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Vegan Resources

The Vegan Word Guidebooks
Vegan city guidebooks, a premium personalized guidebook service plus The Essential Vegan Travel Guide, DIY how-to guide to planning a vegan trip anywhere in the world.

The biggest listing of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the world. Search for restaurants in any city and any country.

HappyCow App
iOS ($3.99)
Android ($3.99)

Vanilla Bean (free, iOS)
A free iOS app showing you the nearest restaurants with vegan, local and organic options. You can filter by different critera (e.g. vegan and local options).

Listings site of vegetarian, vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. Good for finding non-vegetarian restaurants with vegan options in North America.

Another vegetarian and vegan restaurant listings site.

Vegman App
iOS (free)
Free app listing vegetarian, vegan and veg-friendly restaurants.

Android ($1.49)
Yet another vegan alcohol listings app.

European Vegan Zine
Shop at supermarkets anywhere in Europe with confidence with this booklet, which has translations of ingredients in most European languages. It lists translations for the non-vegan ingredients that most often lurk in products, like whey, gelatin and casein. So you can scan ingredients lists with ease.

Vegan Passport
This pocket-sized book contains translations in 79 languages, explaining what vegan means. You can show it to your waiter at any restaurant anywhere in the world to request vegan word.

Is it Vegan?
iOS ($4.99) 
Android ($4.99)
Scan the barcode of any product and it will tell you if the product is vegan (works best in the US).

Vegan Options in Chain Restaurants (US)
A list of vegan options in chain restaurants across the US.

Vegan Options in Chain Restaurants (UK)
A list for the UK; vegan options in chains across the country.

Search for local recommendations for restaurants, bars and shops (you can search by vegan/vegan-friendly places).

Vegan Forum
A forum for vegan; here you can post questions (about your travels or general vegan queries) and chat with other vegans worldwide.

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Hotel & Airline Bookings
Book hotels. For every 10 nights get 1 free.
One of the most extensive hotel and hostel listings sites online.

Get a last-minute deal on flights or hotels.

Hotel reviews and bookings. You can also rent apartments through Tripadvisor.

Hotel Tonight (App)
iOS (free)
Android (free)
Good deals on last-minute hotel bookings.

Hostel World
Book a hostel. Search by private room or shared dorm.

Hostel Bookers
Another option for booking hostels.

Airbnb (get $37 free if you sign up with this link)
Rent an apartment or a room in someone's house.

Similar to Airbnb, but offers whole apartments for rent only. Tends to be a bit more upmarket than Airbnb.

Rent an apartment or a room in someone's house from a vegetarian or vegan. Or, rent a vegan kitchen to cook in (you can search by appliances available).

Trusted Housesitters
Watch someone's house (and/or pets) while they're away. Or list your house to housesitters. Membership costs $119 per year. 

Tips for Using Trusted Housesitters
A blog post by two experienced housesitters on how to use trusted housesitters -- and get the housesits you want!

Search for the best flight deals.

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Packing Essentials

Eco-friendly shampoos, soaps, toothpaste and more, with vegan products clearly marked (over half their products are vegan). Lots of dry products, like shampoo bars and toothpaste tabs, which are good for packing in your carry-on for a plane, so you don't have to worry about exceeding the TSA liquid limit. They now have shops around the world.

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap
This soap can be used for laundry, as a shampoo or body wash, or even as a toothpaste! Plus, this small-sized is perfect for carry-on luggage.

Refillable, BPA-free toothpaste tubes
Pack your favourite vegan toothpaste in this eco-friendly, refillable tubes. They're small enough to fit within the TSA liquid limit for carry-ons on the plane.

Airline carry-on sized Jason natural toothpaste:
US orders
UK orders

Jason Mineral Sunblock
Don't slather yourself with chemicals; protect your skin with this vegan sunblock.

Kiss My Face Sun Spray
Vegan spray-on sun protection.

Jason Kids Sunscreen
A vegan sunscreen perfect for protecting your kids' skin.

Green People Organic Sun Lotion
Vegan, organic sun cream available in the UK.

Green People Children’s Scent Free Sun Lotion
Vegan sun cream for children, for sale in the UK. Scent-free so it won't irritate sensitive skin.

Hurraw! SPF lip balm
Don't forget to protect your lips from the sun. This vegan SPF lip balm will do the trick.

Lavera After Sun
If you do get a sunburn, this lotion will help soothe it.

Green People After Sun
Another option for soothing sunburnt skin, this one available in the UK.

Beat-It All Natural DEET-Free Spray
Keep mosquitoes at bay without any nasty DEET with this DEET-free, vegan spray.

Jason Quit Bugging Me Spray
Another cruelty-free option for bug spray.

Incognito Spray
A great option for those in the UK, this natural, DEET-free spray will keep mosquitoes and other bugs away.

Jason’s Tea Tree deodorant
Holidays in the sun can get hot and sweaty. Don't let your pits get smelly! This vegan deodorant will make sure you keep smelling fresh.

Lavanila deodorant
Another great option for vegan-friendly deodorant. This grapefruit vanilla version smells great. I can vouch for that!

Fit Pit
Only available in the UK, this deodorant is made in small batches and is free of chemicals. It's my favourite natural deodorant out there right now!

Vitamin A Swimwear
Going on a beach holiday? These ethically-made, environmentally-friendly swimsuits are really cute! Plus Vitamin A donate part of their profits to environmental charities.

Powdered soymilk
US orders
UK orders
If you love soymilk in your coffee, this is an easy-to-transport option for making sure you have soymilk on your trip. 

Koyo instant ramen
This instant ramen is easy to make with just hot water from a hotel room coffeemaker or on a plane. Great in a pinch.

Clif Bars
I always pack a few of these or some Nakd bars to take on the plane with me (in case they forget my meal) and to take in my handbag (in case I'm hungry while I'm out exploring). The white chocolate macadamia flavour is my favourite.

Nakd Bars
Another favourite, Nakd bars are almost always in my hand luggage. They're small but filling, and I've eaten these on planes when they forgot my meals. I also love them as a quick snack if I'm hiking or just wandering around a city.

Homemade Portable Travel Snacks
Snacks you can make and pack in your carry-on luggage.

Spice Blend
A spice blend, like this Indian curry blend for channa masala, is great if you'll have a kitchen in your hotel or rented apartment.

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Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy & Allergy-Friendly Travel

Superfood Blend
Just mix this blend with water to get a boost of superfoods.

Travel Sickness/Anti Nausea Acupressure Bands
If you experience travel sickness or seasickness, skip the pills and try these acupressure bands, that work by applying pressure to a specific point on your wrists.

Do you experience discomfort in your ears when flying? EarPlanes can help; these specialized earplugs normalize pressure in your ears.

Resistance Band Kit
You don't have to skip your workout just because you're on the road. Use your own body weight and resistance to work out. This resistance band kit is lightweight and fits into a small bag, so it's perfect for exercise on the road.

An easy way to sterilize water anywhere, using this UV light.

US State Department (for foreign travel advice)
US citizens traveling abroad can get travel advice and travel alerts from the US State Department.

UK Government Foreign Travel Advice
UK citizens can get travel advice for trips abroad from the UK government here.

Food Allergy Travel Advice
Travel advice for those with food allergies, put together by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education).

Allergy Cards
Translated cards outlining your allergy in the local language (with or without pictures). Simply hand one to your waiter so they know what you can't eat. You can order for a number of different allergies, and you can order vegan cards too.

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Vegan Tours

Vegan Tours, Cruises & Retreats

Vegan Travel Club
Vegan tours in Italy, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Veg Jaunts and Journeys
Explore Asheville, NC, Colorado, Lisbon, Portugal or Budapest, Vienna and Prague with other vegans. Some trips include visits to vegan festivals or sanctuaries.

Veg Voyages
A long-established vegan tour group operator offering tours in Bali, Laos, Malaysia and India.

CPG Trips
See bears in Vietnam, gorillas in Rwanda or celebrate a cruelty-free Christmas in Alsace, France with vegan author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Vegan Camp
Want to go camping and meet other vegans at the same time? Vegan Camp's for you! Taking place in the UK every summer; check out the site for details of this year's Vegan Camp.

Vegan Cruise
Join the first completely vegan ocean cruise this year, taking in the Norwegian Fjords.

Raw Vegan Cruise
A 100% raw vegan cruise through the Mediterranean. The first cruise in 2016 was a success; don't miss this year's.

Vegan River Cruises
Vegan cruises on the Danube River in Europe.

Vegan Cruiser
Vegan cruise travel blog, with reviews and information on vegan cruises.

The Farm Retreat
A vegan retreat in a relaxing location in the Philippines.

Olive Retreat
Health and detox retreats in Spain and Thailand.

Yoga Detox Retreats
Yoga, raw food and juice fast detox retreats in Portugal, Italy, Morocco and Turkey.

Blissed Out Retreats
Women's retreats in Europe. Retreats usually include yoga or fitness plus, of course, plenty of delicious vegan food from vegan chef and organiser Christy Morgan!

Teen VGN Summer Camp (UK)
A completely vegan summer camp for teens in the UK.
(Note: No camp in 2018.)

Vegan Camp (California, USA)
A completely vegan summer camp for kids in California.

Vegan Surf Camp
Surf or learn to surf on the coast of France, while meeting other vegans and of course enjoying delicious vegan food.

Save Elephant Foundation
If you want to volunteer while travelling, places like the Elephant Nature Park and other animal sanctuaries are good places to do so.

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Travel with a Dog

Traveling with a Dog

Bring Fido
Listings of dog-friendly establishments (hotels, restaurants and more), mostly in the US.

Pet Travel
Information on traveling with pets. Particularly useful for international travel, with lists of requirements by country.

Dog Jaunt
Dog travel blog with reviews of dog travel products and information on airline policies, entry requirements for various countries and more.

Long Haul Trekkers
Dog travel blog especially focused on adventure travel, camping, hiking etc. with your dog.

Vegan London Dog Guide
My guide to vegan London with a dog. The best vegan cafes, restaurants, shops and hairdressers Benito (my dog) and I have found.

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Stay Organized

Organize Your Trip

Write down notes or organize your booking receipts, etc.

Save webpages for offline viewing.

A scheduling app, which is surprisingly useful for vegan travel. I use it to discover which restaurants are open for specific meals, like breakfast, or particular days, e.g. Sundays. I describe my Doodle hack in The Essential Vegan Travel Guide.

Free travel guides, written Wikipedia-style (crowdsourced from users, often locals).

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Meet People

Veg Travel Buddies
A site designed to meet vegan and vegetarian travel buddies planning a trip to the same destination as you. Search by destination and date.

Not just a website for staying on people's sofas. You can use it to meet other vegans for coffee or dinner. 

A website for organizing groups. A great place to meet other vegans. Search your destination for vegan and vegetarian groups.

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Cook on the Road

Travel cutlery
Easy to pack, transportable cutlery set.

10oz containers
These small containers are meant for lipgloss but are perfect for packing herbs and spices.

Mini spice containers
Small sifter/spice containers available in the UK, and perfect for packing herbs and spices.

Hand blender
If you can't live without your smoothies or your special vegan cheesy sauce, bring a hand blender with you. It barely takes up any room in your bag. Just remember to check the voltage of the country you're going to and the voltage of your blender to see if it will work!

Hand blender (UK)
Here's a hand blender available in the UK. Hand blenders are perfect for packing because they take up little room and allow you to make things you'd make in your blender at home. Don't forget to check if the blender's voltage is compatible with your destination!

Cuisinart mini food processor
Cuisinart makes great food processors, and this mini one (just $39!) is a good size for packing. It does take up more room than a hand blender, so just take it if you absolutely can't live without homemade pesto and hummus, or you're going somewhere for awhile. As with the hand blender, check the voltage of your destination and if your food processor will work there.

Mini spiralizer
If you eat raw or just really love zucchini noodles, a mini spiralizer is cheap ($13.99) and very small. It will take up about the same amount of space as your wallet. 

Mini spiraliser (UK)
A similar spiraliser for sale in the UK.

Folding kitchen scale
This is a pretty cool looking gadget - a folding kitchen sale that folds up to about the size of a toothbrush holder.

Collapsible salad spinners
If you eat a lot of salads and need a way to wash them, this collapsible salad spinner packs flat.

Collapsible strainer 
Another collapsible product, these strainers collapse flat, making them easy to pack.

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Please note, this post contains affiliate links for some products. This means that I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you. I’ve only recommended products that I use and love or covet/wish that I had.