Mildreds Brings Modern Vegetarian Dining to Camden

Mildred's burger

Mildreds kindly invited The Vegan Word along to the launch of Mildreds Camden.  Our London correspondent, Lucy Jewitt, reports on her experience. It was only to be expected that our taxi driver couldn’t find the new Mildreds restaurant.  It was the first night of its existence after all.  S. and I got out at the right end of Jamestown Road in Camden, a vibrant street of modern restaurants and bars, and tried to work out where number nine could be.  After a couple of moments, we realised the great glass facade we had been staring at had a discrete sign written

11 Interesting Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes (For When You’re Tired of Tofurkey)

Butternut squash 4

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is in full swing (especially sat here on the beach in sunny Barcelona), but it is.  If you’re not sure what to make for Thanksgiving next week, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  Here’s a round-up of holiday recipes – from interesting variations on classics like cranberry sauce, to new interpretations of the centerpiece of the table. Entrees Do something different this year and ditch the turkey (obvs) and the Tofurkey.  Who says that you need a meat substitute at the heart of your table? Twice-baked butternut squash with cashew cheese, walnuts and cranberries

Vegan Finds in Lidl and Barcelona


Don’t you hate it when you accidentally eat too much kale?  That keeps happening to me lately because I’ve been getting cravings for the stuff (what is wrong with me?).  Don’t worry, I’m still drinking coffee, and thanks to a few tip-offs from lovely vegans I’ve recently discovered some delicious accidentally vegan chocolates and sweets to nicely balance out my diet. ;) One tip-off came from a German friend who told me Lidl had started to stock German Christmas chocolates – including some accidentally vegan ones!  Whilst there, I spotted a few other vegan Christmas sweets. I don’t know about