How (Or Where) To Celebrate Vegan Pizza Day

Tomorrow (Saturday, 29th of June) is perhaps the best holiday – Vegan Pizza Day!  Looking for ways to celebrate?  I’ve got recipes (for a few different kinds of pizzas), suggestions of where to go in London and the rest of the UK, and links to some other great posts from around the internet!

Where to Go in London & beyond (UK)

  1.  Otto Pizza, Notting Hill.  Wheat-free crusts and homemade cashew cheese, plus a rotating menu and something new to try all the time.  What’s not to love?!
  2. Karma Free Pizza, Harrow.  Bit far from the centre but they do vegan cheese!
  3. Pizza Express, nation-wide

What to Make

Stumped on what to make?  I’ve got some recipes for you!

If you’re craving deep dish…then go for this Chicago-style deep dish beer bread pizza with cashew ricotta and garlicky spinach:


Feeling international?  Try Argentinian-style pizza a caballo atop your favourite pizza!  (Perhaps a good way to dress up takeaway/delivery pizza?)

Feeling fancy?  Try goat cheese and pear pizza encrusted with basil and caramelised onions:


Want something fresh?  Try this shaved asparagus, cherry tomato, lemon zest and pine kernel pizza with cashew cheese:

Inspiration from Around the Web
Some of my favourite posts from other vegan blogs:
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3 thoughts on “How (Or Where) To Celebrate Vegan Pizza Day

  1. Joey

    It’s vegan pizza day? How did I not know this already?!

    I keep meaning to get my sorry self to Otto, but have yet to make it. Still, if it’s vegan pizza day, I think it must be practically obligatory!

    1. Caitlin Post author

      You should definitely celebrate! Even if it’s tomorrow as the day after pizza day. ;) I just got back from Otto — had garlicky spinach and artichoke, olives, tomatoes and capers, and lentil kofte, all on a cashew cheese base. So good!

  2. rob

    When is vegan pizza day every year? jan 29 or June 29, it seems to fall on Saturday? Can you clear this up for me?

    Rob S, vegan enthusiast


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