Vegan Athens: The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Athens, Greece

Vegan guide to Athens, Greece

Vegan Athens: Greek culture might have a reputation as being meat-centric but in fact Greek menus are naturally vegan-friendly, and more and more vegan restaurants are opening in Athens every year. These days, you won’t have a hard time finding vegan restaurants. Athens has a dozen fully vegan restaurants, plus numerous vegetarian eateries and vegan-friendly establishments. Plus, look on the menu of any Greek taverna and you’ll find countless naturally vegan dishes (more on that below). While you might get a look of surprise for ordering a completely meatless meal in a city full of souvlaki joints, the truth is

The Best Vegan Luggage: From the Vegan Weekender Bag to Vegan Backpacks

vegan luggage: the best vegan suitcases

Planning the best vegan trip starts at home, with your vegan luggage — and I don’t just mean what you pack inside your vegan weekender bag (although that’s important too!). I mean making sure you have a vegan suitcase to start with. Many brands of luggage use leather, whether as a primary material or on zippers and accents, but you can choose a more ethical and environmentally friendly option with one of these vegan bags. If you recently went vegan and you’re wondering what to do with leather luggage you currently own, there’s no reason to throw out your luggage;

21 Vegan Road Trip Snacks to Pack This Year

Healthy Road Trip Snacks: Ideas for Portable, Healthy, Plant-Based Snacks for the Road

In a rush? Healthy road trip snacks are essential for any road trips you’re taking this summer, whether that’s your summer vacation or a weekend trip to a family reunion. It can be tricky to find vegan snacks on the go, especially if you’re driving through areas where the only food for miles is found at rest areas, and usually consists of greasy burgers. Why You Should Pack Vegan Road Trip Snacks Are you going on any road trips this summer? Then pack your car full of so even if you’re driving through the desert or the prairies, with no