Vegan Cornish Pasties, Tudor-Style

Vegan Cornish pasties, Tudor-Style (Great British Bakeoff)

After lamenting the lack of vegan bakes on Great British Bakeoff (particularly after I tuned in specifically to watch what I thought would include vegan baking), a friend challenged me to veganise Great British Bakeoff, a challenge I happily accepted. I made lemon meringue pie and deconstructed chocolate Kahlua roulade so far. This week brings us Tudor baking. The theme on the show this week was the Tudor era and saw contestants making pie, a biscuit called a jumble and a huge marzipan cake. I decided to tackle the pie, even though the versions on the show were very much

Deconstructed Chocolate Kahlua Vegan Roulade

Deconstructed vegan roulade

This week in veganising Great British Bakeoff I decided to veganise a roulade. After observing that no one on Bakeoff was making vegan bakes, and the baker that many vegans had hoped would showcase plant-based baking turned out not to make any vegan bakes, I accepted a challenge from a friend to veganise a bake from Bakeoff each week. Last week’s Bakeoff saw the bakers compete in Dessert Week to make three desserts — a roulade, marjolaine cake and mini mousse cakes. I’m not a huge fan of mousse and the marjolaine looked amazing but complex (I’ll save that for

14 Vegan Pizza Recipes for National Pizza Month

14 vegan pizza recipes for pizza month

Did you know October is national pizza month? Well, apparently it is, and it was started by Pizza Today magazine (yep, it’s a real thing!) founder Gerry Durnell. There’s no such thing as a bad excuse to eat pizza to my mind, so let’s celebrate pizza month, vegan-style. Here are 14 vegan pizza recipe ideas to get you started.   Pesto Pizza with Zucchini Blossoms and Cashew Ricotta Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza with Beer Bread Crust, Cashew Ricotta and Garlicky Spinach My go-to pizza when company is coming over   Butternut squash, kale, caramelised onion pizza and soft cashew cheese pizza