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From Pin to Plate: Thai Carrot Peanut Soup

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Next up on my pin to plate project is this Thai carrot peanut soup.  My pin to plate project is my chance (and what forces me) to finally get round to making all the lovely recipes I pin and re-pin on Pinterest but have in the past always forgotten to make.  If you have any suggestions for a recipe I should try, feel free to email it to me or leave a link in the comments.

p2p_01burritos copy

This healthy Thai carrot peanut soup is from Minimalist Baker, who says it tastes like the peanut dipping sauce they give you with Vietnamese summer rolls.  As soon as I read that, I was sold.  Everyone knows peanut dipping sauce is the best part of summer rolls!  But I have to admit, I was still a bit suspicious.  Carrot soup with peanut?  Would that really taste like peanut dipping sauce?  Or would it just taste of carrots, and carrots only?

As usual, I made a few changes in here in the way of adding some ingredients (while other people seem to always leave out XYZ, for some reason I’m forever adding ingredients and complicating recipes I come across).  I was determined to make it as peanut sauce-y as possible, so I added a few ingredients I usually use in my peanut sauce: ground ginger, toasted sesame oil, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar.  I also doubled the recipe (because I had a really big bag of carrots) and left out the water (but used the stock), because I wanted a really thick soup.  It served 2 as a very healthy dinner – I have to admit I felt pretty good having eaten half a kilo of carrots!  And the verdict?  Well, it wasn’t exactly like peanut sauce, it was more like carrot-y peanut sauce, but it was SO good.  You have to try this one!

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1 thought on “From Pin to Plate: Thai Carrot Peanut Soup”

  1. Wow that looks insanely thick, heart + wholesome!! Such a good twist too. Root veg/carrot/squash-like combos are my fav fav ever!

    Totally need to get some veg in! Out with the brownies, in with the soups ;) #summerbod!


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