10 Ways You Can Help Vegan Businesses Stay Afloat During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Right now, you might be in quarantine or self-isolating–but even from home you can help vegan businesses stay afloat.

Here in Spain, we’re officially in lockdown. I find myself missing vegan croissants and vegan Nutella-stuffed doughnuts and wondering if my favourite vegan bakeries will open again after this is over–so I thought I’d take a break from croissant daydreams and write about something proactive we can all do.

Now, more than ever, small vegan businesses need the support of the vegan community to stay afloat.

It’s a tough time for independent businesses who have had to close their storefronts. They still have to pay rent, staff and themselves — all without customers.

But we can help them stay afloat! Here are a few ideas on how to support vegan businesses from home.

Please share this post with your vegan friends and family so we can all contribute! And share any additional ideas you have below.


1. Order from online shops/places that deliver

Ordering vegan shoes, groceries or makeup? Many places deliver!

I’ve got a directory of vegan online shops here, or look for local businesses in your area and check if they deliver to you!

This week I ordered vegan grocery delivery from a vegan shop near me and stocked up on vegan chocolate, cheese and more.

Etsy also has lots of vegan independent crafters and artists who will deliver to your door.


2. Order food delivery from local vegan restaurants (if possible)

If you live near a vegan restaurant, check if they deliver food to your door (if food delivery is still allowed).

Although you may not want or be able to go to the restaurant for a meal, buying delivery helps keep the restaurant afloat right now and means you can still enjoy their food.

Check their social media or call to find out.


3. Buy a voucher/gift certificate to use at vegan restaurant or shop when they reopen

Many vegan restaurants have now shut down altogether — meaning they have no way of making an income in the meantime.

To help them during this difficult financial time, buy gift certificates/vouchers for your favourite vegan restaurants, beauty salons or shops to use when they reopen.

Or, gift to your friends and family to lift their spirits right now.

My friend Emi put together a list of vegan food businesses in the UK that offer delivery or vouchers, which you can find here. If you know of any for other countries/cities, please let me know and I’ll add a link here.

UK vegan businesses that do delivery or have vouchers


The best vegan cooking classes online and in person

4. Take an online vegan cooking class

If you’re stuck at home and feel you could use a brush-up on your skills in the kitchen (or just want to learn some new techniques), now is a great time to take an online vegan cooking class!

I’ve got a whole guide to online vegan cooking classes here.

Brownble is my favourite online vegan cooking programme. Kim is an awesome teacher who will make you a confident cook!

If you’re looking to learn a new style of cooking, like Thai, Vietnamese or baking, Veecoco is an online cooking school that has a wide range of classes you can choose from.

And if you’re looking to take things up a notch and want a chef-level course, Rouxbe and the School of Natural Cookery offer certification courses (Rouxbe is entirely online, while the School of Natural Cookery has in-person classes but also run online classes — perfect for right now).


Vegan Food Delivery: the best vegan meal services available. Looking for vegan meal delivery near me? Here's where you find the best services to order vegan food delivered to your door.

5. Order vegan meal delivery or meal kits if you need a hand in the kitchen

Need help in the cooking department, or just don’t have time for cooking? Maybe you’re busy caring for little ones who aren’t at school, or an elderly relative.

Vegan meal kits and vegan meal delivery services can help!

Purple Carrot, for example, send vegan meal kits to your door that you can make in around 30 minutes or less.

Splendid Spoon is a plant-based meal delivery company that sends you pre-made meals so you don’t have to do a thing except eat.

Vegan meal kits come with ingredients pre-portioned and you just need to cook them. I’ve got a vegan meal kit guide here.

Vegan meal delivery services delivery food to your door that you just need to heat up and eat. I’ve got a guide to vegan meal delivery here.


6. Book a future stay at a vegan hotel

It’s a very tough time in the tourism industry, and most vegan hotels are independent businesses who may not have a lot of savings to fall back on if they have to close for awhile.

While we might not be travelling right now, you can plan ahead to future trips (also a great way for a little mental escapism!).

Book a future stay at a vegan hotel or resort.

Find my list of vegan hotels worldwide here.

Find my guide to vegan all inclusive resorts here.

Find my guide to vegan retreats here.


7. Donate to a local sanctuary

I have seen appeals from local sanctuaries here who rely on sales of t-shirts, pins etc at vegan fairs to keep themselves afloat. Now that vegan fairs and festivals are being cancelled, many are struggling.

Look for a local sanctuary near you and donate.


8. Support local businesses

Finally, on a non-vegan note, now is a great time to support local and independent businesses. Particularly at this time when so many large supermarkets are being ransacked of basic supplies like toilet paper.

While it may not be possible depending where you live, if you do live somewhere with independent shops/bodegas/off licenses, try going there to buy essentials — they’re more likely to have toilet paper in stock, you won’t have to fight anyone over it and it may not cost more anyway!


9. Share vegan businesses on social media

Post about your favourite vegan restaurants and businesses, even if they’re not in operation (I’m keeping a list for myself of places I want to try when they reopen).

If any of the vegan businesses you follows starts an initiative, like selling gift cards, be sure to share that to and spread awareness.


10. Please share this article

I’d like to end this with a request:

Please share this article on social media or with other vegans you know so we can all support vegan businesses at this time!

Also, please share any more ideas you have for supporting vegan businesses, or links to vegan businesses selling online right now so I can add them to the article. Thanks!


For vegan business owners:

Please share this article and your ideas, and leave a comment below with your vegan business and how we can support.


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This post may contain affiliate links (see full disclaimer here). This means if you make a purchase after clicking, I may get a small percentage of the sale, at absolutely no extra cost to you.

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  1. What a wonderful post! Really inspiring and leaves me feeling hopeful that people will continue to support small businesses through these strange times, and choose to buy luxury handmade sweet food items!


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