Vegan Cinnamon Rolls for Sunday Brunch

Vegan cinnamon rolls

Several years ago, a group of friends and I decided to have regular brunches. Somehow these turned into weekly drinks punctuated by the  odd brunch, and brunches became later and later affairs, often beginning in the afternoon and stretching until late at night. In fact, they could hardly be called “brunch” anymore, late as they were and since they usually involved lots of crisps and other distinctly un-brunch-like food. But one thing remained constant, and that was my friends begging me to make vegan cinnamon rolls. We’re an odd bunch – vegan, pescetarian, those who won’t eat chocolate in desserts,

Pesto Pizza with Zucchini Blossoms and Cashew Ricotta

Pesto pizza with zucchini blossoms and cashew ricotta (vegan)

Playing pizza jenga with pesto pizza with zucchini blossoms Sometimes life likes to play shit jenga, as my friend described it recently. Life just keeps piling on the shit, waiting to see how much it can stack on before you you break beneath the bone-crushing weight of it all, like a flimsy piece of wood falling down. So what do you do when life is playing shit jenga with your life? You make pizza jenga. Because pizza makes everything better. Especially if you stack it up like jenga pieces, your own private two-finger salute to life. This pizza pile was

You Can Be Vegan Anywhere. No, Really.

Vegan anywhere: Vegan food from around the world

A few weeks ago, I decided to test out an idea that I’d had in the back of my mind for a few years – personalised vegan guidebooks (showing you can be vegan anywhere). I asked volunteers to send me their upcoming holiday destinations (or in one case, place they’re moving). I sent them back personalised guidebooks for their trips. Each contains the best restaurants and/or recommended dishes. Plus, places near where they are staying or near tourist attractions. I wrote my book (The Essential Vegan Travel Guide) to show people that yes, you really can be vegan anywhere on