Taos Salad, or Recreating a Childhood Comfort Salad (Mofo Day 2)

Taos Salad

When you think of comfort food probably what comes to mind is something along the lines of creamy pasta or mashed potatoes.  And if someone asked you to recreate a meal from childhood, like today’s Vegan Mofo challenge, salad probably wouldn’t spring to mind.  But every time I think of dishes from my childhood, I think of my own comfort food – which is, yes, a salad.   If you’re an 80s child like me, childhood foods you grew up with might include Hamburger Helper, McDonald’s happy meals, Capri Sun, or whatever it is that people were eating in the

Interview: Jojo from Vegan in Brighton on European Vegan zine


One of the most frustrating things is standing in a foreign supermarket, trying to work out whether a product is vegan based on limited knowledge of the local language, or by using Google translate on your *very* expensive roaming plan…  Luckily Jojo’s new zine is here to the rescue!  If you haven’t heard of it yet, European Vegan is a zine Jojo from Vegan in Brighton has put together with translations of non-vegan ingredients, E-numbers and a guide to buying vegan shoes and clothing.  Super helpful for the traveller! In Spain, France and other Romance language-speaking countries I’ve always been

Restaurant Review: Armonia

Chickpea burger at Armonia, Barcelona

When I heard a new vegan restaurant had opened in Barcelona two weekends ago I rushed over as soon as possible.  A friend and I had dinner there two days after it opened, making us some of their first customers.  In upscale Eixample, Armonia looks pretty – all light wood, with a huge table in the front room (perfect if you want to have a larger dinner for 8 or 10). As some of the first diners, I think we were witness to some growing pains (like, they hadn’t even gotten their credit/debit card reader yet) so let me just