Author: Caitlin Galer-Unti

Caitlin Galer-Unti

Vegan Author


Vegan Travel, Vegan Fashion, Vegan Recipe Development, Vegan Lifestyle


BSc (Hons) Government, London School of Economics


  • Vegan author and expert in veganism
  • Vegan since 2008; vegetarian since birth
  • BSc (Hons), Government, London School of Economics
  • Best-selling author of two vegan books
  • Work has been cited on Wikipedia, The Guardian
  • Recipes featured on The New York Times, Yahoo! Recipes, The Vegg cookbook, Vegan Life magazine, Instructables
  • Former vegan travel columnist for Vegetarian Living



Caitlin is a vegan author and writer and expert in veganism, vegan travel, cruelty-free fashion and vegan life. She’s been vegan since 2008 and was raised vegetarian.

Caitlin received a BSc in Government (Political Science) from the LSE. She credits the research techniques she learned at university with her ability to research in-depth.

She started The Vegan Word in 2011 to share her vegan recipes and travel experiences, and in 2015 she published her first book, The Essential Vegan Travel Guide. She went on to write two further editions of it, plus The Vegan Word Barcelona Vegan Guide.

Caitlin’s vegan writing, recipes and travel guides have been featured in The New York Times, Yahoo! and Vegan Life magazine, among others. Caitlin was vegan travel columnist for Vegetarian Living magazine prior to its closure, and has been interviewed on live TV as a vegan expert on Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s English channel (TRT, Turkey’s public broadcasting channel). Her work has been cited on Wikipedia and by The Guardian.

She speaks English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and since going vegan has lived in four countries and travelled to over 30 different countries.

Caitlin served as a mentor at the London Vegan Pledge, advising and helping those who took the pledge to go and stay vegan and answering all their queries about veganism and vegan life.

While living in Barcelona, Caitlin and her friend Estela started the Barcelona Vegan Community, Barcelona’s first vegan meetup, which grew to over 3,000 members on Meetup and held regular vegan social events.

Caitlin writes about everything to do with living vegan, from cruelty-free fashion to vegan food, and vegan travel to zero waste living.