The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Barcelona

Gracia, Barcelona

Heading to Barcelona soon?  If not, you should be!!  It’s an amazing city…full of sun, jaw-dropping architecture, tapas, the beach, the mountains and a surprising number of vegan and vegan-friendly places! In 2016 Barcelona’s city council even declared it a #VegFriendly city and promised to promote vegetarianism and veganism. (And yes, Barcelona even made my list of the Top Vegan Destinations of 2017 in my book.)  Basically, it’s got everything you could want in a city… After over a year in Barcelona during which I ate at all the vegan restaurants and all but 3 of the vegetarian restaurants, adopted

Nine Years of Veganism (+Can You Help?)

I went vegan nine years ago today. Back then, there was no Daiya, no Vegusto and few supermarkets carried vegan cheese. Veganomicon had just come out but Cowspiracy hadn’t started filming. And you couldn’t reliably get soymilk in your coffee, let alone almond or coconut milk.   Today it’s easier than ever to go (and stay) vegan. In theory.   Except not every restaurant has a vegan menu, your parents are still trying to push meat on you (“just a little bite won’t hurt”) and everyone still asks the protein question.   So I want to know how I can

How to Find Allergy-Friendly Food While Traveling

How to find allergy-friendly food while traveling

Just because you’re Coeliac doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to Italy. Likewise, those with soy allergies needn’t avoid China. Travel is about much more than food, and food restrictions shouldn’t restrict where you go. Although my book is aimed at vegan travelers and talks about how to find vegan food anywhere, I get a fair number of readers who found my book because they have allergies (to milk, eggs, etc.), plus readers who are vegan but have allergies.  A couple of weeks ago I addressed reader questions about restricted diets while traveling, but today I wanted to talk about a very