Brunches of Barcelona: Where to Eat Breakfast in Barcelona

Brunches of Barcelona

One of the hardest meals for a travelling vegan is breakfast – quite often vegetarian and vegan restaurants don’t open until later in the day, for lunch or even dinner, and they usually don’t often breakfast.  Vegan brunch can be hard to come by, as a lot of traditional brunch offerings are non-vegan in nature.  Unless you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, it can be difficult to scrounge up breakfast.  Those lucky enough to have a kitchen on the premises can buy cereal or granola and non-dairy milk, fruit or other breakfast items.  However, if you’re not staying somewhere with

Vegan Courgette and Feta Fritters (Kolokithokeftedes)

Vegan Courgette and Feta Fritters (Kolokithokeftedes)

A couple of years ago, before I went to Santorini, my Greek friend told me about kolokithokeftedes (courgette fritters). They’re a popular Cretan dish. Kolokithokeftedes are usually made with feta and egg to bind them, and I didn’t find any vegan versions in Greece, but when a recipe recently popped up on a blog I was browsing, I decided it was time to veganise them and make them. After all, how can you go wrong with courgette (zucchini) and feta, mashed together and fried (or baked) to a crisp? I tested these for you, and made both baked and fried

Greek Salad with Homemade Vegan Feta

Greek salad with homemade vegan feta

It’s so easy to come by vegan Greek salad in Greece (just ask them to hold the feta) that I practically lived off the stuff, alongside fava (like a split pea hummus) when I was in Santorini a couple of years ago. But Greek salad with vegan feta? Not something I encountered in Greece. So, I decided to create my own as part of my Vegan Greek Feast. Also on the table: fattoush salad with loquats, tzatziki and courgette fritters. Stay tuned, next Saturday I’ll be posting the final recipe in the series, kolokthifketedes or courgette and feta fritters! Want