Tips for Vegans Travelling With Non-Vegans

So on Friday I sat down to write a bonus upgrade chapter for my upcoming book, the Barcelona Vegan Guide (out the 25th) and I started thinking…about things I wish I’d had.Usually my inspiration for posts, recipes and books is something I wish I’d had.I came up with my pasteis de nata (Portuguese egg custard tart) recipe because I wished I’d had them in Lisbon.I wrote The Essential Vegan Travel Guide because it was the book I wished someone had given me when I went vegan, if it had existed.I’m publishing the Barcelona Vegan Guide (out today on Kindle and next week on paperback!) because it has all the information I wish Lonely Planet had told me about vegan

Vegan Tapas Barcelona: Finding Vegan Traditional Dishes

Vegan tapas - nontraditional tapas at Vegetalia

 “Ugh, I went to Spain and it was IMPOSSIBLE to be vegan.” “I had to give up being vegetarian when I was in Spain because they ‘didn’t understand vegetarianism.’” Two phrases I’ve heard in the last few weeks but which couldn’t be further from the truth. While Spain may not be thought of as a traditionally vegan-friendly location, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be vegetarian or vegan in Spain, and these knowing about vegan tapas in Barcelona will help you find vegan food easily. Yes, there’s jamon (ham) in a lot of things. Yes, some waiters may be confused

Win a copy of The Vegan Word Barcelona Vegan Guide!

So the time is drawing near and my second book, the Barcelona Vegan Guide, is about to be born! I want to share the joy with all of you so I’m running a contest to give away a copy of the book (the winner will be able to choose between a paperback or electronic copy).  Enter the giveaway here! This is the first vegan travel guidebook to Barcelona and it’s two and a bit years in the making! I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ve written the book I wished I had every time I travelled to Barcelona, and when I