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The Ultimate Guide to 27 Brands of Vegan Leather Boots

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Looking for vegan leather boots? I wear mine most days in the winter, and yes, they’re just as durable (I’ve had a pair of black vegan ankle boots for 5 years now!).

It’s not always easier hunting out vegan shoes, so I’ve put together a list of some of the best vegan boots you can find from the top vegan & vegan friendly brands.


Quick guide to the best vegan boots:

More vegan leather boot options:

These days, it’s not hard to find a vegan boot, whether you’re looking for vegan Chelsea boots or vegan winter boots.

I’ve also tried to include info about whether shoes are eco-friendly and ethical (although it’s not always easy to gauge whether a fashion brand is sweatshop-free or environmentally-friendly in their practices).

Best brands for vegan leather boots

It’s not always easy to find high-quality vegan womens shoes, but thankfully there are more and more options in recent years (I’ve been shopping for leather-free shoes for more than two decades and that wasn’t always the case!).

If you’re looking for the best faux leather boots in a specific style, check out my guides to the best vegan boot brands in each style:


Lace up black vegan leather ankle boots

Will’s Vegan Shoes

100% vegan company

Based in the UK

Will’s started as a vegan men’s shoe company. I remember years ago when they first launched at a vegan fayre in London – everyone was excited because it was (and still is) hard to find vegan men’s dress shoes! Now, they’ve expanded to also sell bags and women’s shoes too.

Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s vegan boots, Will’s has them. From classic vegan leather black boots to hiking boots, vegan lace up boots and waterproof winter boots, they’ve got a big range.

Find vegan boots for men here and women’s leather-free boots here.

Will’s has online stores in the US, UK, Germany and rest of EU – just choose your country/currency in the upper left corner.

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Two people standing, one wearing solid black vegan leather boots, the other wearing lace up black boots

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather

100% vegan company

Based in France

This Parisian vegan shoe company was the first 100% vegan shoe company in France, founded in 2011.

They're PETA approved and make boots in a variety of styles of cruelty free boots, from vegan leather cowboy boots to vegan suede ankle boots to vegan moto boots.

They even have boots made with apple skin leather, the lace up vegan boots pictured above (the Blaze boots).

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Flat tall black boots with strap wrapped multiple times around the ankle and decorative ankle buckle

Matt & Nat

100% vegan company

Based in Canada

Matt & Nat is a vegan company that started out selling bags and wallets and now makes vegan shoes too. I have a Matt & Nat wallet I bought around 10 years ago and it's still going strong.

Unfortunately, more recently I've read about concerns around sustainability and worker/labor rights (read more here) - they haven't made information public about these areas. 

They do make a wide range of non leather footwear, including vegan waterproof boots, rain boots, over the knee boots, Chelsea boots and more.

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Burgundy flat vegan leather ankle boot

Stella McCartney

Vegan options

Based in the UK

Stella McCartney's luxury clothing brand, like the designer herself, is vegetarian (she doesn't use fur or leather) but does use other animal products like wool. However, you can rest assured all all the shoes are leather free. 

I've also got a guide specifically on vegan designer shoes, which you can find here.

Luxury vegan footwear from Stella McCartney comes in a wide range of styles.

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Black heeled ankle boots with deep V at the side ankle


100% vegan company

Based in the US

Bhava is an all-vegan shoe company with a range of vegan boots and one of the most unique ideas I've come across, knee high and over the knee boot uppers. These attach to shorter boots, effectively transforming them into knee-high or over-the-knee boots, so you can two styles from one pair of boots. What a clever idea!

They have vegan heeled boots and flat styles in the range.

Looking for comfortable vegan boots? One thing customers consistently rave about in their reviews is how comfortable their boots are, and how good most of them are for walking (obviously depending on the style - you probably wouldn't want to walk five miles in the stilettos above!).

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Person wearing black heeled ankle boots

Nae vegan shoes

100% vegan company, uses some recycled materials

Based in Portugal

Nae is a vegan Portuguese shoe brand, with an online store and a bricks-and-mortar store based (like me!) in Barcelona.

All their shoes are made in Portugal, and they treat workers respectfully. They use materials that don't damage the environment like cork, pineapple leather and recycled plastic bottles and airbags.

They have a wide range of vegan leather shoes, from sneakers to sandals to classic vegan black boots.

Their cute vegan boots range from heels to flats, vegan leather ankle boots to knee-high boots, in a range of styles. See their full vegan boot range here.

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Person wearing brown ankle boots with low heel


100% vegan company, made in the only all-vegan shoe factory

Based in Brazil

Ahimsa is an all-vegan shoe brand that built one of the world's first completely vegan shoe factories.

They have a wide range of shoes, from Chelsea boots to lace-up boots and whether you want vegan brown boots with heels or without.

See their full boot range, from brown vegan boots to classic black vegan boots, here.

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Black vegan boots lace up. Person is standing on wet ground with small water droplets on toe of boots


Vegan options, eco-friendly and uses GOTS certified organic cotton

Po-Zu is a shoe company that makes some vegan sneakers and boots. Their vegan boot style is water resistant and practical. 

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Chunky black flat lace up boots

Doc Martens

Has vegan options

Based in the UK

If you're looking for vegan leather Doc Martens, you'll be pleased to know that the classic boot brand makes vegan versions!

They have vegan Chelsea boots, the leather-free Felix rub 8 eye ankle boot and vegan leather Dr Martens in the classic style. 

Find the full range of non leather Dr Martens here.

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Knee high black vegan leather boots with stiletto heel


100% vegan company, uses some recycled materials

Based in the UK

Allkind is a British vegan footwear brand that started in March 2020.

They use recycled materials and state their products are sweatshop-free.

They have a range of vegan winter boots for women, from heeled to flat boots and different styles.

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Black heeled vegan leather ankle boots with studded black strap on ankle

Veerah vegan leather booties

Use code "VEERAHXTHEVEGANWORD" for 10% off!

The non leather boots selection from Veerah is small but perfectly formed.

They have one style of ankle boot in five different colours and accessories you can add to customise or change up your look.

The vegan womens ankle boots are made of soft, breathable vegan leather, lined with Tencel and the insole is made of an algae-based foam cushion for comfort.

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BC Footwear

100% vegan company

Based in the US

BC's shoes are PETA certified vegan. As well as sandals, flats and heels, they make vegan boots too. From vegan black ankle boots to cute vegan leather booties to trendy knee high boots, they've got styles for every taste.


Flat black lace up vegan leather boots with zipper down the side

Call It Spring

100% vegan company

Based in Canada

Call It Spring makes affordable vegan shoes and bags.

They have a few dozen different boot styles for women and men.

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Flat black vegan leather ankle boots shown with decorative strap and round gold tone buckle on the side

Minuit Sur Terre

100% vegan company

Based in France

Minuit Sur Terre is an all-vegan shoe company from France, using some recycled materials.

They make gorgeous vegan sandals (I just bought my first pair of their sandals but haven't received them yet so can't review them) and boots.

All their packaging is plastic-free.

They have both vegan heel boots and vegan flat boots and styles range from vegan suede boots to faux leather.

I haven't tried their vegan booties yet, but I have a pair of their sandals I love.

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Grey vegan suede ankle boots with block heel

Mireia Playa

100% vegan company

Based in Spain

Mireia Playa is a vegan shoe company from Spain.

They have a range of heeled and low boots, including some with their distinctive triangular heel style.

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Person wearing long coat and vegan tall puffer boots


100% vegan company, PETA approved

Based in Canada

Noize is a Canadian vegan company that makes outwear, including super warm winter coats, plus accessories (hats, gloves, scarves), bags and women's boots.

Their vegan friendly boots are practical and warm.

They have a variety of vegan puffer boots, from vegan mid calf boots to ankle booties.

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Studded black vegan leather flat boots


100% vegan company

Based in the US

Novacas (which means 'No Cows') is the house brand of Moo Shoes, a vegan shoe store in New York.

They make vegan leather gloves, bags and boots. See the full range here.

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Black lace up vegan leather boots with pull that says Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes

100% vegan company

Based in the UK

Vegetarian Shoes is one of the oldest vegan shoe companies in existence, having been running since 1990!

They have a huge range of shoes, including classic black vegan leather boots, vegan Ugg-style boots, Chelsea boots and more.

Find the full women's boot range here and the men's boots here.

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100% vegan

Based in the US

This vegan shoe company was founded in 2008 in NYC, and they sell a few different stylish vegan boots on Amazon now. Find them here.


Black flat boot

Native Shoes

100% vegan company

Based in the US

Native Shoes is a vegan footwear company that makes boots, including non leather waterproof boots, the Hydroknit. 

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Blue hiking shoes

Merrell hiking boots

Vegan options

Based in the US

If you're looking for vegan leather hiking boots, well-known outdoor brand Merrell has a range of vegan hiking boots. You can see their vegan boots here.

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Vegan Chelsea boots

Looking for vegan leather Chelsea boots? Click here to see my full guide to vegan Chelsea boots.

The best vegan leather boots come in a variety of different plant-based leathers these days, from Piñatex (made from leftover pineapple waste) to apple leather.

Matt & Nat vegan Chelsea boots (womens)

Looking for non leather Chelsea boots? Matt & Nat's Joliete Chelsea boots are their take on the classic style. 

They also have vegan leather high heel Chelsea boots, the Fran boot.

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Black flat vegan Chelsea boots

Immaculate Vegan store

Immaculate Vegan is an online vegan store, and they have a selection of vegan Chelsea boots from different brands and in different colours, which you can find here.


Black vegan Doc Martens Chelsea boots

Doc Martens

Doc Martens have a vegan version of Chelsea boots, the Vegan 2976 Chelsea boots, which you can find here.


Black vegan leather Chelsea boots

Wills Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Shoes have a big variety of Chelsea boots, from classic ones to waterproof and insulated boots. 


Black Chelsea boots with pull that says Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes also has a wide range of Chelsea boots, which you can find here.


Vegan cowboy boots

Red vegan leather cowboy boots

Immaculate Vegan store (UK)

The online vegan store Immaculate Vegan sells a number of vegan cowboy boot styles, which you can find here.


White vegan cowboy boots with decorative motif and low heel

Kat Mendenhall vegan leather cowboy boots (womens)

Kat Mendenhall specializes in vegan cowboy boots and vegan leather goods made in Texas! If you're looking for authentic Texas style cowboy boots, made vegan, then these are the shoes for you.

Find more vegan cowboy boots in my guide here.


Brown vegan suede cowboy boots with heel

Good Guys Don't Weather Leather

This French vegan shoe brand makes a few different styles (and colors) of non leather cowboy boots, which you can find here.


Person sitting in Emmanuelle chair wearing black ankle boots

Vegan ankle boots

Want a classic or trendy pair of ankle boots? I've got a full guide to vegan ankle boots here, or read on for top picks.


BC Footwear

BC Footwear makes a lot of different vegan ankle boot styles, which you can find on Amazon here.


Vegan high heeled suede ankle boots


Nae makes beautiful vegan shoes, and their ankle boots are no exception. Find their vegan ankle boot range here.


Black vegan leather ankle boots with low heel and gold toned zipper down the side

Matt & Nat

Matt & Natt have a wide range of vegan boots, including ankle boots, which you'll find here.


Vegan knee-high boots

If you're looking for vegan leather knee high boots, you can find my full guide to vegan knee high boots here.

Or read on for my top picks. These brands have some beautiful vegan boot options.

BC Footwear 

BC Footwear has a few different non leather knee high boot styles, with and without heels and in varying colors, which you can find on Amazon here.


Person wearing black vegan suede knee high boots over jeans

Petit Vour vegan leather boots (women's)

Petit Vour started out selling vegan makeup subscription boxes but now their online vegan shop sells shoes, too! Find their boot selection here.


Brown vegan leather stiletto heeled knee high boots

Immaculate Vegan

Immaculate Vegan's online vegan shoe store has a selection of vegan knee-high boots from different brands, which you can find here.


Black flat vegan knee high riding boots

Will's Vegan Shoes non leather boots (womens)

Will's makes a variety of different boots, including knee-high heeled boots, which come in brown and black.


Vegan winter boots

Looking for vegan leather winter boots to keep your feet warm and dry? I have a full guide to vegan winter boots, which you can find here, or read on for a few picks.


Black ankle boots

Native Shoes

Native Shoes' boots are perfect for winter. The Hydroknit is waterproof, the material is stain resistant and the sole has extra traction. 


Brown lace up boots

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes has a selection of vegan winter boots, including Ugg-style boots to keep you cozy, Chelsea style boots or more.


Black mid calf rain boots

Matt & Nat vegan leather boots (womens)

Live somewhere where rain is the main concern in winter? Matt & Nat's rain boots are perfect for you - they're waterproof and built for rainy days.


Vegan winter boots with vegan wool cuff

Will's Vegan Shoes 

Will's WVSport snow boots are perfect for outdoor winter adventures - they're water-resistant and designed to keep you warm up to -22° C / -7.6 F.


Vegan black snow boots from Alexandra K

Alexandra K vegan grape leather snow boots

These non leather winter boots are made of grape leather, which is waterproof, and designed so you can keep your feet warm and dry in the snow.


Vegan hiking boots


Black hiking boots

Will's Vegan Shoes hiking boots

Will's WVSport non leather hiking boots are waterproof, so you're ready to hit the trail, no matter what the weather! 


Black vegan leather lace up boots

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes' selection of boots includes not just hiking boots, but also non leather leather work boots and non leather safety boots, all of which you can find here.


Hiking boots

Merrell hiking boots

Well-known hiking brand Merrell makes vegan hiking boots! You can find their vegan options here.


Best vegan leather boot brands for men

You can find my full guide to vegan mens boots here.

Black vegan Chelsea boots with elasticated panel

Will's Vegan Store

Will's started out making solely vegan mens shoes (and have since expanded to make clothes and bags too).

They have a wide selection of men's vegan leather boots in classic styles, such as mens vegan Chelsea boots, hiking boots, dock boots and more. Find my full guide to vegan mens boots here.

Looking for waterproof vegan boots? Their black vegan Chelsea boots also come in a waterproof and insulated version perfect for rainy winter days. 

Some of their boots are Goodyear welted, making them some of the best quality vegan boots (Goodyear welting is durable and can be re-soled).

Find Out More


Black lace up vegan leather ankle boots

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather vegan leather boots (mens)

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather have a great selection of mens vegan leather boots, including these black vegan leather combat boots, made of eco-friendly apple leather, plus desert boots, cowboy boots and more. They also have lots of other shoes styles, from clogs to trainers. See my full guide to vegan combat boots here.

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Brown lace up vegan leather mens boots

Humans are Vain vegan leather boots (men)

Humans are Vain have two classic styles of mens boots, a Chelsea boot and these vegan leather lace up boots. The brown vegan leather boots are a classic ankle boot style, made eco friendly and vegan.

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Solid black vegan leather lace up boots

Noah Vegan Italian Shoes vegan leather mens boots

Noah makes two styles of mens non leather snow boots that are water-repellent and warm.

Find Out More


How are vegan boots made?

Vegan boots are made using all vegan materials - that means they don't contain any animal products, like leather, fur or wool. Instead, they use animal-free alternatives such as canvas or vegan leather.


How is vegan leather made? 

There are many different kinds of vegan leather. Polyurethane/PU leather, for example, is one of the most common materials and is made of thermoplastic.

In recent years, more sustainable options have been invented, including pineapple leather and apple leather. These are made from discarded waste from the food industry.

For pineapple leather, pineapple leaves (which would otherwise have been thrown away) are collected and processed into fibres, which are then made into mesh and finished. You can read more about the process here.


How can I find inexpensive vegan boots?

To find boots at the best price, keep an eye on the brands listed here for sale times - but be quick.

Often you can also find leather-free boots at discount stores, but it can be hard to tell if they use vegan glue.

Or better yet, shop secondhand - on sites like eBay, you can search for vegan shoes.


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What's your favourite vegan boot brand?

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