Want to be featured in a book? Have you promoted veganism while travelling? Here’s how!

Have you promoted veganism while travelling? Want to be featured in my next book?

In the 2018 edition of The Essential Vegan Travel Guide, I’m including a brand-new section on vegan travel activism and how to promote veganism while on the road.

I need YOUR story!

If you have a story of how you’ve been a vegan advocate while travelling, please send it in, along with your name (or if you prefer to remain anonymous, please mention so).

So far I’ve heard from travellers around the world, who do everything from demos like Cube of Truth to Alex, who makes pancakes in hotels and hostels around the world and shares them with others to show that vegan food is delicious. I’d love to hear about your most creative and effective ways to spread the vegan word while travelling!

How to get featured

Please fill out the form below or email your story to me ([email protected]) by the 31st of January, 2018.

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2 thoughts on “Want to be featured in a book? Have you promoted veganism while travelling? Here’s how!

  1. Sam

    I love this! Can’t wait to read the stories! If I bought a copy of the 2017 version will I get an updated one when it comes out? I’ve bought a couple ebooks where they’ve done that, so just curious if you’re doing the same! =D

    1. Caitlin Galer-Unti Post author

      This is SUCH a good idea, thanks Sam! :) I hadn’t thought of that…but I’ve decided to offer free upgrades to the updated version! :D Wish I could figure out a way to automatically do that on Kindle but I couldn’t find any instructions on how so I’ll just have to manually do it for now. :)


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