Giveaway: Win A Copy of Madrid Vegan Guidebook!


If you’re planning a trip to Spain this summer (and if you’re not…you should be!) then you’ll definitely want a copy of the brand-new Madrid Vegan Guidebook! Click here to enter the giveaway to win a copy of the guidebook.

Written by vegan Madrid experts Veren Ferrera and Sam Anthony from sustainable travel site Alternative Travelers, it's jam-packed FULL of tips every vegan, vegetarian and plant-based eater needs in Madrid. Enter to win a copy here (and even if you don't win, they'll give you a special discount!).

I've been using it to plan my upcoming trip to Madrid, and it's been invaluable in deciding between the many vegan restaurants in Madrid (there are so many I was struggling to choose!). 

Many people have the unfortunate misconception that Spain isn't vegan-friendly (I've heard it time and time again when writing my own vegan Barcelona guide) when that's simply not true! While you might struggle in small villages where the word vegan is still unknown, that's true in small towns across the US. In major cities in Spain, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Madrid is now home to nearly 30 all-vegan restaurants, plus many more vegetarian restaurants and cafes, vegan shops, supermarkets and bakeries.

How to sort through all the options? Let Sam and Veren's guidebook help you out!

Inside the Madrid Vegan Guidebook, you'll find: 

  • All the vegan and vegetarian places, and the best dishes in each
  • Where to find vegan versions of traditional Spanish dishes
  • Vegan grocery shopping
  • Gluten-free, raw and organic eats
  • Where to get vegan food with omnivores (vegan-friendly omni restaurants)
  • Which places allow both dogs and humans
  • Vegan guides to Madrid's main neighbourhoods
  • And more!

I'm so happy to have this loaded up on my Kindle and ready for my trip to Madrid and I want you to have it for your trip to Madrid, too, so I've teamed up with Sam and Veren to give away a copy!

Click here to enter to win a FREE copy.

Plus, even if you don't win, you'll get a DISCOUNT on the guidebook -- so you win no matter what!). Click here to enter the giveaway and get your discount code!

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