Vegan Tours: The Best Vegan Tours of 2020

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Vegan tours are a way of exploring a new destination without the stress of booking everything yourself or struggling to find vegan food while you travel. On one of these vegan holidays, you can learn about the destination’s history and culture from a guide while tasting plant-based cuisine, all arranged by the tour provider.

But how can you find a vegan tour? Some tour providers offer vegan options but now there are many 100% vegan tour operators out there who set up completely vegan tours! You’ll find a list of upcoming vegan tours below.

These are the best vegan vacations 2020 has to offer!

There are also a number of vegan food tours operating in major cities, if you’ve already planned your vegan holidays 2020 and want to join a tour in the city/cities you’re visiting. Read on to find out how to book your vegan vacations with a 100% vegan food tour. So pack your vegan luggage, and get ready to travel!

P.S. If you’re looking for a little luxury for your vegan honeymoon, you might also want to consider vegan all inclusive vacations. Click here to see my guide to vegan all inclusive resorts.


1. Vegan Travel Club
     1a. 10-day tour of the Emerald Isle: Ireland with Dustin Harder aka The Vegan Roadie
     1b. Italy
2. Green Earth Travel: vegan tours and travel agency
3. Veg Jaunts & Journeys
     3a. 10 days in Prague and Budapest
     3b. 10 days in Tuscany: including a vegan winery, animal sanctuary and more
4. VegVoyages: Vegan Adventure Travel
     4a. VegVoyages + VegNews food lovers tour of Thailand
     4b. Orangutan odyssey on the island of Sumatra
5. World Vegan Travel
     5a. Botswana and Cape Town
6. Vegan Epicure Travel
     6a. Create your Dream Life in France
     6b. La Dolce Vegan: Italy tour
7. Vegan City Food Tours
     7a. Vegan food tours London
     7b. Vegan tour Berlin
     7c. Vegan food tours Amsterdam
     7d. Vegan food tour NYC
     7e. Vegan Dublin food tours
     7e. Other cities

vegan travel club

Vegan Travel Club


10 Days in Ireland with Dustin Harder aka The Vegan Roadie

See the Emerald Isle with the benefit of a group tour, yet plenty of free time on your own. Run by an established vegetarian tours company, this vegan tour takes in many of the main sights in Ireland.

This tour is an escorted tour with a free day in each of the 4 cities visited, so ideal if you want a combination of group time and free time to yourself.

The trip will take in Belfast, the Giant’s Causeway, Galway, Cork and Dublin. Take in everything from a castle to the Antrim coast and a donkey sanctuary.

Nine breakfasts, five lunches and two dinners (all vegan, of course!) included.

Dustin Harder, host and creator of the vegan food travel show, The Vegan Roadie, will be hosting the trip.

Click here for more information.


Vegan Travel Club: Italy

As a vegan tour provider, Vegan Travel Club specialises in trips to Italy. Their tours often feature vegan celebrities like Miyoko Schinner, creator of Miyoko's nut-based cheeses. 

If you've ever dreamed of sampling vegan pasta on the Amalfi Coast of Italy or walking the Dolomites in Italy and staying in Italy's first vegan hotel, check out Vegan Travel Club's vegan tour offerings. They have more than one vegan Italy tour every year, so you can choose the region you want to explore!

Click here for more information.

green earth/span>

Green Earth Tours and Travel

Green Earth Travel is a vegan travel agency run by Donna Zeigfinger, a veteran vegan travel agent and traveller.

Donna's been vegan for decades and as a long-term travel agent, she knows all about vegan tours or how to help you plan vegan trips.

You can book vegan travel tours through Green Earth Travel, or if you'd prefer a trip on your own, rather than a group tour, as a vegan travel agent, Donna can help you book that and customise an itinerary for you. She can also help you book vegan friendly cruises.

Click here for more information.

green earth/span>

Veg Jaunts and Journeys

Veg Jaunts and Journeys is a vegan tour company specialising in small group tours of 6-12 people. The tours stay in each individual city longer than average to really get to know the place. If you love exploring a city, seeing the lesser-known areas locals live in and love and getting to know its culture, rather than just scratching the surface, Veg Jaunts and Journeys is for you.

They also put together custom vacation packages, so if you have a trip in mind, get in touch for a custom vegan itinerary.

Upcoming 2020 trips include Poland (Warsaw and Krakow), Prague and Budapest, Lisbon, Tuscany and Scotland.

Click here for more information.


10 days in Prague & Budapest

Looking for a vegan holiday in Europe? This tour takes place between two of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague and Budapest. They're both up-and-coming vegan tourism destinations.

You'll go on walking tours of each city, admire Art Noveau architecture and ride a cog-wheel railway. The tour also includes vegan high tea at one of the most gorgeous cafes in the world.

Click here for more information.


10 days in Tuscany: including a vegan winery, animal sanctuary and more

The best vegan vacations include lots of vegan food, and this tour is exceptionally focused on food!

You'll be based in Florence the whole week, but you'll get the chance to see the Tuscan countryside with day trips to Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano and off-the-beaten-path villages.

On the vegan side of things, you'll do a vegan cooking class, have lunch at a vegan winery, do a vegan walking tour and you can also visit an animal sanctuary.

Imagine a week of chowing down on pasta (without having to worry if it contains eggs!) and enjoying the stunning Tuscan countryside, and the architecture and history of Florence.

Click here for more information.


VegVoyages: vegan adventures

VegVoyages is a vegan travel adventure tour operator specialising in vegan trips to Asia. Their trips take in Bali, Laos, India, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and more. They've been operating for 15 years, so they know what they're doing!


VegNews food lovers tour of Thailand with VegVoyages

Join VegNews magazine on this VegNews vacations journey to Thailand during the Vegetarian Festival. If you're not familiar with the Vegetarian Festival, it's a great time for vegans to visit. As well as observing various rituals and ceremonies, participants forgo meat and animal products during the course of the religious festival, meaning vegan food in widely available from street vendors, restaurants and markets!

Included are 11 nights' accommodation plus vegan meals throughout (11 breakfasts, 10 lunches and 10 dinners). You'll take in Bangkok, Phuket, and more.

Click here for more information.


Orangutan odyssey on the island of Sumatra

On this trip unlike any other, join the team at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program and learn about their fight to save orangutans and Indonesia's rainforests. You'll also be helping out where possible.

The tour will take in the capital of Jakarta, the rainforests of Sumatra (where you'll stay in an eco lodge and learn about the fight to save orangutans here) and finally Lake Toba.

All vegan meals are included (11 breakfasts, 10 lunches and 10 dinners).

Click here for more information.

world vegan travel

World Vegan Travel

World Vegan Travel specialise in all inclusive vegan holidays and adventures in international destinations, which include vetted animal sanctuaries and shelter experiences as well as vegan cuisine.

In 2020, trips include vegan Provence, Botswana and Cape Town (including a land and water safari in Botswana), vegan Thailand and exploring the Dordogne region in France, including hilltop castles, medieval villages and even an elephant sanctuary.



Botswana and Cape Town with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

If you love wildlife, you'll love this trip to Bostwana and Cape Town, which will take in safaris on both land and water, bush camps and a trip to a vineyard and sanctuary outside Cape Town. You might see giraffes, elephants, hippos, lions and other wildlife on the safaris.

All meals are included (and of course they're all vegan!), as is a trip to a winery and animal sanctuary outside Cape Town, accommodation and more.

Click here for more information.

vegan epicure travel

Vegan Epicure Travel

Vegan Epicure Travel tours are weeklong global small group tours, emphasising culture and (vegan!) food-oriented fun. Co-founder Aurelia d'Andrea is an author and editor, who has lived in France and written several guidebooks, plus is Beauty + Travel editor of VegNews magazine. So she knows her way aorund vegan France!

2020 trips include French wine country, Italy and a totally unique 'create your dream life' tour of France, perfect if you've ever thought of relocating to France!

dream life

Create your dream life in France

Dreaming of a new life in France? If you've ever fantasised about moving to France, this tour's for you. On this trip, join Aurelia d'Andrea, author of Living Abroad in France, to explore l'Hexagone.

You'll visit gorgeous and surprisingly affordable French properties, meet local vegans who have made the move, shop at a traditional market and visit Monet's garden. You'll also take a French vegan cooking class, visit a vegan village and learn French customs to help you integrate into local life.

Of course, you'll enjoy vegan French food and wine.

Click here for more information.

dolce vegan

La Dolce Vegan: Italy tour

Join The Vegan Epicure Travel team for a relaxed escape to Italy for a taste of la dolce vita. You'll visit Rome, where you'll explore an eat local vegan delicacies, then you'll head to Umbria and Tuscany, with a detour to the Mediterranean coast.

On this trip, you'll get to forage for wild food, take a vegan Italian cooking class, stay in a vegan agriturismo (a working farm you can stay in), explore a medieval village on a hilltop, try natural wines at a winery and do a gourmet olive oil tasting.

Click here for more information.

city tours

Vegan city food tours

If you're more of an independent travel type and prefer to go on your own, rather than joining a group tour, but still want a guide to the vegan sights of a city, then a vegan food tour might be the perfect thing for you! These are usually walking tours that last a few hours or an afternoon, and allow you to get to know a city through a vegan guide. You'll sample a variety of vegan foods from a few different restaurants, and get recommendations from a local vegan (your guide).

See my list of the most vegan-friendly cities worldwide here.

The Vegan Food Tours company run tours in a few cities, but many cities now have vegan tours! I recommend checking on Airbnb Experiences for vegan tours.

Here are links to food tours in a few major ciites:


Vegan food tours London:  & Shoreditch

Run by the Vegan Food Tours company.


Vegan tours Berlin

Offering four different tours of Berlin -- pick the area you want to explore!


Vegan tour Amsterdam

Run by the Vegan Food Tours company


Vegan tours NYC

Available on Airbnb Experiences (if you're new to Airbnb, click here to get $23/£23 off your first Experience!)


Vegan food tour of Dublin

Vegan in Ireland runs these vegan food tours of Dublin

other cities

Vegan food tours of other cities

Check out Vegan Food Tours and Airbnb Experiences for tours of many more cities, such as Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona and Athens.

Click here to get $23/£23 off your first Airbnb Experience!


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