101+ Vegan Gift Ideas

101+ vegan gift ideas for this holiday season

  Wondering what vegan gifts to get your vegan (or non-vegan) friends and family? Here are more than 101 ideas for vegan gifts for the vegan(s) in your life, whether they’re a foodie, traveller, chef, sports enthusiast, fashionista or techie. (And if you’re not sure what their interest areas are, I have some suggestions for anyone out there.) Just click on the links below to be taken to the section for that interest area. Vegan gifts for the: Discounts & specials | chef | foodie | travel lover | healthy vegan | fashionista | beauty lover | techie | children |

The Holiday Survival Guide for Vegans

The holidays can be a stressful enough time for anyone, without throwing veganism into the mix. The first few holidays after going vegan can be extra stressful, as you navigate unfamiliar territory, making or modifying dishes to be vegan, dealing with dinner conversation that invariably turns to ‘so why are you vegan?’ and awkwardly receiving presents that may not be vegan. So, I’ve put together this holiday survival guide for vegans, in which we’ll discuss: What to eat and how to navigate meals How to navigate conversations about veganism What to do about gift giving and receiving Planning your holiday

When to Visit Barcelona: The Best Time Of Year to Plan Your Trip

Wondering when to visit Barcelona? Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, meaning many times of year offer ideal weather for travel — weather is temperate year-round, with lots of sun, little rain and moderate temperatures. Barcelona’s Seasons Barcelona has four seasons although they are less pronounced than the seasons in more northern cities. Barcelona’s seasons are: December – February: Winter March – April: Spring May – June: Summer (Early summer) July – August: Summer (Midsummer) September – November: Autumn When to Visit Barcelona Winter can get chilly but it’s still sunny, and warmer than London or New York, so still can