Vegan Barcelona Restaurant: Eattitude

Vegan Barcelona healthy restaurant Eattitude's dish of the day

Looking for healthy vegan food in Barcelona?  Then check out vegan Barcelona’s latest addition: Eattitude. Barcelona’s vegan restaurant scene continues to grow with the latest addition to the Barcelona vegan scene, Eattitude, a healthy takeaway. Also new to vegan Barcelona since the start of the year? The made-from-scratch vegetarian food at Green Spot, Coco, a cosy vegetarian takeaway off the Ramblas and 2Y, a macrobiotic vegan restaurant. Are you looking for more healthy vegan Barcelona places?  Then be sure to download out my free guide to healthy eating in Barcelona. Eattitude: Juices with Attitude Eattitude does a range of different juices

How to Eat Out As a Vegan: Vegan Options in 25+ Different Cuisines

How to eat out as a vegan

  “It’s totally vegan. It has just a liiiiiiiiittle bit of egg.” “Excuse me?” I asked, not believing my ears. “But egg isn’t vegan.” “Ah, but there’s only a liiiiiittle bit.” Cue ensuing frustration. Rage. Tears of hanger (hanger=hungry anger, and a dangerous thing). I always get asked by newbie vegans (and longtime vegans too!) how to order vegan in a restaurant that’s not vegetarian or vegan and doesn’t have vegan options marked on the menu.  So, here’s your guide to eating out vegan. 5 Most Important Steps to Getting Vegan Food Anywhere 1. Be patient. You might have to

Vegan-Friendly Healthy Restaurant in Barcelona: Green & Berry

Acai bowl and vegan granola yoghurt bowl at Green & Berry, Barcelona

Barcelona’s a bit late to the smoothie bowl trend but it’s here now.  Green & Berry opened last year but only put their listing up on Happycow fairly recently so this vegan-friendly trendy “healthy eating” place was not on my radar until a couple of weeks ago. Green & Berry, according to Happycow, is not vegetarian (it says it has fish on the menu), but when I was there, everything on the menu was vegetarian.  At any rate, this place is not 100% vegan but has a lot of vegan and raw options, all clearly marked on the menu. From