Vegan Traveler Interview: Christy from Blissed Out Retreats (Plus Get $200 Off a Retreat in Bali)

Christy Morgan

Today’s vegan traveler interview series is a special!  In addition to our weekly interview on Thursday, we’ve got a special traveler interview to bring you today with Christy Morgan of Blissed Out Retreats.  You might know Christy as The Blissful & Fit Chef and author of Blissful Bites: Plant-based Meals That Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet.  Her mission is to show that a whole foods vegan diet can be delicious, easy and will bring more energy and bliss into your life! Christy became obsessed with fitness post-30 and is now a NASM certified personal trainer and yoga teacher spreading the

New in Barcelona: 2Y Vegan Macrobiotic Restaurant

2y coverphoto

The last month has been good to Barcelona vegans…we got not one but two new vegetarian restaurants, one of which is 100% vegan!  2Y is a new macrobiotic (and 100% vegan and organic) restaurant in the Eixample area of Barcelona.  I stumbled across their brand-new listing on Happycow this week by chance just days after it was posted, and the owners were nice enough to invite me to try out their lunch. Tucked down a little quiet side street in a less frequented area of Barcelona, 2Y is away from the tourist crowds – but worth a trip out of

Vegan Traveler Interview: Alex from Vegans Travel

Alex of

Today on our vegan traveler interview series we catch up with Alex Curtis-Slep, one half of the team behind Vegans Travel.  Alex, a lifelong vegetarian and vegan of six years, writes for Vegans Travel with his mom, Octavine Swanson, where they share tips, tricks and stories from their travels as vegans.  Alex also makes YouTube videos which you can find at HealthyLivinAlex ( Onto Alex! How long have you been vegan? How many places and where have you traveled since you’ve been vegan? I’ve been vegetarian from birth and have been vegan most of the time for about six years