Sale on The Essential Vegan Travel Guide 2017!

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It’s here! The new edition of my Amazon bestseller, The Essential Vegan Travel Guide, is out today!

To celebrate the launch, I’m running a sale.

Save $2 (or £2) when you order the book before Sunday.

The book will be $2/£2 off ($12.95 or £9.95) until midnight PST Sunday March 5th.

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About The Essential Vegan Travel Guide 2017:

After a day of sightseeing, you are in no mood to pick pepperoni off your pizza or nibble on undressed lettuce leaves.  The Essential Vegan Travel Guide is here to ensure that your vacation is filled with good times and good food. Stop stressing, because the only thing you should be worrying about on holiday is whether red or white pairs better with your seitan piccata!

This step-by-step guide shows you how to research and locate vegan-friendly (or vegetarian, raw, or gluten-free) fare in any city. Beyond the food, the book offers hints for connecting with local vegans, choosing a place to stay, packing, and traveling (and keeping the peace) with non-vegan companions. The expanded 2017 edition has all-new sections, including dog- and child-friendly travel, traveling with allergies, and planning vegan adventures (such as camping, road trips, cruises, and retreats). 

The Essential Vegan Travel Guide costs less than the price of a pizza and when you consider how much this book reduces the stresses of travel, it’s priceless!

What did people say about Amazon Bestseller The Essential Vegan Travel Guide 2016?

“I was incredibly excited about how potentially life-changing this book could be! The Essential Vegan Travel Guide is packed with travel tips for vegans to ensure you won’t starve while travelling, and you won’t have to resort to eating animal products either ;) and the best thing is, Caitlin’s methods can be applied to ANY travel destination!” – Kyra, Vie de la Vegan

“Caitlin’s travel guide is a must-have addition to any vegan’s suitcase. Whether you’re taking your first trip abroad as a vegan, or you’re an old hand at plant-based travel, Caitlin has a wealth of tips and tricks to make your travel easier, tastier, and more fun – all written in her trademark engaging style.” – Joey, Flicking the Vs

“The travel guide is more than just a list of resources and instead delves into how to stay vegan while traveling. The guide walks you through the many ways to take food, find food, cook food in a hotel room and even goes into where you can stay and how to figure that out. Caitlin covers it all. She leaves no stone un-turned.” – Zsu, Zsu’s Vegan Pantry

“It’s no exaggeration that the word “essential” is in the title. Divided between both practical and fun sections, like How the Hell Do I Find Somewhere to Eat?, Preparing for Your Trip, and Emergency Recipes for the Road (like Couscous in a Coffeemaker!), Galer-Unti seems to have all bases covered.” – Vegan Outreach

How to get your copy (and save $2!)

Order your copy from Amazon before midnight PST this Sunday (March 5th) and get $2 off!

Grab your copy before the price goes back up!

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