Vegan Traveler Interview: Kenden of Jewish Food Hero

Kenden Alfond of Jewish Food Hero

We’re back with another vegan traveler interview and this time I’m excited to introduce you to Kenden of Jewish Food Hero! Kenden currently lives in Cambodia and has travelled all around the world with the United Nations and several NGOs. She’s even lugged her high speed blender around various countries (a woman after my own heart!). Kenden creates vegan recipes that are a modern twist on traditional Jewish meals and recently published The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook: 50 Simple Plant­Based Recipes for Your Holiday Meals. On to our chat with Kenden! How long have you been vegan? How many places

Vegan Barcelona Restaurant: Eattitude

Vegan Barcelona healthy restaurant Eattitude's dish of the day

Looking for healthy vegan food in Barcelona?  Then check out vegan Barcelona’s latest addition: Eattitude. Barcelona’s vegan restaurant scene continues to grow with the latest addition to the Barcelona vegan scene, Eattitude, a healthy takeaway. Also new to vegan Barcelona since the start of the year? The made-from-scratch vegetarian food at Green Spot, Coco, a cosy vegetarian takeaway off the Ramblas and 2Y, a macrobiotic vegan restaurant. Are you looking for more healthy vegan Barcelona places?  Then be sure to download out my free guide to healthy eating in Barcelona. Eattitude: Juices with Attitude Eattitude does a range of different juices

How to Eat Out As a Vegan: Vegan Options in 25+ Different Cuisines

How to eat out as a vegan

  “It’s totally vegan. It has just a liiiiiiiiittle bit of egg.” “Excuse me?” I asked, not believing my ears. “But egg isn’t vegan.” “Ah, but there’s only a liiiiiittle bit.” Cue ensuing frustration. Rage. Tears of hanger (hanger=hungry anger, and a dangerous thing). I always get asked by newbie vegans (and longtime vegans too!) how to order vegan in a restaurant that’s not vegetarian or vegan and doesn’t have vegan options marked on the menu.  So, here’s your guide to eating out vegan. 5 Most Important Steps to Getting Vegan Food Anywhere 1. Be patient. You might have to