Vegan Online Shops Directory

It’s never been easier to be vegan, thanks to a proliferation of vegan options in supermarkets and restaurants around the world — but also thanks to the joy of vegan online shops. If you live far from the city or you want a specialty item that isn’t available in your local store, thanks to the magic of the internet, there’s a vegan online store for just about every need. Whether you’re looking for a vegan supermarket that will deliver vegan cheese to your door, or a vegan online shop that sells clothing and shoes, there are a wealth of choices.

Vegan Hotels UK

Vegan hotels UK: whether you’re looking for a vegan B&B to stay in in Scotland, a vegetarian guest house in the Lake District or the luxury of a vegan suite at a London hotel, you’ve got plenty of choices. More and more vegan hotels are opening all the time, and I plan to update this list as more places open. Some of the options below are vegan-friendly, simply because there’s no fully vegan equivalent (yet!) but I’ve noted which these are. If you know of another vegan hotel, or run one, please get in touch. Are you looking for more

Vegan Paris: A Vegan Guide to Paris

Vegan Paris: if you’re headed to Paris, you might be wondering what you can eat. This city historically has been known for its meat, cheese and cream-infused dishes, but don’t worry, you won’t starve. In fact, these days, the vegan in Paris is well catered for. Just a few years ago, vegetarians, let alone vegans, struggled to find food in Paris. I remember in my pre-vegan days asking for a vegetarian dish in a brasserie and being met with a blank stare; some time later, a plate of salad and a side of French fries appeared on the table. These