Nine Years of Veganism (+Can You Help?)

I went vegan nine years ago today. Back then, there was no Daiya, no Vegusto and few supermarkets carried vegan cheese. Veganomicon had just come out but Cowspiracy hadn’t started filming. And you couldn’t reliably get soymilk in your coffee, let alone almond or coconut milk.
Today it’s easier than ever to go (and stay) vegan. In theory.
Except not every restaurant has a vegan menu, your parents are still trying to push meat on you (“just a little bite won’t hurt”) and everyone still asks the protein question.
So I want to know how I can help you by writing posts and creating products that provide the answers to your challenges!
Can you help me?
I want to hear your opinion!
Fill out this 5-minute survey before the 29th of April for a chance to win an electronic copy of my book and my eternal gratitude:

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