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The 11 Best Vegan Slippers for Comfy, Cozy Feet

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Nothing beats cosying up in the wintertime with your slippers and a vegan hot cocoa. How to ensure you get vegan slippers?

There are plenty of what appear to be vegan slipper options out there that are made with synthetic fibers or cotton, but are all those slippers vegan, really? To help, I’ve put together a list of the best vegan slippers!

Here are my picks of the top vegan slippers:

More vegan slippers:

There are plenty of other womens and mens vegan slippers – read on for the full list.

Person shown (knees down) wearing jeans and slipping their fit into pair of vegan brown suede and cream vegan leather slippers

Dooeys vegan slippers

Best of: best vegan house slippers

These are more than vegan womens slippers – Dooeys are called “house shoes” (a cross between a slipper and a shoe) and one reviewer says they feel like “hugs for your feet.” 

They’re designed to support your feet much like a shoe, while being cosy and comfortable for use around the house.

Pair of vegan suede and vegan leather Dooeys slippers with diagram showing upper is made of apple leather and vegan suede, insole from cork, lining from recycled plastic bottles and sole from sugarcane

These vegan house slippers have some serious eco credentials. The womens vegan slippers are made with vegan apple leather (made with waste from the food industry), sugarcane-based soles, a cork-based insole, vegan suede made from recycled polyester and a lining made of recycled plastic bottles.

Dooeys come in two styles, the house shoe pictured above, and vegan mule slippers if you prefer a shoe you can slip on. The mules are also made with vegan apple leather, sugarcane and recycled plastic bottle lining, plus feature a coconut husk footbed with cork lining.

The founder of Dooeys decided to create the company after living in Amsterdam and working from home there and feeling like she had to choose between sneakers and unsupportive slippers.

Dooeys are the best of both worlds, and perfect for support if you have hardwood or tile floors.

These vegan leather slippers are ethically made in Portugal and shipped with carbon neutral shipping in recycled packaging.

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Black puffer slider slippers

Noize Nova unisex puffer slippers (vegan)

Looking for extra warm vegan slippers? These slippers are like wrapping your feet in a puffer jacket! 

These unisex vegan friendly slippers are made with recycled post-consumer plastic waste and will keep your feet nice and toasty.

These vegan winter slippers also come with extra traction on the soles in case you wear them outside. Like all Noize products, they are 100% vegan and PETA approved.

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Dark grey vegan felt slippers

Mecredy vegan slippers (men's)

Best of: best mens vegan slippers

These vegan mens slippers come in two styles - mules or full slippers.

Mecredy's use a heavy duty felt crafted out of 100% recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean. They are certified by the Global Recycling Standard and each slipper is made from at least 2 recycled bottles.

The sole of the men's vegan house slippers is made from 100% sustainable natural rubber.

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Light pink vegan felt mule slippers

Mecredy vegan slippers (womens)

Mecredy's vegan slippers for women are, just like their men's slippers, made from recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean.

Each of these cruelty free slippers is made from at least 2 plastic bottles, and the soles of the sustainable vegan slippers are made with 100% sustainably sourced rubber.

The vegan sustainable slippers are made in a factory in Spain using traditional techniques that is committed to eco-friendly production.

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Yellow and black quilted puffer booties

Noize Rye unisex puffer bootie

Many people swear by wearing their warm boots as slippers, because they're so toasty. These vegan slipper boots from Noize are sure to keep you warm!

The vegan boot slippers is made with recycled plastic and insulated with a recycled fill. 

The vegan bootie slippers also have extra traction on the sole.

They come in yellow, black, fuschia or blue.

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Slipper socks in a navy blue with lighter blue floral pattern and white faux wool lining visible

Thought Junetta vegan slipper socks

Best of: best vegan slippers UK

These slipper socks are made of bamboo viscose and organic cotton with a recycled polyester triple lining to keep your toes cosy and warm. 

They have extra grip on the sole, so although they are socks, they won't feel slippy.

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Woman wearing pink faux wool slide slippers

Noize Andrea faux shearling slides

These vegan shearling slippers are made with a soft faux shearling.

These vegan fluffy slippers are slides with a flat sole and a wide strap you can slip on and off. Since they don't cover your toes you may not find them as warm as some other slippers.

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Navy blue slippers with large floral pattern in pink, green and lighter blue (closed toe mules)

Thought Tabbie slippers

I think this lightweight slippers look perfect for spring and summer, if you like to wear slippers year round.

These slippers are made of Ecovero, a silky and soft fabric made from renewable wood sources. It's breathable, anti-microbial and anti-static.

The padding and soles of these ethical vegan slippers are made of 100% recycled polyester and they come with a fabric bag for travel or for use as a laundry bag.

Thought work with factories to ensure they meet the highest ethical labour standards.

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Closed toe white mule style toweling slippers

Organic cotton toweling slippers

If you want hotel-style slippers, these look exactly like many slippers I've seen while travelling. 

The toweling slippers are made of organic cotton that's unbleached and undyed. The sole is rubber.

They only come in two sizes so not a great deal of range.

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Cork slippers with white lining and black soles (cork outer is natural cork colour). Stamp on outer shoe that says Montado and features a small graphic of a tree

Eco friendly unisex cork slippers

These slippers are made from eco friendly cork.

Cork is one of the most eco-friendly materials because cork trees are harvested without cutting down or harming the tree, and the trees require little input in terms of water or fertiliser. It is also biodegradable, depending on how it is treated.

As well as being a regenerative material, cork is also a durable material and will last you a long time. Plus, cork generally has a reputation for fair labour treatment - see more here.

The cork used in these slippers is from Montado, Portugal, which grows half the cork in the world and consists of 21% of the forests in Portugal. The cork trees are harvested every 9 years.

Cork is hypoallergenic, lightweight, impermeable, soft and elastic.

You can clean cork with soap and water.

One thing to note is that some reviewers state they stretch slightly over time.

These non leather slippers have a faux shearling lining and a memory foam insole. Memory foam moulds to your feet over time so these are extra comfortable!

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Dark grey vegan felt slippers

Unisex vegan felt slippers

These slippers are made with wool free felt (the brand also makes wool slippers so be sure to buy the wool-free version!).

This felt is made of recycled polyester and cotton and has a wool-like feel. The felt is 5mm thick and the 4mm thick soles are rubber with grip so you can wear them indoors and out. 

They are warm and breathable and will keep your feet warm in winter, while in the summer the breathability will help your feet stay cool.

They are unisex and run from 37 to 49 EU size. It's recommended to order a size up if you plan to wear them with medium or thick socks.

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Dark brown slippers with off white lining

Pawj mens vegan suede and faux fur slippers

These cozy vegan slippers are made with a faux suede outer and vegan faux fur and faux shearling lining.

The seams are doubled nylon stitched and they have an EVA sole.

They run small so it's recommended you size up.

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Pawj womens slippers

Pawj is a 100% vegan brand that makes boots and vegan slippers like Uggs. If you're looking to keep your feet nice and toasty all winter, these are the slippers for you!

These mule-style vegan sheepskin slippers are made with a high-quality faux suede upper and a lining made of faux fur and vegan shearling. They have an EVA sole, reinforced heel and double-stitched seams.


More vegan slippers:

Etsy vegan slippers

Pawj California: more styles of vegan Ugg slippers & boots

Thies 1856 eco line for men

Thies 1856 eco children's line

Thies 1856 eco slippers for women

Saana Ja Olli hemp slippers

Coyuchi organic cotton quilted knit sock slippers

Ethletic Fair Fighter slipper shoe

Vegetarian Shoes unisex travel slippers

Toms vegan slippers

Freewaters vegan slippers

Vesica Piscis vegan bootie (recycled cotton + faux wool lining)

Gumbies Outback recycled slippers



What are vegan slippers?

Vegan slippers are simply slippers that don't contain any animal products. Similar to other vegan shoes, they don't contain any leather, wool, fur or other animal by-products.

They can be made from a number of materials, from organic cotton to polyester or recycled polyester, faux fur, vegan leather, hemp or even cork.

Some vegan materials are more eco-friendly than others; I recommend Heal Label's materials list to see what fabrics are vegan and which are eco-friendly.

While most vegan materials are more sustainable than animal-based materials like leather, silk or alpaca wool (see Higg material index here), there's variability between different vegan materials. (Note that the Higg index I linked doesn't show organic cotton vs conventional or recycled polyester vs standard polyester.)

Cork, for example, is a highly sustainable material and so buying slippers made with cork (like these cork slippers on Etsy) is a great idea to be more sustainable.

There are also plenty of innovative and sustainable new vegan leathers, such as the apple leather made with leftover food industry waste used in Dooeys slippers, alongside cork, recycled plastic bottles and coconut husks.


Where to buy vegan slippers?

You may be able to find vegan slippers in a shop near you, though they probably won't  be labelled vegan. Just check what they're made of and be sure to avoid leather, wool, fur trim etc. Here's a link to shoe label symbols and what they mean.

Sometimes it's easier to buy online where shoes are often better labelled as vegan! Hence my list above - check out my list of vegan slippers you can buy online.


Does Ugg make vegan slippers?

Ugg has not endeared itself to vegans over the years - their shoes are made of sheepskin, and so are not vegan or cruelty-free!

In 2021, PETA announced that following a petition, Ugg had decided to launch a vegan line. However, there's no evidence of vegan Ugg's on the Ugg's website.

Did they never launch? Did they discontinue them? Who knows, but as of now there are no vegan Ugg's.

Instead, try Pawj, a cruelty-free, vegan alternatives to Ugg's. They make 100% vegan Ugg style boots and slippers.


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