How to Feed Guests, Vegan-Style (And Leave Them Begging for More)

Dinner party

Leave your guests begging for more (food). Because when you’re hosting someone for dinner, you want them to want more. Maybe it’s the first time they’ve ever tried vegan food (and you want to show them it’s more exciting than an 80s-style no-meat loaf), or maybe you’re the one who’s trying to cook vegan for the first time. Here are my top tips for cooking for guests – and leaving them desperate for more.  And no, it doesn’t involve copious amounts of wine as in the picture above (although that may help, use at your own risk). Know your audience

Middle Eastern Feast: Join the Online Cooking Class

vegan middle eastern feast

Want to learn how to make 5 vegan Middle Eastern dishes? I’m so excited to announce the Middle Eastern Feast online cooking class! For the last month, I’ve been running my first Dinner Party Challenge, where I taught a group of food lovers to make 5 new vegan Greek dishes that they can make for their next dinner party or for their next guests.  (The Greek Feast cooking course is available now – if you buy it you’ll have immediate access) I decided for next month I wanted to run a cooking class showing you how to make a Middle

Vegan London Travel Guide


Visiting London?  You’re in good company, it’s the most visited city in the world (at least in terms of international visitors).  Looking for where to eat as a vegan?  There are so many vegetarian and vegan places in the city, you won’t have trouble finding places to eat!  In fact the biggest issue here is choosing *where* to eat.  Here I’ve compiled a list of my personal favourites, after having sampled most of the vegetarian eateries in London. Vegan Restaurants & Shops These places are fully vegan (yay!) and my favourites. Manna (Primrose Hill) Manna’s the oldest vegetarian restaurant in