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Vegan tours are a way of exploring a new destination without the stress of booking everything yourself or struggling to find vegan food while you travel. You can learn about the destination’s history and culture from a guide while tasting plant-based cuisine, all arranged by the tour provider.

But how can you find a vegan tour? Some tour providers offer vegan options but now there are many 100% vegan tour operators out there who set up completely vegan tours! There are also a number of vegan food tours operating in major cities. Read on to find out how to book your next vegan holidays with a tour. Here are some the best vegan tours. 


Vegan Travel Club

Vegan Travel Club is a vegan tour provider specialising in trips to Italy (and sometimes Ireland). Their tours often feature vegan celebrities like Miyoko Schinner, create of Miyoko’s nut-based cheeses. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of sampling vegan pasta on the Amalfi Coast of Italy or walking the Dolomites in Italy and staying in Italy’s first vegan hotel, check out Vegan Travel Club’s vegan tour offerings. 

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Veg Jaunts and Journeys

Veg Jaunts and Journeys is a vegan tour company specialising in small group tours of 6-12 people and tours staying in a city longer than average to really get to know the place. If you love exploring a city, seeing the lesser-known areas locals live in and love and getting to know its culture, rather than just scratching the surface, Veg Jaunts and Journeys is for you.

Upcoming 2020 trips include Poland (Warsaw and Krakow), African safari and Puglia, Italy.

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CPG Trips

Author and podcaster Colleen Patrick-Goudreau runs CPG Trips. The trips are fully vegan and emphasise animals, wildlife and sanctuaries. 

Upcoming trips include Botswana and Cape Town (including a land and water safari in Botswana) and exploring the Dordogne region in France, including hilltop castles, medieval villages and even an elephant sanctuary.

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