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The Top Vegan Leather Chairs in 2022

This post may contain affiliate links (see full disclaimer here). This means if you make a purchase after clicking, I may get a small percentage of the sale, at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Looking for vegan leather chairs? If you’re trying to redecorate your home in a cruelty-free way, a vegan sofa and chairs might top your list.

But can you find a faux leather accent chair or a faux leather recliner chair (perhaps to match your vegan leather sofa)? Absolutely! 

Some of the top brands of vegan leather chair I’ll be covering include:

Albany Park brown faux leather chair

The Albany vegan leather armchair comes in a distressed brown vegan leather. They also have sofas in matching leather (the Albany sofa and the Park sofa). 

The vegan armchair is cosy and perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Like all Albany Park/Edloe Finch furniture, the faux leather armchairs arrive in easy-to-move boxes and is easy to assemble. 

They have a few different styles of chair available in vegan leather, including the Park faux leather armchair. This classic chair comes with high-resiliency foam wrapped in cruelty-free feathers.

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Horchow vegan leather dining chair

Horchow, owned by Neiman Marcus, makes designer chairs including vegan faux leather chairs. These modern chairs come in a distressed charcoal faux leather and an antique bronze finish stainless steel metal frame. 

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Horchow vegan leather accent chair

This designer vegan accent chair is sure to draw attention! The chair features a viper print faux leather with an acacia wood hardwood frame.

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Ashley Furniture vegan recliner

Ashley Furniture has a range of vegan leather recliners. They have a list on their site of faux leather, which you can find here, but unfortunately they've included bonded leather (which contains animal leather) in the list so you'll need to check the chair to make sure it's vegan leather (look for polyurethane or PU). From manual recliners to power recliners, plus a vegan leather swivel chair, they've got a range of comfortable vegan leather chairs. 

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Ashley Furniture vegan office chair

Looking for a faux leather office chair?  Ashley has a lot of vegan leather desk chair options. For example, an executive chair looks very similar to the vegan desk chair I have (which is extremely comfortable!). Again, they've listed bonded leather in with other faux leathers, so avoid it (it contains animal leather) and check listings for PU leather.

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Wayfair vegan leather accent chairs

From a vegan leather chair and ottoman to barrel chairs and more, Wayfair has a really wide selection of vegan leather chairs, which you can find here.

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Overstock vegan leather accent chairs

Overstock also have a wide variety of vegan accent chairs, from a faux leather barrel chair to armchairs. 

They also have plenty of choice when it comes to a vegan gaming chair. See all the vegan gaming chairs here.

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Burrow eco friendly armchairs

If you're just looking for durable and long-lasting armchairs, rather than vegan leather chairs specifically, Burrow have a range of eco friendly chairs (and sofas). They don't have vegan leather chairs (they do have leather chairs so be careful to avoid those and go fo fabric) but their furniture is sustainable and built to last.

They have a low carbon footprint as they use wood from responsibly managed forests and upcycled fabric. They're also free from formaldehydes and chemicals.

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Medley eco friendly armchairs

Medley is another company making sustainable furniture (but they don't do vegan leather). Pick a fabric, and be sure to select the Certi-PUR high-resilience foam cushioning (not the latex as that comes wrapped in wool). 

Their chairs are handcrafted in California and made to order. They don't contain any harsh chemicals or fire retardants.

They have a few different styles of armchair, all in a contemporary look.

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VivaTerra eco friendly armchairs

VivaTerra makes eco friendlly armchairs in a linen fabric. Their furniture is handmade in the US and free of flame retardants. 

Their armchairs and sofas are filled with earth friendly fibers like an 80% regenerated fiber fill made with a renewable, soy-based core (on the bottom cushion) and a top cushion fill made from recycled plastic bottles. They also use responsibly sourced wood. 

As well as cosy armchairs, they also have some bench seating and rattan chairs.

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Choosing a chair: FAQ

What materials are best? Vegan leather vs fabric

Vegan leather is hard-wearing and scratch-resistant therefore might be good if you're looking for that. However, it does tend to get hot and sticky in warmer weather so bear that in mind - you might be better off with a fabric chair if you're in a humid climate. 

What style of chair to get?

What will you be using the chair for? Is it going in a cosy reading nook, where you plan to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea? Then comfort is king. Are you hoping to make the chair a focal point in the room, or add a splash of color or texture in an otherwise neutral living room? Perhaps comfort isn't as important, but the color or print is key here. Will you be using it at a desk? Then it needs to be ergonomic (nothing bothers me more than staying in a hotel or holiday rental where they've clearly chosen the desk chair for style, but not thought about comfort - spending long hours hunched over a laptop, you care more for comfort than the perfectly styled chair).

How can I be even more eco friendly?

Get secondhand! Check out eBay or Facebook marketplace, or see if there's a secondhand app near you (here in Spain, Wallapop is the go-to secondhand app and I got most of my furniture from it). You can save a lot of money this way, AND be more eco friendly! Not to mention finding a great vintage piece of furniture or antique makes you feel like you found a diamond in the rough and got a great deal - plus a gorgeous antique can really be a focal point in a room.


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