World Vegan Travel Day (+GIVEAWAY of $600+ of vegan travel goodies!)

World Vegan Travel Day

There’s a day for EVERYTHING…National Cinnamon Bun Day, International Walk Home Backwards from Work Day, etc.

And now there’s a World Vegan Travel Day!*

*I just started it.

When is World Vegan Travel Day?

World Vegan Travel Day is July 20th. 

You can enter the giveaway for a chance to win $600+ of vegan travel goodies this World Vegan Travel Day: enter the giveaway here!

Summer is a time of sun, (veggie) BBQs and summer vacation time! Most people travel in the summer.

How better to celebrate the summer and its bountiful vegetable season than to plan plant-based journeys?

What is World Vegan Travel Day?

World Vegan Travel Day is a day held every year on July 20th, celebrating vegan travel.

In the past few years, it’s become easier than ever to travel as a vegan, as the vegan message has spread across borders around the world.

Travel is not only a good way of learning about other cultures, history and people, it’s a fantastic opportunity to try plant-based cuisine around the world, support vegan businesses and organisations and raise awareness of veganism (you might be the first person to ever ask for a vegan entree at a little local restaurant in a small village somewhere in rural Cambodia, France or even just a little town a few miles outside Cincinatti).

This World Vegan Travel Day (2017) you can also win over $600 of vegan travel goodies! Enter the giveaway here.

How to celebrate World Vegan Travel Day?

Well, apart from traveling on the day (whether for your summer vacation or just a day trip) you can also celebrate by using the day to plan your vegan travels.

Going away this summer with your family?

Planning a shoulder season trip in October?

Learn about how to travel as a vegan

Learn about how to travel as a vegan (trust me, it’s easy as soon as you know the basics of where to look for vegan food!). I’ve put together these 4 quick tips to planning your next vegan trip.

Plan your next trip

Or if you’re already familiar with the ins and outs of vegan travel, spend the day plotting out your plant-based eats on your next trip.

Enter the vegan travel giveaway

Last, you can enter a giveaway to win over $600 of vegan travel goodies…enter the giveaway here! Plus, after you enter you’ll get a lucky URL to share with your friends, and you’ll get 3 extra entries in the giveaway for each person that enters with your lucky URL! 

Spread the word – put vegan travel on the map

Help us put vegan travel on the map – share this post and the giveaway with your friends and family! If you know anyone in the media, please share our press release and put us in touch ([email protected]); we’re eager to speak to media about World Vegan Travel Day!

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