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Caitlin’s travel guide is a must-have addition to any vegan’s suitcase. Whether you’re taking your first trip abroad as a vegan, or you’re an old hand at plant-based travel, Caitlin has a wealth of tips and tricks to make your travel easier, tastier, and more fun – all written in her trademark engaging style.

Joey Flicking the Vs

My girls went to visit family in Hungary this summer and this book was a huge lifesaver for them. Even though the family knew what the girls would eat and wouldn't eat, something was lost in translation and they had to fend for themselves more than a few times...

The travel guide is more than just a list of resources and instead delves into how to stay vegan while traveling. The guide walks you through the many ways to take food, find food, cook food in a hotel room and even goes into where you can stay and how to figure that out. Caitlin covers it all. She leaves no stone un-turned.

Zsu Zsu's Vegan Pantry

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