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The 21 Best Brands for Vegan Dress Shoes in 2023

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Need vegan dress shoes for work, a wedding or an upcoming event? It hasn’t always been easy to find vegan men’s dress shoes or vegan womens dress shoes, since unfortunately many brands make their dress shoes with leather.

However, thanks to all vegan shoe brands, there are now plenty of choices!

Some of the brands I’ll be looking at in this article include, among others:

More vegan dress shoe brands:

I’ll cover vegan dress shoes for men as well as womens vegan dress shoes (you can find my guide to vegan womens shoes of all styles here and vegan mens shoes here).

A note: I’ve linked to where you can buy these shoes online.

However, if you prefer buying shoes in person (sometimes you can’t beat trying them on in-person) it can be tricky as not that many shoe label their vegan shoes all that well. You can use this guide to shoe symbols but know that some non-vegan brands use animal-based glues, and check if your city has a vegan shoe store or a vegan shop that sells shoes.

Or, take a leaf out of this five-year-old’s book and ask a local footwear shop if they’ll order in vegan shoes for you!


Men’s vegan dress shoes

Brown lace up dress shoes from Gentleberg, maker of mens shoes vegan

Gentleberg vegan dress shoes (mens)

Gentleberg make mens trainers and smart vegan shoes.

If you’re looking for vegan suit shoes that will work for work, a wedding or other formal event, my top pick of Gentleberg’s vegan men’s dress shoes is the Robbert vegan leather cap toe Derby shoes.

These vegan brown dress shoes will work for any occasion.

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Black laced non leather dress shoes mens from Wills Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Store

Based in the UK, with US and Europe stores

Features: 100% vegan

Will's is the best for vegan work shoes and all your other vegan shoe needs. They have one of the most extensive collections of vegan shoes, bags and accessories.

Will's started out specialising in vegan men's shoes, and later expanded to make women's vegan shoes, bags, jackets and more.

Whether you're looking for vegan Oxford shoes, vegan boat shoes, or non leather brogues, you can find just about any style of non leather shoes for men at Will's. Perfect if you're looking for vegan business shoes to go with your suit for a conference.

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Brown lace up vegan mens dress shoes from Noah Italian Vegan Shoes

Noah Italian Vegan Shoes

These vegan Italian shoes epitomise classic Italian shoemaking. Noah vegan shoes make vegan mens dress shoes in traditional styles, from vegan Oxfords to vegan Derby shoes.

If you're looking for traditional shoes such as vegan black work shoes, Noah's meld classic style and traditional construction.

Their non leather mens shoes are handcrafted in small productions and fair working conditions in Italy.

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Good guys dont wear leather black vegan oxford shoes

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather was the first vegan shoe company in France. They make non leather dress shoes as well as vegan dress boots, plus more casual wear like sneakers. Many of their styles of vegan formal shoes are unisex. 

As well as a microfibre-based vegan leather, some of their mens vegan dress shoes (such as the Cooper boots) are made with apple leather, an innovative and eco-friendly vegan leather made from leftover apple waste from the food industry. 

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Brown vegan loafers from Marzeri


Marzeri is another great option if you're looking for designer vegan smart shoes. Their non leather formal shoes are classic in style; choose from vegan penny loafers or Oxfords in brown or black. 

Because of the way they're constructed, these vegan leather shoes have a high level of water impermeability and can be re-soled. 

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Best vegan dress shoes for women

If you're looking for women's vegan dress shoes, there are plenty of options these days, from vegan brands and even vegan designer labels. 


Black vegan heels shoes from Wills collection of vegan dress shoes women

Will's Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Store started out making men's vegan shoes and have since expanded to women's shoes (plus accessories, coats and more).

They have a really big range and you can find just about any vegan womens work shoes or shoes for other special occasions.

Whether you're looking for vegan Mary Jane shoes, vegan wedge shoes, or vegan court shoes, Will's has a vegan version of most classic womens dress shoes.

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Woman wearing peach stiletto heels and a long skirt which is swishing


Use code “VEERAHXTHEVEGANWORD” for 10% off!

Veerah is a vegan designer shoe brand with a difference - you can customise and change the shoes with clip-on accessories like straps, tassels and brooches.

It was the braindchild of founder Stacey Chang, who realised she was always packing multiple pairs of shoes for business trips to change her look for different outfits. She came up with the idea of customising one pair of shoes for multiple looks.

They have vegan mule shoes, pumps and heeled sandals, as well as boots, and you can buy the detachable shoe accessories separately.

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Multicoloured stamp pattern vegan snakeskin stiletto heels from Aera


Aera is a luxury vegan shoe brand created by fashion industry insiders, including a former president of Dolce & Gabbana. Their shoes are vegan and sustainable, and produced by artisans in Italy.

Stand out with vegan python effect stilettos or vegan ballet shoes in leopard print or snakeskin vegan leather. 

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Vegan low heel boots from Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is the most famous vegetarian luxury designer.

As a longlong vegetarian, she doesn't use leather in any of her designs, so all her shoes and bags are vegan (some of the clothing in her line isn't as some contain wool and silk so beware of that).

If you're looking for designer shoes, Stella's range includes trainers, boots and more.

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PInk stiletto heel shoe with soquette feature from Piferi


The second luxury designer on this list, Piferi was founded by Alfredo Piferi, former head of design at Jimmy Choo. 

Piferi's designs are unique, such as the soquette heel pictured above.

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Sylth Virago black vegan boots with specialty curved stiletto heel

Sylth Virago

This designer brand is designed in New York and made in Italy and is designed to be durable. They even go as far as subisidising repairs on their shoes, which I think is a great idea!

The Sylth Virago boots come with their custom signature curved stiletto heel. 

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Medium height black heels

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is a well-known vegan bag brand that expanded into shoes. If you're looking for vegan office shoes, they have a wide range of styles, from mules to boots.

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Teal sparkly shoes with ankle ribbons

Cult of Coquette

Cult of Coquette was founded by Bebe Roxana, who always wanted a pair of Louboutin "Kate" shoes. Since they weren't available in vegan form, she decided to create her own!

Their specialty is heels, but they also have flats and also vegan bridal shoes.

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Platform shoes with coral straps and jute soles

Mireia Playa

Mireia Playa is a Barcelona-based brand and their shoes are made in Lyon, France.

Their range includes boots and sandals, such as these vegan platform shoes.

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Black heels with wooden block heel


Bhava is a vegan shoe brand that makes vegan clogs, heels and boots.

One particularly unique offering I love is that they sell boot "uppers" that you can attach to their boots to make ankle boots in knee-high boots, a way to be more eco- and wallet-friendly.

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Brown vegan leather loafers with gold chain on front with moon and earth symbols

Minuit Sur Terre vegan dress shoes (women's)

Minuit Sur Terre is a French vegan brand. They started out making shoes and now they also makes bags and accessories. I love their designs -- I have a pair of their sandals and they're so cute!

They have a range of vegan leather dress shoes, from heels to loafers.

I love their Symbol vegan loafers (pictured above). Made of a brown vegan leather made with cereals and a 3cm (1.25-inch) black wood effect heel, I particularly love the gold tone chain on the front. The chain features moons and the Earth and is a really cute addition to the loafers which makes them stand out.

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More brands that make vegan women's dress shoes:


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