Top 3 Vegan Doughnuts in London

Vegan Doughnuts in London at Dough Society

Important PSA for Vegan Londoners: “Where can I get vegan doughnuts in London?” Are you vegan and doughnut-less in London (or visiting London)? I’m here to help. I was surprised at a recent vegan event how few people knew that it’s possible to find vegan doughnuts in London. They were living doughnut-less! Are you? Well, no more. London has really upped its doughnut game lately. I’ve done a lot of doughnut sampling (hard work) and I’ve found the best ones. I mean the light, fluffy, sugary fried ones, not those heavy, baked ones. Oh no. Top 3 Vegan Doughnuts in

Vegan Spinach Borek Recipe

If you love spanakopita but don’t like the effort of layering lots of phyllo with all the work that goes into that, then this vegan spinach borek is for you.  Vegan spinach borek has all the lovely crispiness of phyllo contrasting with the creamy cheese inside, but is much quicker and easier to make than spanakopita. I think of borek as a savoury Turkish breakfast pastry but Wikipedia tells me it’s actually a family of filled pastries found around the Balkans, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Western Asia.  You can use spinach or any other leafy green you like. I used

Vegan Gooseberry and White Currant Crumble Recipe

Vegan gooseberry whitecurrant crumble

If you like your desserts as tart as they are sweet, then this sour vegan gooseberry and whitecurrant crumble is for you. Depending on what you have to hand, you can either make it with all gooseberries, all currants (redcurrants or blackcurrants would also work) or a mix of the two. If you can’t find either, substitute a sour seasonal fruit. After getting gooseberries and whitecurrants from Food Assembly, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. You know when you pick up a new food and buy it out of excitement but later frantically Google what on earth