11 Tips For a Minimalist Kitchen: What to Do When You Don’t Own a Rolling Pin (But You Do Drink Wine)

You don’t need a massive kitchen with loads of fancy kitchen equipment to make good food (see my ravioli recipe for instructions on how to make ravioli without a pasta machine, rolling pin or ravioli cutter). Here are some of my tips for a minimalist kitchen, coming from someone who lives in a very tiny flat:

  1. Cutting boards are not optional.  I’ve learnt this lesson the hard way.  You do NOT want to use your plates or plastic containers as chopping boards, unless you fancy accidentally cutting grooves or holes in them.
  2. Rolling pins ARE optional.  Empty bottles of wine will suffice, and are a whole hell of a lot more fun (at least, the process of ‘emptying’ your ‘rolling pin’ is ;)).
  3. Forks = whisks
  4. You need at least one good knife.
  5. Candle holders = cookie cutters.
  6. At least one pot and a wooden spoon are essential.
  7. Measuring cups can double as bowls (who hasn’t eaten a bowl of cereal out of a measuring cup at some point in their lives?).
  8. Mugs can double as measuring cups.
  9. Invest in some good spices, and don’t let them sit around for too long (spices lose their flavour after awhile).  Your tastebuds will thank you. You can cut corners in your kitchen elsewhere, but don’t skimp on quality ingredients, especially spices.
  10. Surprisingly, plates are optional (I spent a year eating out of plastic containers).
  11. The most important rule: in a minimalist kitchen, creativity is a must!



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