Vegan Coat Love: Vaute Couture Coats

I’ve worn my Vaute Couture coat in 10 countries (and counting!).  Clockwise from top left: Danshui, Taiwan; Great Wall, China; Central Park, NYC; Parc Guell, Barcelona; Lulu’s, NYC; Maokong, Taiwan

Vaute Couture Coats

Some people are obsessed with shoes, others are into bags or makeup. I think I’m becoming a coat person (does that even exist?!)!  When I lived in the chilly Midwest US, as far as coats went I couldn’t think about fashion as I had to concern myself with not freezing to death each winter.  Moving to London allowed me to judge coats on their aesthetic value as well as their practical purposes, and I’ve started acquiring quite a few cute coats.  One of my absolute favourites is the Vaute Couture coat I bought two years ago.  I had a lot of difficulties getting it through customs (it got stopped and held at a holding depot until I went and paid import taxes on it) but it was worth it.  Vaute Couture are an ethical, vegan coat company which was started two years ago by former model Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (who I’ve corresponded with via e-mails a few times, and is, incidentally, super sweet!).

The coat I bought from Vaute Couture has been travelling with me; I’ve taken it to 10 countries and counting, and it’s still going strong!  It’s machine washable, which is really helpful. :)  I bought it during Vaute Couture’s first winter selling coats, after I read about them in VegNews, and I am so glad I did.  I only wish it were a bit warmer, but it’s perfect for a London spring or autumn.  (For winter I have a coat I “made” by having extra warm polar fleece from a sporting goods store sewn into a cute waterproof coat — perfect for London, warm and waterproof, and luckily also coffee-proof since I have a tendency to spill.)

The Vaute coat I have is a classic peacoat cut, so I know it won’t go out of style, and it’s a super soft fabric that everyone thinks is fleece or wool (no one will believe me it’s vegan when I tell them!).  The fabric is really durable and holds up well in the rain, and is lined with a polyester made out of recycled plastic bottles, so I know my coat is eco-friendly too (it’s also ethical and sweatshop-free).  And it’s got the most beautiful vintage silver buttons.  I was slightly scared of the price when I bought (I think it was 40% off but still over $200), but it was well worth it since I’m convinced it’s going to last for many years to come.  And best of all, it doesn’t seem to wrinkle during my travels! Definitely worth every penny, and I was happy to support a vegan, ethical company like Vaute Couture.  I don’t need any new coats but I still can’t help browsing their site from time to time…. :)  If you’re in the market for a new coat, I highly recommend them — and they make lovely men’s coats now too!

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  1. alua

    Seems they are pretty much sold out for this season (my size in any case) already, but I’ve bookmarked the website and fingers crossed I’ll get a lovely Vaute Couture coat next year!

    Appreciate the recommendation in any case!

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