Travel Kitchen: What It Is And How to Build One

Travelling kitchen

When you’re travelling long-term, or even just on a long trip, eating out for every meal can start to seem like a slog. Everything in moderation, right? What was once a treat (going out for a decadent meal) starts to wear on you and after awhile you just want a simple home-cooked dinner. Most long-term travellers rent somewhere with a kitchen. However, unless you’re staying in a VegVisits apartment (a vegetarian and vegan rental site where you can filter places to stay based on their kitchen equipment!), you probably won’t have access to the kitchen tools you’re used to. You

Where do you want to go?

Vegan anywhere: Vegan food from around the world

Where do you want to go? I don’t mean metaphorically… I mean where in the world do you really want to go? You know, that nagging dream of seeing phosphorescence in the night sea stretching out in front of you. Or taking a train all the way across Europe and Asia. It’s almost 2017 (I can hardly believe it either!) and the start of a new year means a new start and a time to go after what we want – including finally visiting Iceland. Forget all the “shoulds” on your New Year’s Resolutions this year, and write down what

101+ Vegan Gift Ideas for the Holidays

101+ vegan gift ideas for this holiday season

  Wondering what vegan gifts to get your vegan friend/mum/boyfriend for the holidays this year? In honor of World Vegan Day and to kick off the holiday season, here are more than 101 ideas for vegan gifts for the vegan(s) in your life, whether they’re a foodie, traveller, chef, sports enthusiast, fashionista or techie. I’ve even put together some suggestions if you’re buying for their kids or dogs and cats! (And if you’re not sure what their interest areas are, I have some suggestions for any vegan out there.) Just click on the links below to be taken to the