How to Plan a Healthy Spring Break

Trying to plan a healthy spring break (or at the very least, a healthier one) this year? Spring break might conjure up images of unfettered hedonism, but you can have a healthy spring break. And here are some ideas how! Healthy spring break: plane snacks Whether you’re flying to Orlando or Cancun, order your meal from the airline at least 48 hours in advance. It’s best to book special meals at the same time you book your flight, and call 48 hours before your flight to double check it’s booked. Ask for VGML – it’s airline code for vegan vegetarian

Top 9 Vegan Friendly Cities to Visit in 2017

Gracia, Barcelona

The top 9 vegan friendly cities to visit this year includes cities in North America, Europe and Asia, as more and more places start to offer vegan-friendly options. Is 2017 the year of vegan travel? Vegan travel has certainly never been easier. The number of vegetarian vegan restaurants in France went up by nearly 40% between October of 2015 and April of 2016. Taipei got its own 100% vegan bakery at the beginning of last year, while Google shows searches for ‘vegan’ went up by 90% in 2016. But some destinations are just much more vegan-friendly than others. So what

Vegan Christmas Dishes Everyone Will Absolutely Love This Year

Vegan Christmas Dishes

It’s T-5 days to Christmas. PANIC DON’T PANIC! Even if you haven’t quite sorted out your menu. I’ve got you covered, and we’ll sort your vegan Christmas dishes. (Oh and if you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, sign up for a free Amazon Prime 30-day trial to get free overnight shipping, and go to my vegan Christmas gift list and choose some presents to order.) Ok, let’s figure out what Christmas dishes you should make this year. First we have to figure out what sticky situation you’ve found yourself in this year. Which category do you fall into? Are