How to Communicate You’re Vegan (in Any Language)

You’re going to Paris in May and you don’t speak a word of French beyond “oui” and “cafe au lait” (except that last phrase isn’t even useful since you don’t drink dairy!)? What can you do to make sure you get vegan food in every bistro you visit? This week’s reader question comes to me from a reader who asks how to deal with language barriers and make sure servers and others understand what ‘vegan’ means.  Carry a Vegan Passport or Cards If you’re heading abroad and you want to be sure that you’ll be able to ask for vegan

Health and Travel: Traveling with Special Dietary Requirements (Reader Questions Answered)

Veggie plate with cashew cheese, green sauce and carrot dipping sauces, Green Spot, Barcelona

Health and Travel How-To: Travel with Special Dietary Requirements So your husband has diabetes, you’re on a low-oil diet, and you’re wondering how on earth you can you can ever fulfil your dream of a family vacation to Italy? How can your health and travel fit together? Today, I’m kicking off a series of a reader questions answered and in the first post today I’ll be talking about special diets and travel. I’m going to talk about health and travel, particularly traveling with special dietary requirements (beyond a vegan diet). I deal with this issue in a brand-new chapter of

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

  Healthy road trip snacks are essential for any road trips you’re taking this summer, whether that’s your summer vacation or a weekend trip to a family reunion. It can be tricky to find healthy food on the go, especially if you’re driving through areas where the only food for miles is found at rest areas, and usually consists of greasy burgers. I’ve included a new section in the 2017 edition of my Amazon bestselling book, The Essential Vegan Travel Guide, specifically about planning adventures like road trips. Below is an excerpt from the book: Healthy road trip snacks: Chopped