are built to make these boots comfortable to wear all day long.

Will’s have a number of different style of Chelsea boots, from almond toe Chelsea boots to luxe smart Chelsea boots to pointy toe heeled Chelsea boots.

Find the women’s waterproof Chelsea boots here, and the men’s sizes here.

Will’s has online shops for the US, UK, Germany and the rest of the EU – just switch your country/currency in the upper lefthand corner.

Click here for more information.

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vegan boots women with low block heel from brand taylor and thomas

Tastemaker Supply Taste Courage vegan Chelsea boots

Use code "THEVEGANWORD" for 10% off!

These vegan suede low block heel Chelsea boots are made with vegan microfiber leather, which is guaranteed not to peel or crack for 10+ years. 

They're breathable, scratch-resistant and water-resistant and are handmade in Portugal.

This style would work for either work outfits or with jeans.

Click here for more information.

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Chelsea boot vegan from good guys don't wear leather

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather vegan mens Chelsea boots 

Looking for vegan mens Chelsea boots? These vegan white boots are unisex and come in men's and women's sizes.

These vegan chunky boots are handmade in Italy in a family-owned atelier using high-quality materials. The lining and the upper stitched to the sole together, making these shoes re-soleable if necessary. So they should last you a long time.

The lining is made of corn and is recycled and recyclable, and the upper is microfiber vegan leather. 

The sole is a lightweight, durable rubber that is comfortable and doesn't require a "break-in" period.

Click here for more information.

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vegan chelsea boots brown from Taylor and Thomas

Taylor + Thomas brown vegan Chelsea boots (womens)  

These vegan brown boots are a tribute to icon Patti Smith. They have an almond toe shape, cylindrical wooden heel and slim silhouette.

The upper and lining is vegan Life Nappa, the outsole is made of recycled rubber and the insole is orthopedic memory foam.

The seams are handpainted, and the heel is made with FSC certified sustainably harvested beechwood. They are made in Los Angeles.

Click here for more information.

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Chelsea boots women vegan from mireia playa

Mireia Playa high heeled recycled polyester vegan Chelsea boots

These vegan suede high heeled vegan Chelsea boots are comfortable thanks to the double foam sole and wide heel. 

The vegan suede upper is made with 51% recycled polyester and 49% conventional polyester. It's water-resistant and easy to clean.

The shoes come in terracotta colour (pictured), blue or black.

Click here for more information.

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Matt and Nat vegan Chelsea boots in light brown

Matt and Nat Chelsea boots

Matt & Nat is an all-vegan company from Canada that started out making bags and now makes shoes, too. I own a Matt & Nat wallet I've used and loved for almost 10 years so their products seem really durable! 

As for Chelsea boots, they have the classic Tokio Chelsea boot in brown or black, and heeled Chelsea boot options. See all their boots here.

The Tokio vegan suede boots are made with biodegradable and recycled material and have a 1" outsole. They come in a light brown shade or black. 

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Matt and Nat black waterproof vegan boots

Matt and Nat vegan waterproof Chelsea boots

The Laney vegan waterproof Chelsea boots are made of waterproof recycled PVC. If you're looking for stylish vegan rain boots, these are a great choice.

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women vegan boots from noize

Noize water resistant vegan Chelsea boots

These black vegan boots from Noize look perfect for winter. They're made with water resistant vegan leather and a thick, grippy soles. 

The lining is made with recycled lycra and will keep you warm on cold days. Like many of Noize's insoles, the foam of these shoe's inserts are made with algae, an eco-friendly material.

Click here for more information.

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Stella McCartney Trace vegan cream Chelsea boots

Stella McCartney Trace cream Chelsea boots

If you're searching for designer vegan Chelsea boots, Stella McCartney has a few options, including these cream Chelsea boots.

Like all of Stella McCartney's range, these are free from leather. As a lifelong vegetarian, her entire shoe range is vegan, but beware that not all of the clothes in her range are vegan as some contain wool or silk. The upper is made from PU, recycled polyester and rubber. 

The shoes are made in Italy.

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Duck City boots from Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Duck City Chelsea boots

These vegan black booties from designer Stella McCartney are new for Winter 2021 and are a step forward in the brand's sustainability.

The sole of these vegan booties is solvent-free and biodegradable. Like all of Stella McCartney's shoes, they are made with vegan leather.

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Stella McCartney Emilie boots

Stella McCartney Emilie boots

These luxury vegan platform Chelsea boots from Stella McCartney have a chunky rubber platform sole and a sustainable wood platform.

They're made in Italy.

The camel upper is made with vegan leather, like all of Stella McCartney's shoes.

Click here for more information.

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BC Footwear

You can find these taupe non leather Chelsea boots are for sale on Amazon. They're perfect if you're looking for Chelsea boots in a color other than brown or black.


Brown suede vegan boots

Collection and Co Lexus unisex Chelsea boots

These vegan Chelsea boots have a practical 1 inch heel, an almond-shaped toe and are made with vegan suede.

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Mustard yellow heeled vegan Chelsea boots

Taylor + Thomas mustard yellow Chelsea boots

For a totally unique and stylish take on Chelsea boots, the Patti Chelsea boots come in mustard yellow. A tribute to Patti Smith, they've got a comfortable orthotic insole, an FSC-certified sustainably harvested beechwood heel and an outsole made of recycled rubber.

Taylor + Thomas is a PETA-approved luxury 100% vegan footwear company based in LA, and they're committed to using sustainable design materials for the gorgeous, handcrafted shoes.

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Two pairs of feet wearing doc marten vegan chelsea boots

Dr Martens vegan Chelsea boots

Doc Martens are a classic, and they have vegan boots too. The Dr Martens vegan 2976 Chelsea boots is unisex and uses their cushioned sole that are oil resistant and slip resistant.

The vegan Dr Martens Chelsea boots come in two colors, a classic black and cherry red - ideal if you're looking for a unique color of Chelsea boots!


vegan doc marten chelsea boots

Vegan Flora Dr Martens

These Doc Martens vegan Chelsea boots are a slightly different style to the 2976. The vegan Flora Chelsea boots have a slimmer profile than the 2976 boots. 

These Doc Marten vegan Chelsea boots also have the same cushioned, slip resistant sole. Dr Martens have a range of vegan boots, including different styles like their classic black Felix rub off boots, if you prefer a different style.


Sustainable black vegan Chelsea boots

Mens' Mellby sustainable vegan Chelsea boots

The brand Humans are Vain is an eco-friendly and vegan shoe brand from Sweden that uses sustainable materials like recycled cotton and rubber and polyester upcycled from ocean trash.

These are eco friendly vegan Chelsea boots. Mens Mellby Chelsea boots are made with an OEKO-TEX certified vegan leather, corn fiber and recycled PET lining and a sole made from recycled rubber.

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Nae black vegan boots

Nae Chelsea boots

The Riley vegan black Chelsea boots are a slightly different take on the Chelsea style, utilising vegan leather instead of the traditional elastic.


Classic style Ahimsa black vegan Chelsea boots

Ahimsa Chelsea boots

Ahimsa, a vegan shoe company that has its own all-vegan shoe factory, makes classic black vegan Chelsea boots. The Dylan Chelsea vegan boots are classic in style, and come in black or the dark brown color Espresso.


Vegetarian Shoes Airseal vegan Chelsea boots

Vegetarian Shoes Chelsea boots

Vegetarian Shoes is one of the oldest vegan shoemakers, having made their shoes with vegan materials in the UK since 1990. Vegetarian Shoes Airseal Chelsea Boots are a classic Chelsea boot style and come in a wide variety of colors and soles! From a classic black to burgundy to cherry red, choose the color that suits you. Most styles come with the town sole, but you can also choose boots with a country sole.

They have a huge range of vegan boots styles, including vegan hiking boots and Doc Martens style boots if you prefer, like their Airseal boulder boots.


Koi Footwear chunky black vegan Chelsea boots

Koi Footwear vegan chunky Chelsea boots in black

These vegan black boots are a mix of a classic ankle boot style and classic Chelsea boots, and come with a mid-heel. 

If you're looking for affordable choices, Koi seems to have a fairly low price on many of their shoes.


Beyond Skin vegan suede boots

Beyond Skin vegan suede Chelsea boots

These ethical Chelsea boots are a twist on the usual Chelsea boot style, with the elastic at the back rather than the side. Like any Chelsea boots, they pair equally well with skirts or jeans, casual looks or more dressed up styles. The lining is made with 100% recycled PU. They're water resistant and PETA approved vegan.


Woman drinking coffee at a cafe table wearing Bhava Chelsea boots

Bhava womens vegan Chelsea boots

These Chelsea boots are a take that combines a sole similar to combat boots with a Chelsea boot upper. They come with removable comfortable cork insoles and an extra pair of organic cotton lined insoles which are perfect for when you want some extra warmth in winter. 

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Minuit Sur Terre Chelsea boots next to vase of flowers

Minuit sur Terre Chelsea boots

Minuit make very stylish vegan shoes, and their Chelsea boots are no exception. A cute take on the Chelsea boot, their Cornouailles botos come with glittery elastic. These cute vegan boots are available in black, hazelnut and Bourdeux colors.

In my view, Minuit sur Terre make some of the most stylish vegan shoes at the moment, and when I recently had to get new sandals, I went for this brand. I love all their boots, too.




What are vegan Chelsea boots?

Vegan Chelsea boots are boots that don't contain any animal products like leather or animal glue. They're made with vegan alternatives like vegan leather.


Where to buy vegan Chelsea boots?

Although you might be lucky and live in a city that has a vegan shoe store, chances are you don't. Some department stores have vegan boots, but in my experience few shop assistants know (since shoe material is labelled, and you can tell what's leather, but glue isn't labelled). Thus, buying online is usually easiest, hence this list!


What colour of Chelsea boots go with everything?

This is a matter of opinion. Personally, I prefer black or brown boots, but other neutral tones like taupe or grey work too.


Are Chelsea boots in fashion?

Considering people have been rocking Chelsea boots since the 60s, I'd say they're pretty firmly in the camp of classic/always in style shoe.


Are Chelsea boots comfortable?

This depends on the shape of your foot and the specific shoe you buy, but generally, yes! I find them very comfortable, particularly if you choose a style of flats with a small heel. Some boots, like Bhava's vegan Chelsea boots, come with insoles. Bhava's boots come with removable comfy cork insoles, and lined cotton insoles to keep you warm in winter.


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What's your favorite take on Chelsea boots?

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