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I’m really excited to be taking part in Pinterest’s Pin it Forward campaign.  Pinterest have recently revamped for the UK, with improved localised language and search functionality, and I suggest you check it out if you haven’t yet.  The Pin it Forward campaign is a really cool concept which involves 300 bloggers from across a wide variety of sites in the UK; as part of the campaign everyone is posting about what Pinterest means to them and how they use it.

Pin It Forward UK 2013

Pinterest is hugely popular with foodies, crafters, and travellers alike.  If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking and search tool.  When you see an image you like on a site, you pin the image to one of your boards on Pinterest.  So, if you see a recipe you want to make or a destination you want to travel to, you can pin it.  You can also follow people on Pinterest, and see their pins on your homepage.  You can like or re-pin their stuff if you so choose.  If you like just one or two of a user’s boards you can follow just those boards.  Pinned images link back to the webpage they came from, so you can click on the image to see the post.  It’s really useful for finding new recipes and bookmarking ones you’d like to make.

Here’s my board (if you’re already on Pinterest, you can follow me):


Recently, particularly after my weekend at the Vida Vegan Conference (VVC), I’ve been thinking about how we can use Pinterest to promote veganism.  Several VVC speakers spoke about how important food activism is — showing people that veganism can be fun and delicious by appealing to their tastebuds.  Similarly, I think we can use platforms like Pinterest to show how tasty vegan food is by appealing to people through their eyes (people eat with their eyes as well as their stomachs!).

Why is Pinterest important and how can we use it?  Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic driver in the world, after Google and Facebook.  It’s particularly popular for food/recipes, crafts, and travel, since visuals are very important in all these topics.  By signing up for Pinterest (if you haven’t yet), following other vegans on Pinterest, and pinning delicious-looking photos of vegan food, you can visually show that vegan food is delicious and appealing.  I know someone who promotes the vegan lifestyle by ‘caketivism’, or convincing people to go vegan by feeding them delicious cake!  I think photo activism is also powerful — showing people who are interested in going vegan that veganism can be fun, easy, and most of all, tasty.  So please start pinning delicious vegan food you find around the web!

You can sign up to Pinterest and follow my board by following this link.

A few of my favourite Pinterest boards/users to get you started:

Mighty Vegan
Urban Vegan
Vegan Recipes
Vegan? Vegan!

As part of the Pinterest Pay It ForwardUK campaign, it is my pleasure to introduce the next blogger who will be participting, Tinned Tomatoes.  Based in Scotland, Jacqueline makes delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes that are nutritional and kid-friendly!  She even has a Pinterest board of lovely-looking vegan eats, which you can find and follow here.

You can find my Pinterest boards here.  And again, follow this link to sign up and follow me!


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