2013 Roundup: 10 Favourite Blogs of the Year

Yesterday, I wrote a roundup of the year, with regards to travelling, blogging and personal goals.  Today, I wanted to highlight my favourite blogs this year.  There are so many great blogs out there it would be impossible to cover all of them, but here are a few of my favourites (mainly in the categories of vegan food, cooking or travel):

Joy the Baker – not vegan, but an inspiring baking blog

Flicking the Vs – firm favourite, another London vegan blogger

Twenty-Something Travel – I followed this blog awhile ago when Stephanie was just getting started on travelling, then rediscovered it recently

Adventurous Kate – another favourite travel blog; as a woman who loves to travel on my own, I relate to this blog with the tagline ‘Solo Female Travel Blog’ (although like Kate, I am doing less solo travel these days)

Almost Fearless – this is an unusual one in that I have very little in common with the writer, who’s travelling long-term with two kids, but I love reading her writing nonetheless

Zen Habits – a minimalist blog, this one doesn’t quite fit into my usual reading habits, but the great articles on living a simpler and happier life are always a good read

Cadry’s Kitchen – a fellow Midwesterner, I can relate to the lovely Cadry who’s based in Iowa and I also love her creativity which she incorporates so well into her blog

Keepin’ it Kind – always has great recipes and beautiful photographs, but the best part is the way Kristy incorporates stories into her posts (she’s a great writer)

Veganoo – reviews of new UK vegan products, this is a new go-to resource for me in discovering the latest vegan products on offer in England

Vegan Eats & Treats – I fell in love with Amey’s ‘Noshtalgia’ theme over Vegan Mofo month, which featured some really moving posts linking family and friends, food and memories


How do you organise your blog reading?  Since the demise of Google Reader, I’ve discovered Feedly, which I find far superior (it’s so beautiful and easy to organise) – I highly recommend it!

What are your favourite blogs?  I’m looking for suggestions of what I should be reading in 2014!  :)  Happy New Year, everyone!

3 thoughts on “2013 Roundup: 10 Favourite Blogs of the Year

  1. Joey

    Thanks for the shout out – very kind of you! And for introducing me to some new vegan blogs.

    May I also congratulate you on having the wherewithal to be horizontal on new year’s day, let alone make a rather lovely soup!

  2. Cadry

    What a fun round-up! I don’t read many travel blogs, but I don’t know why. I really enjoy reading about other people’s trips. I should start incorporating more of those into my line-up. Flicking the V’s, Zen Habits, Keepin’ It Kind, and Vegan Eats & Treats are some of my favorites too. What a nice surprise to be included in your list! Your blog is one of my favorites as well. Even if I don’t always comment, I never miss a post!

    I use Bloglovin’ for my blog reading. It was really simple and user-friendly to set up. I also like that it clicks to the blog when I read a post, so that the blogger gets the traffic.


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