Traveling in Europe? Buy local vegan food through Food Assembly!

vegetables from Food Assembly

Fragrant peaches, ruby red tomatoes, and…custardy cherimoya. One of the pleasures of travel is exploring local food and discovering new (to you) favourites. Buying Local It’s fun exploring local supermarkets, and even more of a joy when you stumble on a local farmer’s market. But it can be frustrating if you want to support local producers but aren’t sure if the corn you’ve found in the market was grown locally. Even more frustrating is the uniformity of fruits and vegetables found in supermarkets across many countries. How can you discover local gems if every supermarket in Europe sells pretty much

Veggie Planet: New Book on the World’s Most Vegan-Friendly Cuisines

I’m really excited for the release of the new Veggie Planet book, coming out later this month. Written by Wendy Werneth of The Nomadic Vegan, it’s completely different to your average guidebook or vegan cookbook. Veggie Planet showcases the most vegan-friendly cuisines in the world. Each chapter focuses on a different country and the naturally vegan options in its cuisine (so you can order them when you’re traveling in that country – or go and eat that cuisine at a restaurant in your hometown). I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of the book a few months ago and

World Vegan Travel Day (+GIVEAWAY of $600+ of vegan travel goodies!)

World Vegan Travel Day There’s a day for EVERYTHING…National Cinnamon Bun Day, International Walk Home Backwards from Work Day, etc. And now there’s a World Vegan Travel Day!* *I just started it. When is World Vegan Travel Day? World Vegan Travel Day is July 20th.  You can enter the giveaway for a chance to win $600+ of vegan travel goodies this World Vegan Travel Day: enter the giveaway here! Summer is a time of sun, (veggie) BBQs and summer vacation time! Most people travel in the summer. How better to celebrate the summer and its bountiful vegetable season than to plan plant-based journeys?