Vegan Etsy: 8 Unique & Handmade Vegan Gifts on Etsy

vegan etsy gifts

Looking for a unique, handcrafted gift? I LOVE Etsy. For some reason I almost forgot about its existence until recently — I was very into it a few years ago, forgot about it and remembered it again earlier this year. Now, my Etsy obsession is back with a vengeance. It’s the best platform for shopping for unique products from independent sellers. Many/most are handcrafted, a lot are vegan and there’s a big zero waste market on it, too. I try to buy Etsy products made fairly locally or at least within the UK, but I’ve selected a variety below so

Vegan Gifts: The 101+ Best Gifts for Vegans 2018

Vegan Gifts: over 100 vegan gift ideas

Updated November 2018 with the best vegan Christmas gifts 2018.    Wondering what vegan gifts to get your vegan (or non-vegan) friends and family? Looking for the best vegan gifts for her (or vegan gifts for him), but no clue where to start? Whether you’re searching for vegan birthday presents or Christmas gifts for vegans, I’ve got suggestions for good gifts for vegans for every occasion. Here are more than 101 gifts for a vegan, whether they’re a foodie, traveller, chef, sports enthusiast, fashionista or techie. (And if you’re not sure what their interest areas are, I have some suggestions

The Holiday Survival Guide for Vegans

The holidays can be a stressful enough time for anyone, without throwing veganism into the mix. The first few holidays after going vegan can be extra stressful, as you navigate unfamiliar territory, making or modifying dishes to be vegan, dealing with dinner conversation that invariably turns to ‘so why are you vegan?’ and awkwardly receiving presents that may not be vegan. So, I’ve put together this holiday survival guide for vegans, in which we’ll discuss: Menu 1. Mealtimes      1a. How to guarantee a vegan holiday meal      1b. Best vegan holiday recipes      1c. Talking about